Catching up with Lin-Manuel Miranda on 'GMA'

The "Hamilton" creator opens up about his recent projects and what fans can expect next.
4:40 | 05/07/18

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Transcript for Catching up with Lin-Manuel Miranda on 'GMA'
are so excited. A special guest. He's been here all morning, lin-manuel Miranda. It's been great having you with us. You've been talking about your new project and did "Pop news" and talking about Puerto Rico and I want to talk to you more on a personal note about your latest production with your wife Vanessa. Your 3-month-old son Francisco. Congratulations, my son. Thank you. Look at that picture. A great picture. How has it being a family of four. It's all hands on deck. As you know, you know, you learn to tag team. You learn to -- you get that one, I got this one. It's a lot of that and but we're -- it's amazing and, yeah. Look at that. He is all cheek, man, this kid is cheeks in search of a boy. Has a big brother, Sebastian. He does. I'm just curious. I saw you tweeted a picture to the rock and it said, be careful because rock just had a baby. Be warned. The older one will try to use the baby as a pillow. Oh, yeah. Sebastian looks like a good brother. He is very caring. He is very caring. He is in super, super, superhero mode and so, you know, he's going to be thrilled I just met "Black panther"'s cousin backstage but it's -- he's always cassianing us -- so, you know, I'm iron man. My wife is superwoman and Francisco is the hulk. Hulk smash. And on top of it. "Mary Poppins returns" is coming out. The latest part of the marvel universe. Yes, coming out on Christmas. Yep. The original is such a classic. So how is it to be a part of this? What's wild is we lived in London for eight months while we were filming this and my son got to come to work with me and watch me dancing and so one day he was pretending to be me. He likes -- he's his father's son and so he goes, my name is lin-manuel and I go, what do you do for a living, lin-manuel. He says, well, I dance. I used to dance in near big Ben. I danced in the heights in "Hamilton" and now I walk the dog. That's what my job is. So, but you are a fan of the original movie. Huge, massive. I used to cry during the feed the birds section. You know, "Step in time." If I ever need to wake my son up, I play "Step in time" and he's up and doing everything. Do you sing to your kids? Oh, yeah, no, everyone is singing in our house all the time. Your house is a musical. Yes, yes, and my son is like a little rhyming wizard like I'll say, good night, got to go and he's say good night, got to sew. Everything, everything. So it's just, you know, the apple tree is right there. So "Mary Poppins" and "Hamilton" and "In the heights." You've been part of some of the biggest productions on Broadway and now on film. Is there one Broadway or one production out there you said, man, I really would like to be a part half. Ooh. That's a good question. There are a few that just made me want to get into this business. "Man of la Mancha" was the biggest album in my house. I would love to play it someday. You said it. Now you know someone will make it happen. Give me some time but, yeah, I loved the classics. I'm here and I think "Hamilton" is sort of has had the success because it's a love letter to those old musicals. The continuance of a that decision. I love all those shows. You love it and keep on giving "Hamilton." You give them hamil-drops. What made you want to do that. We had enough material for a second "Hamilton" mix tape but I just thought let's have fun with this and it also allows me to be flexible. You know, in March when the kids from parkland showed such incredible leadership, I scrapped it and said we'll raise money for those kids and called Ben Platten and we met the moment. I love when musicals with a part of everyday pop culture. That's my mission in life so this allows us to do it every month? So full of talent in everything you write but your is as big as your talent. It really is for everyone out there. We appreciate it. You know that. Congrats on the baby. Get some sleep, my friend.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"The \"Hamilton\" creator opens up about his recent projects and what fans can expect next. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54984393","title":"Catching up with Lin-Manuel Miranda on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/catching-lin-manuel-miranda-gma-54984393"}