Great new TV series and Christmas specials to get us in the holiday spirit

Us Weekly's senior entertainment editor, Emily Longeretta, joins us to talk about "binge-worthy" things to watch this weekend.
3:34 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Great new TV series and Christmas specials to get us in the holiday spirit
Staying on that highbrow tip let's turn now to -- We like to re-create the atmosphere from inside a nightclub in New Jersey when we bring janai on in "Binge this." And now I'm in my element. The beat and the Jersey shore. Exactly. If you are unsure what to watch this weekend, we got you covered. Emily longeretta, senior entertainment editor ay "Us weekly" breaking down the buzziest entertainment to binge. Emily, welcome. Thank you for being here. Let's start with movies. What do you recommend? All right, yeah, there are two great movies this weekend that are available starting with "Godmothered" on Disney plus. This is a little bit of "Enchanted" vibes. It stars Isla fisher and Gillian bell plays a not so godmother-like godmother who enters Isla fisher's life and Isla's given up on the fairy tale ending, but she tries to remind her it's still possible. This is so charming and heartfelt. So definitely if you're looking for something light and fun, this is something to watch. Next up we also have a new movie with riz Ahmed. And obviously you can see here "Sound of metal." He is a drummer in a band, and he starts to lose his riz Ahmed stars in it. He's been starring in a ton of different stuff. Is drama is really, really different. It's dark at points but an interesting storstars some other great stars like Lauren ridloff who is actually a deaf actress in real life and tapped into that in the movie. If you're looking for that, check it out on Amazon prime. Very cool. All right, then new TV show brings a beloved book series to the small screen. Excited for this. Tell us about it. I'm excited too. "The hardy boys" is coming to hulu. Of course, the books came out nearly 100 years ago, which is wild. But if you are looking for adventure and some crime solving, this is for you. Of course, it takes us on a new adventure with the brothers, and they will be trying to, of course, solve a crime in a new town. But if you're looking for some familiar characters, some iconic names that you read in the books, you will see them. So this may give you some nostalgic feeling while being a little bit creepy also, so that is something that has dropped on hulu and available now. That is perfect, and so crazy those books came out almost 100 years ago, but I still remember them. I remember them. Dan was around. Yeah. I wasn't going to bring you into it, Harris. I was first on ne when those hit. Yeah, we know. All right. Emily, what new Christmas special should we know about? Oh, there's so many great things that are coming out I the holiday season including Carrie Underwood's new special, we mentioned it earlier in the segment that it's called "My gift" and, of course, it is going along with her album she just dropped. She will be performing her hit song, "Let there be peace." There will also be many other classics that she's going to be performing and some really touching moments as you see in in that really can just get your family in the holiday spirit. There is a duet with John legend and there's a cameo by her 5-year-old son who performs his part in "Little drummer boy," which is absolutely ador if you're looking for hope and joy this weekend, that's what's to watch. Exactly what we need. All of the hope and joy as we count down to Christmas and then all of the hopefulness for 2021. Emily, thank you so much for joining us. "Us weekly's" Emily. Guys, over to you. You had Eva locked in at "Little drummer boy." I know. I love all the Christmas songs. I want to hear her boy doing the part. Little kids, you just love them. Of course, of course. It's all about Christmas.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Us Weekly's senior entertainment editor, Emily Longeretta, joins us to talk about \"binge-worthy\" things to watch this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74554790","title":"Great new TV series and Christmas specials to get us in the holiday spirit","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/great-tv-series-christmas-specials-us-holiday-spirit-74554790"}