Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck talk about their film, ‘Our Friend’

The actors star in a film about a real-life couple whose lives are turned upside down.
4:26 | 01/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck talk about their film, ‘Our Friend’
We are back now with Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck, they are starring in the new movie "Our friend" about a couple whose lives are turned upside down. Dakota and Casey, good morning. Thank you both for joining us this morning. Really appreciate you both. Hi. Hey. Good morning. You know, so much has changed since the last time we've talked to both of you. How have you been spending the extra time at home? Well, I got two kids over here and the rules have gotten pretty relaxed at our house so play a lot more video games and realized I should be doing something more educate and tried to teach my 12-year-old and pretty quickly he beat me in every game of chess so I've gone back to the video game. Both of you, this movie, it's a drama, yes, it is and it's brilliant one at that but there is a way you all were able to weave in some comedy. How, Dakota, were you able to handle that? I think the script was really funny, there's a lot of levity written throughout it but we also -- we luckily all got along really well and it's good I think especially now I think a lot of us can relate to trying to find joy and levity during a really troubling depressing so I think in life it can be very torturous and painful and excruciating but if you can find the good moments and the goofy, funny, silly things that make your heart feel a little bit lighter, then it's worth getting through it. I think that's kind of what we found on this movie. Yeah, because in this movie, Dakota, your character has cancer. I think robin and I both know a lot about cancer humor because it got us through. I love that you're showing that in the movie but in the clip we're about to show someone moves in with you. You talk about the bucket list you have after your diagnosis. Let's take a look. I would like to be blond. No, I want to have blue hair and I also want to go to New York one last time and see "Les mis" and mardi gras, I want to be a grand marshal and I want to sing on stage with Katy Perry. Oh, wow. This is based on a true story, Matthew Teague, the husband in real life was on the set at times when you all were filming this. Casey, what was that like for you? Well, I was playing him so at first it was a little bit stressful because I worried about, you know, what he would think, Matt wrote an article about his experience with his wife dying ofcancerin "Esquire" and that's what turned into the movie. So I knew that he was game for this movie to happen and, you know, he would be understanding. I think we all cared a little bit more about what the kids might think because he has two daughters and they were around sometimes and, you know, they were having a movie made out of their life as well so we wanted to make sure that however that impacted them, it was more healing than maybe restimulating or hurtful in some way so we were pretty careful about that. As far as Matt Teague goes, you know, once I got to know him pretty well all I did was try to make fun of him in every scene I did. We know, Dakota, we get a chance to Lear you sing in the movie but hear you were a little nervous. Yeah, I have stage fright as it is, but singing, singing in front of people is like another level of terrifying for me so that was -- I had like a big panic -- I sort of collapsed into Casey's arms after a scene that you don't even see me singing. It's so pointless but, yeah, I was terrified of it but I did You did it. That's right. That's right. You both did. We're glad you both did this movie. Casey, we really appreciate both of you and Dakota and Casey and "Our friend" hits theaters and on demand this Friday. Make sure you check out that movie, everybody.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The actors star in a film about a real-life couple whose lives are turned upside down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75340376","title":"Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck talk about their film, ‘Our Friend’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dakota-johnson-casey-affleck-talk-film-friend-75340376"}