Brie Larson: 5 things to know about 'Captain Marvel'

Larson appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about the making of the new 'Captain Marvel' film.
19:00 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for Brie Larson: 5 things to know about 'Captain Marvel'
And there's no movie now there's only one movie called can help them out there it's. All your life you've been just waiting for this chance. Well Iowa woman supreme power you know and you've done and hasn't gone to your. You have you gone around with people think you know who know what I can do. Old. And that's why after quite yeah I mean. It is the first female lead. Marvel film law. As another character in that day and see you said with. With great power comes great responsibility. You feel the burden. Of having Lee bit where you gave the team down today. You have the answers. Low all any answer a human being like everybody else I have no I didn't feel the pressure before. I just. To me first pot have been a lot of female superiors an and use that were carrying movies I think that. The movie with it means. That they believe them it's I don't know. What is joining and finishing the work that they started really. Are continuing or they started it and and you feeling pressure filling a burden just doesn't sound very fun dozens and Goodwin lake make it interesting character making that move really we should all feel like I think it has well. Super burden. That the American paying with them it's what happens after. Well in the world that event were in the end at eight I surrendered his ninety day Friday and feel changed because of car which was cool I didn't feel like. And a lot of reservations about making this world and being in the movies because the public nature of it. I didn't know I could handle it just doesn't mean introvert. So. How you're seeing that with the than you were in troopers. Asian thinking acting and app after music it's. A different ending doing adding that an agent Scott. And an oh area I'm tired and that's part of why talk about it is actually think it's something. For those injured Britons and an intimate and do not allow this thing's been limitations and it actually be the perk of things we can definitely work. That senseless thing. Oh yeah. I do and I meant that the. The repeat thing but you had to. You'll watch and actions. And instant did you spend time. To just learn how to basically. Beat the crap out of people that kind of that I trained for nine months which was my choice it wasn't like Nolan said the patsy and it's like the whole baby thing is happening you. He's seen a process like a nine month crap that's like a deal and they feel linking gives you time to completely change you can really changed. Your mind. And think in a different way app after nine months in easy times like I didn't lose it again kind it. And that's what happened with that so I had about six months of car you know and strength training and then three months of forestry shooting added by training that is or for the stunt team every day for a couple hours. I'm thinking looking Judith froze her work could talk about exhaustion. At the beat of firing up doing interviews when. It's different in a different Wayne yap and I feel and banner ad these interviews now because of the tree. And you you know mentally stronger. And more a kind of rooted in years the civil if you get his stall fit me or somebody else yeah they think that take me dance I do exactly added you know it has. It how you are such a different person during the room here. Yeah in an apparent motive. Him or her record it will let's look at that could live. From captain marvel that shows someone with. Then I'm going as soon as you do. Yuriko. The living room. Tell me. Closing down. How makes you vulnerable. I. Look like you what parts. So there's Kate where it's kind of like. She's like flying over its looks like it endless cart well I didn't that was an. And I didn't think gymnastic I don't know and I'm. An alignment yeah I didn't get to you didn't do I have been thinking about it a lot because obvious and competitive with what else Alan do better the next time to do something passed I'd been thinking about tumbling. And tumbling. You obviously enjoyed the whole process you're doing some people that are in a superhero movie. Now I'm not it's we're gonna see you again. In another month yes in avengers and yet. I know you say nothing about it and even me talking about this movie writing that you can't say anything. I noticed treason scrawled. And stands alone yeah you're telling your reading room you make you like what you can't talk about well they don't tell you specifically but this day. Knows they'll give away anything and there's a lot of things he shouldn't give this movies we adamantly right that's why blame being so secretive. I hate you think you're perfect where the I'm a big secret keeper margin earned over one to do that. So what happens adventure game. Are there. That he would it was early and it paranoid now like they are I can't possibly do. You and it. So there's a couple of. Things in terms of this movie that is especially great you. Do you have it in your contract that basically Sam Jackson is going to be in all your movies. I should put it. Took about inclusion writers yes it is and must include him looked him. Yet a third film and we're just trying to scheme but the next street will be he's just like. One of my favorite people. In Italy at this and it's interesting that he's been. And now kind of you know reflecting in ankles super kind of life. He is there with Nia com and when I was you know the awards season. Hullabaloo. And and he was there an anchor for each end and now he's he's an honest with me so all of the big moments in victories in four. Well you the movie directed is going to be with coming out on Netflix and equipment we see again control. You all mark have been marble counter do rector. Why I wish them this year and the new you know how could ruling and with a pet you water as the direct and do that again and again and not get an app that is now the thing is he comes he comes as that other really strong and specific point of view is there actor and you just know that he's right you just. At that I tell and Ager actor who's gonna work. I just know any way don't argue it is because he's right you are wrong note that your and that philosophy of directing. It's true because he spends much time thinking about it and by the time becomes descent he spotted every possible way to do it in Atlanta I'm outline its air tight NC you can just. Oh and he's so much fun beyond that it weaknesses he's super prepared. And he won and he loves what he dies he's not disillusioned in any way he loves his job at it. Part of land I'm always working with and has been you know see other is that he wanted to do with you socially just doesn't really does he want to be at work packed his happy place well. We could see this these kind of love story between you and Sam which extends throughout everywhere. In captain marvel unlike some other movies that we see in the universe is whether it was Wonder Woman you know from DC comics are not. This doesn't have. A conventional Hollywood love story a man except for you and your area and really. Yes. It topped it off yet in it's also like of course that's. How it can be. But it's not something I mean you probably like leamer movies and I it was acting not active yeah yeah. But I mean so maybe you can confirm it's not something I've seen before at least not one of these big movies that built the love that blocks than let's found again and that thing that comes in you know for the third actor like. Grab your heart is the best friendship and and and I think it works really want works. Very well specifically I think because of China's plain area and she's just really mean we're looking at at Phillip and will be completely shifts once she's on screen. She's great and the and they contacted having but there's also pissed actor. Of who speaking in this is a great top gun reference yeah but. I heard you were lured to. Oh yeah Virgin Atlantic to announcements that funding. Is hired he has hired comedian became line bid the joke on its head because I was doing. So many of my own stunts and doing crazy things that night so game for anything he came to value and a nine month prep race I yeah I was super resilient and I Renee and now. There's nothing I didn't. And I spent nine months pregnant for cat Imation done just like slowly exposed myself more cats. Ready. Those are Thai offered days for me. What have you do you. This ice well the act can't breathe it it's not like I'm Mike Minor thing it's. No it's that it's I've been tested allergy tested in the doctor's O acts like the worst actress Seoul asking that. Welcome to our didn't come back yeah I won't do. Yeah this is Ingraham. Will the other thing that's been happening with captain marvel if that you talked about critics. Like me. Who wanted more inclusion. What's wrong. I'm thinking you think at minute but actually a big deal to be is it really have to come from. Have to come from you guys have to come from the critics themselves and for immediately. It wasn't just like I just had like a feeling notional public ended June 5. I had to spend a lot of time in and spoke with estate -- the unity and Burton needed likely. We too data in mountain we ran numbers before something actually. It took any further steps with just mixture and because who cares what my healing is asked to be an actual being you know. I I really loved it to be honest I've had a really great time in this press tour because. And meeting new people. Meeting new people. But not just an old person to board met me that what really that I in nineteen reasons I haven't fillets flake 33 years. Isn't that Goldman's that we have I don't think you're set different grades different yes and fear. Everything that isn't what you. Are now all can thank. More inclusion as you can see you know what we. Hair would really. The back to death in the Larson. Pants that are doing different thing. There is some similarity. What is if he gets at the pretty in a few words what you feel strong about in terms of diversity and inclusion in the industry's work. Well at all about getting what I mean thing SE. Obviously. There's another piece of that what it is I'm interested in like. Being able to help people with their voices getting their voices out whether that is. With the critics and racks and general or just like making sure that we have more diverse films in different types of people making us. And and today it it's it's really safety is the thing because. You can have a diverse pool boy says but do people feel safe and comfortable unprotected sex and that's something at least have a lot worked. Just in terms of physical thing. And come well and that's important thing too but they also have to be here because when you said to me yeah. Don't ever make alluded but then like no one feels safe and picking the movie and I mean it's like. It's something that I learned to his handgun it's like it's not enough to just make sure that people have a seat at the table have to feel comfortable speaking op at patsy. But you now not only Oscar winner per person but captain marvel. What power do you have to change it other than just eking out a bat. And you only sounds accents is a huge sting of dissipating rent access. Is. And taking a time like I said it scheduling my time link. I'm in charge of my day for some of the stuff like there are things that are required of man storm at some of it is like I get to Nixon decisions and if I wanna have a long day. Senate can talk to me be smaller publications and coming placing ads or. You know whenever even things like them at every stop on the press tour and then linking up with a different. Let up and coming photographer. And letting them either take pictures of me on a sightseeing dared to sit in the light sort of thing and that gives access as well and those are things that make me happy because. We need to keep changing up mixing an apps that it's not just like seeing people over and over again. Who I don't see you again for years. Alex forever. I know times are right had this happened this is not even. Because they practiced well off. I just alluding to you if years' worth of prep for one movie that takes me two years to make one then they might have little love only on the move I mean it in me you see what. I'm come back Heath care. OK if the popcorn and humor and began still pop a big one the day but first let's I am not in this is 88 re I will. Eight it but while that's happening we have I think two questions that come in from the Internet to you if you'd be willing to look I don't tell me the wrong. To not wait what was the first thing is that we found you ruin them play against the premier. What about nine months that I really didn't do anything. It's been kind. Trying. New but this is three it was three years ago that I found out and and I couldn't tell anybody every year so good at that that you didn't kill anybody I didn't tell you lying now looking back like marvel and understand it and I told my mom but a distant healing is it's too hard and like. It was hard for me taking the seeker and I didn't want anybody else he'll I was into keeping it secret so. Kind of just like probably meditated or did something not that existing secret. OK let's get one more here. Old and they're coming need. And you look amazing. Message keep it up cat yeah question. And it's yet why I would need to outing an outline. Well now. I am better evening thank you couldn't really it's rude and he you know. And real it's not mean it's my team and I agree stylists. And race relatively. And two with all there but if we just thought you on the street on a regular will only done it in annual. Hunting neighbors who is that. She's not the captain who is yet now I don't I don't use stuff like this I don't even know how. I don't yeah and I didn't get the somebody does it let me in England the Nat so yeah. You know that we and install and your movie captain marvel which you're in but way L it collects and bake at tremendous impact. On lot of people and even though you don't want to take that responsibility. It is said in the mid ninety's yes we would barely warm yet now. But may be this song that's in your heart is for that nineteenth. Who would it be. But it doesn't have to be can be what ever is in your heart it's what everything. In my heart I want something from your hearts and I won't see you would and bill. 20/20 three Egan and you wish list as they did. So before the ninety's but yes I kept it isn't the night is an all time and I like calculus. All time it's been all time. I wonder what Carol Danvers captain marvel herself it's the eighth. If with the need to do. She's hunting and Ryan anchor authorship. Who ride all right at the -- it went on yeah but I'm still ready yet to hear that a a Britney together they had joined in the little bit but I'm seeing Edwards and win in year. Mansion. And stir. May eighth snow it's a bit friends said. Convicting and hangs. We'll come. Two. Do you. Perfect and what is your heart desired in the most. Real popcorn that's not stale all knew it was going to be that I am never got to get to the bottom of the mystery that is. Maybe next time if people yeah yeah yeah yeah. Thank you thank you thinking yeah.

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