Hannah Brown reveals she wants Tyler C. to be 'part of her life'

The morning after the most dramatic 'Bachelorette' finale ever, Hannah B. is live in Times Square to answer our burning questions.
9:19 | 07/31/19

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Transcript for Hannah Brown reveals she wants Tyler C. to be 'part of her life'
We're going to get right to "The bachelorette." This season taking America by Hannah making her choice only to find out that shocking secret. But Hannah will join us in just a moment but first let's take a look at last night's emotional roller coaster. I hope you're ready, bachelor nation, because here we go. Reporter: The first quarter of bachelor nation's super bowl starting off routinely. Hannah breaking Tyler c.'s heart sending him to the sidelines for now. Those restless nights Dog food jingling guitar playing Jed serenading Hannah. Me and you Reporter: Before getting down on one knee and securing that final rose for now. We're getting married. Whoa. Reporter: But there were flags on the play. Hannah finding out from a "People" magazine story that Jed had had a girlfriend when I started the show. I start reading it and it was not the same story that I was the extent of that and what was withheld from me after I already said yes is not okay. Confronting Jed. It makes sense now. Why your family was so skeptical of it, no wonder. I'm very protective over Jed. Forcing him to make the most excruciating apology in bachelor history. I know that -- I don't want to cry again. Jed. I'm sorry. You don't deserve this. You don't deserve to find out like this. Reporter: Hannah facing all those rumors head on live with Chris Harrison. I have been mad as hell. Reporter: The fans in the stands silent as Jed walked out. I don't love you like that anymore. So this is over. Yes. It's so messed up. I hope that from this you will be honest and learn and grow into the man I do believe you can be. And I'm really, really proud of the woman that I've become through all this because I am hella strong. Reporter: Coach Chris Harrison calling Tyler back into the game. What's it going to be like to see him again. I mean those feelings just didn't go away. Reporter: And America's favorite runner-up intercepting the rose from Jed. You're an incredible guy and I'm a single girl. She was here earlier and she's back because we need her for more answers out of the bachelorette, Hannah brown and, Hannah, thank you for joining us how was it to see that and see this emotional roller coaster you were? How is that? It's hard to watch it back but, you know, it just made me stronger and I am really proud of the woman that I am now and don't think I could be that woman if I hadn't have gone through the trials that I've been through so I try to see the silver lining in it all. Yes, as you should. How do you feel? You're engaged this Jed. A few days later you find out he's not the man that you fell in love with and thought you would marry. How did you feel about that? Well, I tried to like hold out like hope, this is normal. We started dating on television. So you're going to find out different things but, yeah, it was really hard when I realized that this was a whole different level of betrayal of something that ihould have known to be able to make a decision for my future. Do you have any regrets about it? I mean I could what if and wonder what would happen if I made different choices but ultimately I found love for myself and it's for me and I think that that is worth it all because of everything that happened so I don't know if I could change that and be as strong and confidant in what I know I deserve if anything else different happened. The moment there was a collective gasp in every living room that was watching bachelorette nation is when Tyler came out. Uh-huh. And you kind of maybe asked him out again. What is that all about? You're giving him a second chance, giving you a second chance. Those feelings were real when we were together and you don't just turn off emotions even though that was what I thought was going to be a happy day for me with Jed, but he has always been supportive and respectful and has continued to do so so I want imhad to be part of my life in some way so I want to be able to hang out. That's not good enough. Give us more -- I'm joking. I want to be able to hang out. Yeah, no pressure, just -- Dating, no camera, just you two. Yeah. Maybe. Hang out. Hang out. I see Lara Spencer over there going like this, yeah. Somebody was another fan favorite, Peter the pilot. Seemed like a really nice guy. His parents were rooting for you. But was he too safe for you maybe? I don't know if it's -- he's so sweet and I'm kind of crazy so I don't know if -- he says he could handle it but I am so supportive of Peter and definitely had feelings for him as well and am just really, really appreciative of the good guys that I did have that still love and respect me after all this and Peter is definitely one of those. And let's talk about the red flags. There were a few red flags. There were some of those. One name that gets the blood pressure boiling, Luke P. And then Jed as well and I'm sure you've heard a lot of comments from a lot of people about your choice and your decisions, so how have you been able to handle that? Has that been tough for you? It's been tough but also people don't know me and people have not been in the same position that are usually saying those comments and it was really important for me to understand why I felt the way that I did about people and to really see that through and just like with Luke -- just like with Luke, with Jed I really went through all the emotions of being able to have that closure and I think the only way I was able to do that is to really understand the way I felt the way I did and realized what I deserved through that and I've just grown so much. So, you know, it's good. It's good. That sounds like a new ABC show, goodish goes with blackish, youngish, all that other stuff. Something with Luke P. He always seemed to pop up. Even when he was gone he came back on his own so after the men tell all, did he try to come back to you? I don't know if he necessarily tried to come back for me but we definitely got in a little conversation on Twitter. Really? Yeah, I got a Twitter the day -- the day, man, you're asking for it. But, okay. That's about it. Modern technology and dating. That's what happens. Wish him well, though. Somewhere else. You wish him well. But do you -- you truly feel like you had the bachelorette experience because you were very open book on this one. Yeah. It hurts to know that people had different intentions going in that I did fall for but ultimately I had a bachelorette experience that I'm proud of because the person that stood right in front of that mansion the first night is not the same woman that is right here. She's not insecure. She's confident. She knows her self-worth and I know that that is the bachelorette experience that I'll never take for granted so -- Yeah. You can see that your confidence every week was growing and I want to ask, what's the future, life and love for Hannah. I'm going to continue working on myself and being proud of this girl and doing what fills my soul and the more I'm filled, the more love I can give to somebody else and so like I said I don't need a man. I don't need a husband but I want that and I know I will have that when it's the right person. You definitely will. We really wish you the best with

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"The morning after the most dramatic 'Bachelorette' finale ever, Hannah B. is live in Times Square to answer our burning questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64675457","title":"Hannah Brown reveals she wants Tyler C. to be 'part of her life'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/hannah-brown-opens-made-choice-64675457"}