‘Hamilton’ is now streaming on Disney+

Original “Hamilton” cast member, Anthony Ramos, joins “GMA."
3:50 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for ‘Hamilton’ is now streaming on Disney+
Now the day we have been waiting for is finally here. "Hamilton" streaming on Disney plus today. We've got a very special "Pop news" pop-in with one of the original cast members from the Broadway show, Anthony Ramos joining us. Hope you're doing well. Thanks for being with us. I hear you've been keeping busy at home including getting a puppy. I need to know everything about that. We have a new puppy. His maim is prince. A/k/a Mr. Nelson. And, yeah, he's mad cute and so much fun. But, yeah, man, I've been keeping real busy at home. He keeps us more than busy, this guy. Puppies will do that to you, won't they? So many "Hamilton" lyrics are really resonating with people right now. We're seeing them on signs at protests. Is there a particular lyric from "Hamilton" that's sticking out for you right now? Yeah, I mean, you know, in my shot I think it's, you know, it's the lyric I'm past patiently waiting I'm smashing every expectation, every action -- and every action is an act of creation. Lime laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow and thinking past tomorrow and I'm not throwing away my shot. I think those lyrics have been powerful to me from the moment I heard them when I did the show and probably even more so now. You know, I remember doing the audition and doing -- and having chills. It was the first time I ever did an audition and felt this overwhelming adrenaline that felt different than anything I had experienced in any other audition when I was singing those words. And still they ring true, you know, to this day so for sure those are the most powerful lyrics to me. We can see the impact they've had on you. It comes right out of your mouth like it's lodged in your brain. I do want to take -- show our viewers a clip of "Hamilton" for a moment and talk on the back end. Let's watch. All right, all right. That's what I'm talking about. Now, everyone, give it up for the maid of honor Anjelica Schuyler. A toast to the groom to the groom to the groom to the bride to the bride Speaking of brides and grooms by the way you met your fiancee Jasmine there on set. How did you know that she was the one? I mean, you know, we used to write songs in the staircase like we used -- at the rehearsal rooms on 42nd street and we used to like kind of like have breaks and bring my guitar to we kind of like chilled off to the side or whatever and we were writing songs and getting to know each other as we were writing together and I was like, dang, she's kind of fly. And I think that's how it happened and it's kind of dope. It's not kind of dope. It's amazing. She's incredible. What was it like to work with lin-manuel Miranda on your first Broadway experience? Lin is brilliant and I think what was more -- what was so inspiring he was also like, you know, a Puerto rican dude from Washington heights. I'm like, you know, from bushwick, Brooklyn and it was dope to see someone like him kind of -- We are out of time. "Hamilton" is now available to stream exclusively.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Original “Hamilton” cast member, Anthony Ramos, joins “GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71596276","title":"‘Hamilton’ is now streaming on Disney+","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/hamilton-now-streaming-disney-71596276"}