Chrissy Teigen apologizes for cyberbullying

The mom and former model posted a lengthy apology on Medium to address her past cyberbullying.
3:46 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for Chrissy Teigen apologizes for cyberbullying
We go to our "Gma" cover story. It's Chrissy Teigen. She's apologizing for bullying on social media in the past and saying she's a different person zohreen shah has the story. Good morning, zohreen. Reporter: Good morning, George. You may have heard about Chrissy Teigen's on again-off again relationship with Twitter, but now she's confronting her relationships with other people. She's saying many of the people she targeted needed empathy, but she was a troll. She's now pledging to be a different person. This morning, Chrissy Teigen apologizing in a lengthy post on medium for past tweets saying she is no longer the person who wrote those horrible things. This apology coming as fashion designer Michael Costello and TV personality Courtney stoding saying she made them suicidal. Saying, I wanted to kill myself and I still am traumatized, depressed and have thoughts of suicide after he said Teigen accused him of being racist over a social media post he says someone with a grudge against him made. He said that false post was later taken down by Instagram. He posted apparent screen shots of text messages of him pleading with Teigen to understand he was the victim of cyberslander, but according to the posts she said, racist people like you deserve to suffer and die. You might as well be dead. Your career is over. Just watch. Last month, TV personality Courtney stoden told "The beast," that Teigen would direct message her on Twitter saying things like, I can't wait for you to die. After marrying then-50-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson at age 16. I was just thinking about how much I love you. Reporter: In a 2011 interview with ABC news, she read one of the many messages she said she received from others. Kill yourself. That's terrible. Reporter: Various public figures shamed Stodden saying, I felt I wanted to kill myself and made the actions to go and do it. Two days after her interview was published, Teigen released a tweet thread to her 45 million followers saying, I'm mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention-seeking troll. I am ashamed and completely embarrassed at my behavior, but that is nothing compared to how I made Courtney feel. After the first apology, Teigen didn't tweet again for over a month, breaking her silence overnight releasing this long post going further than before, explaining she is a changed person and touching on her deep contrition saying, life has made me more empathetic, and that in reality, I was insecure, immature and in a world where I thought I needed to impress strangers to be accepted. The big question now is, are more people going to come forward with evidence that Chrissy Teigen trolled them? Not just trolled them, but did it in such a dark, evil way. Reporter: Overnight, Michael Costello responding to Teigen's apology telling ABC news, actions speak much louder than a ten-minute apology written on a notepad. I'm still waiting for Chrissy Teigen and anybody who bullied me to reach out the me. If they truly acknowledge their actions were wrong, I welcome them with open arms to have a real conversation. This is going to be hard for Teigen to bounce back from. She said she's in the process of reaching out to those she insulted. George? We want you at home to know if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, go to the national suicide prevention lifeline. That's 1-800273-talk.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The mom and former model posted a lengthy apology on Medium to address her past cyberbullying. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78284591","title":"Chrissy Teigen apologizes for cyberbullying","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/chrissy-teigen-apologizes-cyberbullying-78284591"}