The hottest holiday movies this year

A guide to this year's can't-miss holiday films, from "Mary Poppins Returns" to "Aquaman."
2:34 | 12/25/18

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Transcript for The hottest holiday movies this year
Music right there and we are back with your guide to the holidays' hottest movies from "Mary Poppins" to "Aquaman," there are great movies hitting the box office. And Chris Connelly has the ones you'll want to watch. Reporter: It's all about those songs. ??? Nothing's gone forever ??? Reporter: That umbrella. As I live and breathe. Reporter: And "Mary Poppins returns." Really. Reporter: Yet there's more to see including Nicole kidman in "Destroyer." "Rogue one's" felicity Jones speaks out in "On the basis of sex" about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You don't get to tell me when to quit. Reporter: While in "Vice" Christian bale is all about unrecognizable as former vp dick Cheney with Sam Rockwell as bush 43. That sounds good. Reporter: John C. Reilly stars in two movies about celebrated duo, a good doctor to will Ferrell's Sherlock in "Holmes and Watson." ING. Reporter: And half of laurel and hardy with Steve Coogan in "Stan and Ollie." I already got one of those. Not like this one you don't. Reporter: That trident, those pants. "Aquaman.." My parents made me what I am. I am the protector of the deep. Reporter: Jennifer Lopez gets career reinvention in "Second act." Thank you for coming in, Maya. Okay. Thank you. Reporter: Set in 1987 with Haley stein Feldstein again displaying true grit, this transformers spin-off is cute as a bug called "Bumblebee." Steve carell in "Welcome to marwen." I've created a world where I can heal. Reporter: And Sandra bullock battles horror in "Bird box." Meanwhile Oscar minded audiences can check out "If beale street could talk." A different look at stardom with Natalie portman. I'm worried about you, mom. You're worried about me? Reporter: On the animation side a fresh take on a familiar superhero in "Spider-man: Into the spider-verse." For "Good morning America," Chris Connelly, ABC news, los Angeles. Great movies out there.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"A guide to this year's can't-miss holiday films, from \"Mary Poppins Returns\" to \"Aquaman.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60008203","title":"The hottest holiday movies this year","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/hottest-holiday-movies-year-60008203"}