Ed Helms talks 10 years of 'The Hangover' and an 'Office' reunion

The actor talks his new Disneynature film, "Penguins," and whether we'll ever see an "Office" reunion. "A movie would be fun," he said.
6:06 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for Ed Helms talks 10 years of 'The Hangover' and an 'Office' reunion
You make sure they have an amazing guest and you know our next guest from "The office" and "The hangover," and he's lending his voice to the Disney nature film "Penguins." Please welcome Ed Helms. Good to see you. Hey. How are you? Great to see you. All right. All right. Young man, what is this with the, you know? I'm an actor. I have a part coming up that requires some facial hair, and so I'm just kind of living in it for a little bit. I like it. I like that mutton chops? Yeah, the old mutton chops. Mutton chops. They're a little whiter than I thought I had, but -- Looking good. It's fun. I feel like people don't trust me with this look because I kind of -- I feel like a scoundrel. Like a turn of the century -- I don't know. We know you're not that. It's been ten years since "The hangover." You know that? Ten years since "The hangover" came out, and when you see this image -- what goes through your mind when you see this image? Well -- oh, boy. So much comes flooding back. No. You know what? I remember I that moment, the director, Todd Phillips, had this great line that wasn't in the script which was, I feel like a nerdy hillbilly, and that's what I said in that moment in the movie, and I always loved that line because yeah. I was missing a tooth. I'm kind of nerdy. Nerdy hillbilly. So Bradley cooper's done okay in the last ten years. Has he done stuff? Yeah. I -- I felt like I needed to reach out and give him a little boost. I hear you do a pretty good Jackson mesne. It's basically Sam Elliott, which I can do very well with my mustache now. You just got to drop your voice down like this, and you win an Oscar. But I'm curious. Which of your co-stars from any of your past movies would you let plan a bachelor party for you? Oh, boy. That's a curveball. Let's see. You know what? I did a movie with Tracy Morgan. Oh. I love that man so much. He's so fun and he's so ridiculous. I know he would throw a great bachelor party. I guarantee he would throw a great bachelor party. Let's go back to your voice. You're lending your voice to this new Disney nature film "Penguins." Yeah. That's great. Oh. I noticed that. This is for the global penguin society. Beautiful. This is something a little bit different. What was the process like in preparing for this? Yeah. This is a really cool movie. It's a Disney nature documentary about penguins, and I narrate the movie, like, a traditional documentary narrator, but I also -- I also voice the main penguin's voice. Because there is a -- it's the story of Steve. He's sort of the star penguin and even though it's a documentary, they have kind of made a narrative out of it, and I get to do both. I get to kind of, like, dip in as this character, but also be a traditional narrator. So it's a very unusual movie that way, and I think it's very special and fun. Are you -- All right. Right here. It's more than just a beautiful courtship ritual. Steve and adilene will use these moments of intimacy to memorize each other's voices. After this, they will be able to find each other amongst the crowds, forever. You're a penguin expert now. I'm a penguin expert a little bit. Give us some trivia. Okay. Well, here's the thing. They're obviously adorable, right? They're incredibly cute. We all know that. We all love penguins for how cute they are, but what I didn't know until I did this movie is that they are badass. Like, they are scrappy little suckers, and they -- Antarctica is one of the harshest environments on the planet and these adorable little penguins, they fight for survival and they fight to protect their young, and it's really inspiring. Nothing like a scrappy Peng penguin. I tell you that. Another show you're involved in "The office." You're getting back together. Ellie kemper, she says she thinks it's going to happen. What do you think? Really? She said that? Yeah. I mean, it's -- we get asked about that all the time, and I wish I had something exciting to tell you. I just -- I don't think it's going to happen. Oh, why? Well, do you mean like another show? Like, creating another -- a spin -- I don't know. A movie. Something? A movie would be fun. That would be cool. I would -- If you write it, I'll do it. Oh. Pen to paper. One thing we are excited for, "Penguins," man, we really are. Yeah. We loved having you here. Thank you. "Penguins" hits theaters on Wednesday. For every ticket sold opening week, Disney will make a donation to the wildlife conservation network to help protect penguins. That's really cool.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"The actor talks his new Disneynature film, \"Penguins,\" and whether we'll ever see an \"Office\" reunion. \"A movie would be fun,\" he said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62401992","title":"Ed Helms talks 10 years of 'The Hangover' and an 'Office' reunion","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ed-helms-talks-making-penguins-62401992"}