Take it from Giuliana Rancic: Be your unique self

The entertainment journalist shares her keys to success.
4:03 | 01/04/19

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Transcript for Take it from Giuliana Rancic: Be your unique self
Openly such acts I want I was feeling myself this I thought I knew I loved the purple. And earnings in the early to say about this blog obviously looking back kindly. What was I thinking. This is really early on in my career it was just so exciting to be right and that I had this school really since I was a little ball. Because you know independent journalist and what's wild is I've now been on the carpet what you since 2002 was sixteen years. I did not try to fit all I didn't watch TV now I should act more like her I just. What came naturally to me and I was just myself and I think that fast why I ended up having a very own wariness because I really. Unlike anyone who. Allowing us. Think that what is ethical wrong. There rooting and moved to this country when I was seven years old from Kelly told me first moved to America hiding speak any English at all. So I would just Kennedy in the back of the classroom all alone trying to adapt. To a brand new place it was really. An expert thing you know I think that it's really easy especially as a younger all. To focus on their weaknesses and think and K are going to affect you for the rest of their life but. If you just take it one step further and you realize what makes you weak today lacks strength now because I couldn't communicate with anyone. I needed my goal to become a week. And therefore hearing him on the red carpet interviewing people for a living. Everyday of my life it's pretty incredible. You know this was obvious they really. Difficult time in my life I was 36 years old and had just been told had breast cancer. It was a shock of a lifetime I had no family history of breast cancer also was very healthy. And it just came out. No I found myself in this position on the high you know in this grove hospital and tell by my side I just can't imagine. What I was down without Imus it was very very good morning. To still. Appreciate the good things in my life and still be grateful that was huge for me. Because it would have been really easy to be in a dark place all time. And I think what snaps me out of funds attack today was play. Yeah this is bad but guess what's really. And bill. Is he exactly atop an atlas and the government's. This is a picture of me my mom my college graduation when I. Graduated from the University of Maryland College Park about five or six months before this picture was taken I had huge surgery. I it has fully doses for most of my life senior year of college high school Williams has gotten really back. And a doctor telling you need surgery in the next month just it was very very comfortable a lot of pain. I two rods in my back I'm very goal oriented night Senecal. To graduate on time in the spring no matter what it's not even. If I was in pain and I didn't quite honest I was how myself unite over com. This you know surgery and this time in my life. Hopefully when I look back at my life these will be like my most precious memories issues. My parents always bug bites and we did we don't tell him what a good relationship is we got total respect is we show. I still get butterflies. Is still feeling its own in the we've been together thirteen years now but. First and foremost we are best friends bills named best friend. In the while we are kind of test everyone's news we'll all news. We all have feelings. And we all deserve respect an officer. And if we can teach him in the six.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The entertainment journalist shares her keys to success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60117399","title":"Take it from Giuliana Rancic: Be your unique self","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/giuliana-rancic-unique-60117399"}