The evolution of Taylor Swift's music

Whether you need the perfect breakup song or are looking to sharpen your edge, our 'love story' with T-Swift is just beginning!
5:07 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for The evolution of Taylor Swift's music
Fox didn't hear every major record labels like. I'm Taylor and we'll let and I had a record deal. Call me. Days' time. In my hands and he yeah. I am. The yeah. And snapped trees and blue ring. I'm sad family my hair and then in the these. The no match. Yeah. The idea fearless. And that title of the song that I wrote about the you know the best first date ever I thought about the word fearless and what it means to me it's not the you don't have any fears that. We have a lot of fears really jump anyway. Or. Yeah yeah I need to. And I'm looking back from that dean he. We did eyes I mean it's not. Time out I still find the time to write as much as you do you're so busy I'm up late July and and I've been writing more than ever before. My little girls and walking around the house for weeks and we're never ever ever getting back together. And of Afghanistan ahead of me. His ascent and in. Do you genuinely new blond man. And me to song that's one of my favorites on the album because it sounds just as chaotic as the feeling was when I wrote it assignment kind of being frustrated with yourself because your your heart broken new when he first saw that person is always red flags in just went forward anyway. Shame on me. This is your first album I'll pop songs. I knew it all worried that you will lose some of the country fans. I. Am not worried about I don't really in touch with my hands and I know what they like what my fans in general were afraid apples that. I would nations start making it possible to stop writing Smart lyrics weren't stopped writing emotional here X. And when they heard any music thank you realize that that wasn't the case at all. There are going to be people along the way you. We'll try to undercut your success. Someday when you get where you're going. You'll look around. And you will know that it was you who puts you there. And that could be the greatest feeling in the world. I need. That mega superstar Taylor Swift taking the stand in court today a judge dismissing a former DJ lawsuit against Taylor Swift who. Group. Oh. It took a jury less than four hours to declare victory for Taylor Swift. A fire. Before bounding up. He has a song about. Increasing your individuality and release silently. And phoning. Some we have the ability to get.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Whether you need the perfect breakup song or are looking to sharpen your edge, our 'love story' with T-Swift is just beginning!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65112149","title":"The evolution of Taylor Swift's music ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/evolution-taylor-swifts-music-65112149"}