Dave Franco on 'The Rental': 'The idea was inspired by my own paranoia'

The director talks to Peter Travers about the making of his first horror film.
19:57 | 07/24/20

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Transcript for Dave Franco on 'The Rental': 'The idea was inspired by my own paranoia'
Hi everybody I am Peter Travers this. Aren't where we tell you what is happening at me and my guest today is they've got to be seen in many movies and lack. And guess what that you're not going the last. This is it is it's her debut as a director. He's gonna scared to death and then also make that and that means you do. Leopard which it. At. What that would die here I'll let. You know last time I saw your changed. He was describing the difference between them while. He's here yet he can he said. You know and it is a well. Can move and yet. When somebody and I know this from experience in watching it when something went to wreck it for them and usually gets a lot of screen. Yeah laying saying. How low do it this way. That you or we have that picture of calm. I was closer to call on the screen. I. I think the smartest thing I gave way. I'd be bedie it crew in an extensive way obviously. I wanted to people who were really talented. In the justice or mean. Is every night he's in going to work or ask. The first time director I just need people who lose number one priority was. All the do you still. To people who church you know one and today early and get on and what about all. He speaks from experience. But I. I won't ask on what's sets such behavior happens you know it's very strange win. I spoke to cut east will it about the first movie directed which was when ms. permit. Them one thing I had to learn was. Don't have too many people and if Richard urged. That's I think I think I better get sane thing yet it was of the very small cap room. And it yet AG you'll more manageable and also with runners at one location. In shall. We've been within those parameters I felt like I I have on rural island film. And but enough about. Me and each three innings and yes. Really what I think it's a good thing to do that and you get attention but. I'm not gonna put myself in his position giving away anything so this year. Director and co writer now that people what they need to know going in. Yet still it is a movie that is a little bit difficult to talk about. I don't once oil and there is a rental there is a rental house after acts. The baseline. And really simple premise is to couples go on vacation. What she yet celebratory getaway and then things are going air. Seoul. I will say though is I makes you work and myself and I watched everything in so even though that log line does sound familiar scene or. I really wanted to everything I could. Hurt John whenever possible Schroeder. On their vote and she's really fueled. Huge and whether that EU. Look at where I. I got the most credible young each he Christians and her who mainly known her work on usually Atlanta. And show. It tells you ever do you need to know. I mean you'd think about. How many production is killed in an old ski and that you look at show at least. A week to meet different than anything else it's still there it is really speaks to Christians I. And so. He no matter let people leave the film can't deny it looks stunning psychic. Well you know Dick beloved but what's done eased that she made essence ready. What we all do we tend to say oh you know already editor in me your son and lucky it's we're an epidemic. I'll get someplace deserted like this and just go away with my best brands where OK and now. I never want to do that again. Ranks right so yeah. So I promised my intention it was the suit beat out air EU wire. Let him. Yet to yield was hired IE I would carry out the concept called share where. About how the country is. The idea that you don't trust each yet. Stranger. If you. Is. That being said. I still use your at it back seat in your yeah well only in this movie and I think there is there's just this does is connect where. Were all clear the risks of staying in its readers all we never did anything. I was trying to delay explored that idea and I just heard you sing. You know. Under the home of someone we don't know. You know down myths you have essentially poor people well. There are tall you know. In the army about these actors that gathered again. Yet so. Obviously my wife Allison and it we already really gray now become. An outlet. And the idea to wreck our. What would seem completely. Something that wouldn't wind one got in my state you know. But work with you. I knew I knew that it was get. Goes smoothly and it went better than I expect each he. Hello always known she's great actress it's when I was in a position where it's and watching or her I realize she. Legitimately want. And she me I'd goksel. Acting she. Wallet where she's able to our relief drama with moments let it. It's a singles scene and it's. Other guy. Truth that's true you can really do everything outlook he saw in his recent Euro. I never seen any. That's a good way to what. You bet it really steal that go and so it's Kathy T and that the the lightning bolts are actually in genre projects. On her ample gas and you shall be. In those projects. Playing characters that parsley. Expenses seen it rolled out more. In. NIE. Would have demands. That skills. So good rating Atlantis here. Where some actor complete villains. Didn't. Eat each had a sour on your dull like. But in. Actual much fun in the bill in. Almost yet or is it. Sneaky unethical CG and so. It like. It isn't that he did but you know. I think about the actor Josh. Yet so. Jeremy Allen white late Josh and here is why. Troop EU. Urged. People know where shameless and hire our long just really. Just really responds to each got. Really. Raw ground it. It'll Gary so every eight on the U but you with the one. Where all of the other actors cannot meet. He's still EE. Year just lay. Because he's still praising still a lot. Of excellent. It is. While also this. At any playing jobs and Charlie and in our. Kids yeah. This coming from life experience. Oh. Last year that it include question. You it's interesting I. I showed the move to a friend he pointed out a moment early on. I didn't really know. What he would point out was. That kind of the first scene of the moon. Kind of like really wants older brother's approval. But also Lowell. And a way. Shy about it and and doesn't really know how he wants you need it old is being well founded here. Are and I think that's how you used to. Where where I feel like it. He'll lay. Let's be at or. Now at eight other eight years there is truth. An adult. Our. Tune the or NG to record. Yeah absolutely she lived van. Who most people know around the another worked on older girl watched Maloney. And a good. And so she's incredible in that Al. But she's playing a vampire and so she's not necessarily a Modi X. Oh. When I saw her in this small and the animals. That's when I realize that you are she she had a supporting role in the film she really gets to show green very finite screens. We're she's got it's like these. In her power and east range but it is seen. She can she's still vulnerable crumble at any moment and I'm really had her hear. What was that first scene you shot. Who I think. She opened the first scene we shot woods on land and Palestinian injured his or her or on the high in the woods. A ends. She she. Story I tell. This city cam operator who is incredible. I just want to roll that out there are reports that story but I. Wheat put a lot on his slate is. Eight due to the law east. Walking where he's like. After a few each. See Jack. Got a little TE eight a little light headed. Up a little air. It was not a great start of the only at a dead. No nothing. At this guy is so good it really. An outlook but we're just like we are really kind of coming out eight and given him. Oh great sure. I was throwing out the shooting. Credit to its credit. Grew up right back up and another as. To why that. Argue not in it. Still. Truth be I wasn't. Regionally and directing. I was going to play that role that would you know Ian decided. I just me usually used shoes. Only focus on my Mike. Hammer there's. I led the law. Ye just learning a lot at that was going and I were. Well I'm so glad way and ends. If and when will we get to earth and IE. We're just really. You don't want to give up on eating. Out no way and I would love. It all. An agency I. ED one projects seeks will mean it's mood. Yahoo! said as an actor in my mind that you know at least ID. My you. Were. In reality. It was the opposite Wear it well I just like one of your article. At 1 o'clock EE in the writers and actors. At the record will love you to that. I sure I got this dressed in doing it and I don't. Wanna setup the show this way and not. Probably more late. In their green. And everyone's process just learned that steel Ian Kerr by. So you are accurate we come the end of this when you look at your will be put together with editors. I don't. I don't know it's possible to test that anything in the last or months we did some smaller test before. So what you look at it. Security. Good question to really good questions your real estate. The final product he's. Pretty much exactly. Or very close to what I pitch from a so no matter what I. It is from here you know obviously I hope people like it I hope people. Out but wouldn't sheen's very much still. I feel content in that. And I guess again I give the tiny years a lot of credit or. I don't need to neat and some play. Unconventional. Thriller horror movie where it's not a it's not a war that acts problem relies on jobs ears. It's not or. You'd think he'd seen a million. I think it really acted like I was saying earlier I really tried Sydney unexpected choices where a good bet. Might be a little scary finance years and producers. But ultimately. Eat me like a long each and I elect are able to make some old city in an eight year old girl out of eight. You're good you're ready to get back on the horse and do that absolutely and the I urge you have an idea her vehicle. And Bob not saying why. There are okay in the movie open ended enough you OED. But I was shocked that you had a dog in them and you're person. Look I'm. What you add in this room. So. I actually have written. You be in. Life and we have the cat in. Film. Share based on marks partly. Odd sight here that that's okay you live you lived a long area. The other one oh. They're both gone now why. And low and I know. I know trust me. Every day EU. All all we used all the ramp all these. Words were actively. Our act so they show you never before always ends and a little bit of saw. Oh. I want you to sing a little bit of a song. That might be able. Something we can dedicate those she. Wants RY. I ash. You give me some examples of other blogs that you. Don't want want your saw. What is it what you sit around. Oh my gosh. All of the Delaware little. I'm sure we we make up our own little. You're with. Share with that. Timbers that he. You if you if you didn't need to give me a great view. Holes. Urged bribery. I can help. Oh you. Are not getting eaten at a harm. Let's go live. Years. My V. People. Sure. A huge. Well that's an eclectic collection. It is it is Alan appreciates. My wife and myself song. Let's let's all imagine. That's. Give us that birth to bargain that will cut away. Game. You're really got to look like sweating you know. Yeah you got. My brother to tell you on this earth and all. They ample. Are you have to wait the next day an attitude to do this on to prepare. An all time. You. Should. Get into it. We'll do it again and not getting an ally when he asked for a little bit of salt now and the whole. There. I think you are. Eight Franco you and congratulations. On human being an organ a lot in going to be scared but there are going to be saying. So screwed. You know would you agree think athletes three these blogs that you people ask questions are. That. Our act you're doing this. Thank you Bratton.

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