The cast of 'Arrested Development' dishes on Season 5

Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jessica Walter and David Cross speak out on "GMA" about what fans can expect.
6:10 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for The cast of 'Arrested Development' dishes on Season 5
Jason, will, Tony, alia, Jessica, David. You like the audience. We're theater people, George. Yeah. Let's put the theater skills to a test. We'll play a little game here to start. Theater gapes. Want to you describe the season five of "Arrested development" in one sentence, each of you gets a word, Tony, you start. I start. That's two words. Live. Does everybody know it's live? It's streaming live. No, "Arrested development." We're doing it live. Orange. Is. The new -- is that two words? I always use them as one. Apprehensively. Is a real yes -- Vengeful. Whoa. Strong finish there. Did you finish it. Yes, vengeful. It felt -- when we were shooting it it feels like the best season ever. Beer's all back together again. It's pretty great. This is different. I don't. I don't. Well, unless I'm paid well to do it. The nice bump today. How hard is it to convince people you hate him on the show? Not that hard. When they see us working together -- But it's all just for laughs. A real pro-mans. We've been so happy together. It's been a long time. Do you want to see a little bit of it? Didn't even recognize a teenager thing. I could never pull that off. They want to look old and -- You don't look very young. Oh, the laughter. Going to get the award. No one is taking eight way from us. Let them try. The award? Oh, look at him like he doesn't know. We're going to win family of the month -- Year. Year? Alia, you got to go gray there. Lots of wigs all the time. Feels good to be in a wig. I'll bet it does. Jest characters I learned something about you -- Uh-oh. Marvel comic books before they were marvel comic book big time, Dr. Strange, 1978. That's how old I am. Yeah, yeah, wonder woman. I did the pilot of "Wonder woman" with Lynda Carter. There you go. If you could pick a franchise today which would it be? I would be wonder woman. Of course, if I wanted -- I don't really watch those movies but I do know about wonder woman. I know he's going to say -- I just can't believe you were the original Dr. Strange. You didn't know that. I did not know that. There you go. I was, I was in the TV version. All right. It was ray movie of the week we used to call them back in the old days. Back in the day. When did they colorize it? This is why we're getting family of the year. This is fantastic. Tony, I understand you spend a fair amount of the season in jail. Say again. You spent a fair amount of the season in jail. I do. I do. Something happened to my girlfriend. You got to shoot weekends. That's true. They were kind. Something happened to my girlfriend on the show, Lucille played by liza minnelli at the end of last season and it was pretty traumatic. This season I spend a lot of time behind bar, guys. Which was a great place for my character who is completely paralyzed with fear. David, you spent a lot of time in blue paint. When's that like? You know, it's -- it's bluish. It's -- yeah, yeah. Oh, my god. There it is. I don't know what's happening on the right there but -- I think that is -- That is actually my favorite joke, though. He joined the blue man group because he thought it was a support group for depressed men. Have a couple big fans with some questions. David, what do you got? Sure. So the chicken dance is really popular recurring joke on the show. From one David to another, David cross, who do you think does the best chicken dance and would that person mind doing it? Whoa. Well, I think will does the best chicken dance. We want to see will do it. Let's get will to do the chicken dance. Let's get will to do it. Do we have music? We don't have music. Here we go. No, no. You know -- ABC -- ?????? like this and this and this -- Yeah. Yeah. Wow. I think I get a bump for that too. You get another bump. Do you really? Stunt. Oh. Teresa, what do you got have. Since you are all theater people will there be a musical he line? Ooh. Yes. Two more bumps. That is a great -- you know -- We've been working on it. Mitch has toyed not so comedically about doing a live "Arrested development" show. Actually he's talked a little about that. I don't know if that will happen. Something to look forward to. Everyone, look forward to season five, may 29th on Netflix. Thanks for coming in, guys.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jessica Walter and David Cross speak out on \"GMA\" about what fans can expect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55322827","title":"The cast of 'Arrested Development' dishes on Season 5","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cast-arrested-development-dishes-season-55322827"}