Cast of ‘Hamilton’ discusses show’s enormous popularity and impact

Robin Roberts chats with creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, director Thomas Kail and members of the cast for "Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes on You," which will premiere on Disney+.
6:31 | 07/09/20

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Transcript for Cast of ‘Hamilton’ discusses show’s enormous popularity and impact
Now, when these wrers open, "Hamilton" was the hottest ticket on Broadway. The time the musical first premiered to when it started streaming on Disney plus, a new examination of the heroes of our history. In my Disney plus special, I connected with some members of the original cast to discuss the show's enormous popularity and this new look into the past. What's your name Alexander Hamilton my name is Alexander Hamilton I am so happy to get a chance to talk to all of these creative people. We have lin-manuel Miranda, Thomas kale who directed you shot the film in just three days shooting live performances we said in between performances. Watching this again, when you see it, does it bring it all back watching it on film like There is a weird double vision that happens when you watch it because you're watching things you never had the privilege of seeing from your vantage point on stage so I'm in awe of the work I couldn't see from my perspective as Hamilton but I'm also on this journey of remembering what it felt like inside the storytelling which was the greatest company in the history of musical theater, I think. Let's bring in professional Gordon read. You're an authority on this period of history. Virtually every theater critic that saw "Hamilton," rave reviews. Does it matter that it's not perfect history? No, it doesn't matter that it's not perfect history. You are going to expect they'll do things for dramatic license. The important thick I think is for people after they've watched it to find out more. You don't expect everything to be exactly the way it is. I have 2 1/2 hours of your time in the theater and our goal over the course of writing it was honor the impulse that made me think it was a musical and to me that was the relentlessless of Alexander Hamilton and the fact that this is an immigrant narrative in the United States before there's even a united States. Sewn what that means and so you have to pare away a lot. I get tweets every day from people who say what about this or it's just John Laurens' birthday. All the things I could not fit in the 2 1/2 hours of your time, it's exciting to see people discover that. I don't think the purpose of theater or artist is to give answers. I think it's to ask deeper questions an different questions than the ones you might have had when you walked in. A lot of families will be watching. I watched it with my 11-year-old goddaughter together like that and what do you hope that they're going to take away after they see the young ones? I hope that they will do the deeper dive and discover the other voices of the revolution and the truth behind these voices of the revolution. I also, you know, my son, I get emotional when I think about it but he grew up with this show. Makes me -- sorry. Yeah, and so, you know, and his whole life, he was in the Obama administration and these were his heroes, daveed, Leslie and his uncles and aunts and he had this kind of great, oh, my god, the world is so beautiful and now he's 11. He has a memory of what it was in his head and now it's foggerdy by but now he gets to see his uncles and aunts and see how powerfully and beautifully that they tell the story that he owns and that helps me help make sense for him of the world right now. So my greatest hope is that, you know, we -- we claim some ownership here and we project an image that is more true of what we are. Bless your heart. And there are so many who want to help in any way they can. They want to be an ally wean avenue a question from a super fan. Benjamin, he is from Pittsburgh. In this new revolution what can we as white people seeking to become better allies learn or rather unlearn about our history through "Hamilton's" more exclusive retelling. We must realize that once and for all that like we look at history through such a small iris. There's a rich history here and tragic history here. There's great triumph and great horror, you know that we must learn about but you got to just open the iris up so a white ally, open that iris. What's your name Alexander Hamilton As Leslie says, open the iris up. Recognize the world we're actually living in. We had such an engaging conversation about how the show sees America then throughs lens of America now. And how the country has changed since "Hamilton" first opened on Broadway, Amy. And, robin, I'm so excited to watch this. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to a musical I love that my family loves but it is so interesting that the professor didn't mind that the history in "Hamilton" wasn't exactly accurate. That's something people point out. I know but it's a question that often comes up with films and shows that are based on real events. Both the Harvard professor and director Thomas kale made points that "Hamilton" opened a door to that time in history and challenges you to ask questions and find those answers for yourself and lin-manuel related emotionally to Alexander Hamilton's journey which is what drew him to create the show in the first place. So I hope that you will see the special, history has its eyes on you, it premieres tomorrow streaming exclusively on Disney plus and as you know, the musical "Hamilton" is streemg right now on Disney plus.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Robin Roberts chats with creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, director Thomas Kail and members of the cast for \"Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes on You,\" which will premiere on Disney+.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71688203","title":"Cast of ‘Hamilton’ discusses show’s enormous popularity and impact","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/cast-hamilton-discusses-shows-enormous-popularity-impact-71688203"}