Exclusive sneak peek of 'Toy Story 4'

"GMA" got an exclusive first look at the return of the Little Bo Peep character, who is making a comeback in the fourth installment of the beloved series.
4:02 | 02/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Exclusive sneak peek of 'Toy Story 4'
"Designing women" and the voice of Bo peep in the "Toy story" movies. Everybody has their popcorn here in the audience because we're about to do something special. An exclusive clip from the new "Toy story 4." No one has ever seen it before. First time right here on "Gma." Let's take a look. Situation. Lost toy, side yard. Billy, go. Raise the blinds. They have names. You never asked. Where is he? There. How do we reach him? Operation pull toy. Slink. You got it. Barbies. Go. Welcome back. So that clip is actually a flashback for Bo peep. She as a new look, new attitude. Bo's got some tude now. She was trying to choose between woody and buzz. Does she choose? Ink she's made a choice now. I can only reveal so much. It's like -- That's a good tease right there. Bo peep has made her choice. And a few weeks ago, most of this is being secret but a few weeks ago Tom Hanks did post a photo, all of you, looking at the finale, final recording session. Now, these animated movies you all do your scenes alone but you got to do some with Tom. Yes, they don't usually do that. You usually do it alone and kind of odd that way but Tom and I got to work together quite a bit on this one. That was not bad. It was not half bad. This whole series has been -- has meant so much to so many people for such a long time. It's going to be hard to S good-bye. Well, who knows. Oh, okay. You know, I was surprised that 4 was coming, but, yeah, it's so beloved. They're priceless, these stories. They're so great. Is it true your son actually got you to do it in the first place. Yes, and this was years ago before they did the first one, my agents had called and said, Annie, they're interested in you doing this voice for the first completely computer animated full length movie. None of that was interesting to me, not any part of that sentence and they said, well, they've sent you some shorts. They'd like to you take a look. I was like, yeah, okay, I had a toddler and a teenager and I was doing a series and -- anyway so they called me back, they said, did you look? Ah, I didn't. So I came home from work one day and my 3-year-old had torn open the box they sent and he grabbed my hand and he said, mommy, mommy, come look. So I went in and he could by that time put the disc in himself. I sat down and watched about two of them and I went, mommy will be right back. I have to make a call. So, that is how it got started. He should have gotten a percentage. Shhh. He's been educated. He got a percentage. Okay. We want to introduce you to Bo peep. What do you think? Yes. She's I think Blonder and a little more shapely, I think. I must say I think I'm looking very young. You're looking very good. I'm a little thrilled about that, yeah. And we now know she's made her choice or we think she's made her choice as well. Shhh. Thanks for coming in today.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"\"GMA\" got an exclusive first look at the return of the Little Bo Peep character, who is making a comeback in the fourth installment of the beloved series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61096172","title":"Exclusive sneak peek of 'Toy Story 4' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/exclusive-sneak-peek-toy-story-61096172"}