Daisy Ridley talks the emotional end to the latest 'Star Wars' film

The actress reveals her "Harry Potter" obsession, and what fans can expect from her latest film, 'Ophelia,' live on "GMA."
6:09 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for Daisy Ridley talks the emotional end to the latest 'Star Wars' film
next guest who skyrocketed to fame in a galaxy far, far away in "Star wars" and now she's putting the spin on Shakespeare's classic "Ophelia." Please welcome Daisy Ridley. The way you make fee feel it's just the way you make me feel How are you? Hi. How are you? Hi again. Thanks so much. You are one busy person. But we're glad you took the time to stop off and visit us. I'm very glad to be here. Yes, we're glad to have you. Now, "Ophelia," your co-star Naomi Watts praised your performance. This was her quote, hamlet sits sidecar to Disney's Ophelia. That is a huge compliment. I think probably overly kind. Naomi is not just saying it because she said it but she is amazing in the film. Really amazing and it was great to work with her. But was it intimidating for you to take on an iconic Shakespeare character, though? I didn't think about it so much like that because obviously it's like a different storyish so I wasn't thinking more in the hamlet think but did feel like the first time I was the lead of a film so that felt a bit intimidating, yes. You have knocked it off now. You ready to see a little bit of it? I know what it is to love. You stay away from him and stay out of my sight. Ooh. This was a star-studded cast, Clive Owen but the star that made you kind of nervous, a little jittery was "Harry potter's" Tom Felton. I'm a huge Harry potter fan. I'm a big fan so far I've met hermione, Harry, I never met Ron and I met Craig go and he got to be my brother. It's awesome. We saw your character, the costume long wig. What was your thoughts when you first saw that? I felt great. The one hilarious thing the wig felt great. We bleached my eyeboros so they would go more with the red hair but without the wig I looked like an egg with no definition but it felt nice and felt really different and it helped get into the vibe of the thing. You say it's not exactly Shakespeare. A twist but in "Hamlet." Ophelia has a pretty famous death scene. I hear it's harrowing to film. The bit that's in the trailer of me sinking back into the water, I had these like nose plugs but they couldn't obviously be like the hard ones, they were soft and I was strapped onto a gurney and my friend said if I got stuck she would have to rip the wig into me so the shock of the water was like, and I had to hold my breath and all the water was filling my sinus. Sounds like waterboarding. I know. I have chills just hearing you describe that. We're excited about "Ophelia" but can't have you here and not talk about "Star wars." Yes. Only 177 days away but who's counting until the world sees "The rise of Skywalker." Keri Russell said the script made her cry. What's your reaction or what was your reaction to the script? The thing that was amazing, a lot of the crew did all three films so it was really emotional anyway but there were a few scenes that we did to where everyone was really moved and, you know, a lot of the time the crew are doing their jobs so it's not like such an emotional thing like it's more technical and -- but it was some bits -- a lot of it is really moving. I found it very emotional. Yeah, finishing I was -- Now you got -- I'm like, we have to wait that long to see I know. Yeah. John boyega posted a picture of you, him and Oscar. What was the like the final days of filming? John -- I was like his tierically crying and I did a speech and I cannot remember what I said. I kept going I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry -- the whole crew was there. It was like embarrassing and people recorded it. I still can't tell you what I said. And I -- my -- You have not seen a cut of the film. No, J.J. Has shown me a couple bits which was really exciting when we went in to see the trailer he showed me a few bits. It feels -- I don't know if it's because I've done pore but this is the most excited I've felt. That's so cool. The combination of "Star wars" so far but you do think we'll see rey pop up after this latest edition. I mean, who can tell. What I would say is I think it's a brilliant end to the story and like J.J. And Chris who wrote as well have done an incredible job of like rapping it up because there are so many references to the nine films. Right. But also exist in its own thing so I think people will feel very satisfied. Ooh. All right. If you want to feel satisfied make sure you go see "Ophelia." It's in theaters on Friday. Go out and check out Daisy Ridley, everybody. Yes.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"The actress reveals her \"Harry Potter\" obsession, and what fans can expect from her latest film, 'Ophelia,' live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63954361","title":"Daisy Ridley talks the emotional end to the latest 'Star Wars' film","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/daisy-ridley-opens-indie-film-ophelia-63954361"}