Jack Black talks reuniting with cast of 'Jumanji' for new film

The actor talks to Peter Travers about the making of "Jumanji: The Next Level."
19:10 | 12/18/19

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Transcript for Jack Black talks reuniting with cast of 'Jumanji' for new film
Why. Okay about the wanted to know one. Today. Lost control. Yeah anyway hello everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies. And my friend to act like movies are just like one aspect of his life it's tiny little piece of my my world. So it's a tiny little peace and say here honk it's not a he's movie which you at one point started calling few months dudes. Yeah but in fact it's too Monte that next level picture I was being here. I just like days. And it's outs of actually like to say views. Like that lets you bank on that's what I and he didn't do that I'm make it extremely strong. Well thank you for doing I gotta say the you could Jumanji use Jumanji next level Jumanji three Jumanji for. But really is just the further adventures of jamaat. Hope you all are of that. And that you now know what you could say to people when you go to the movies give me. To take its two Jumanji. The further adventures no one's gonna questioned nearly as they geology. Exit. So you were you acting to get back into the professors. I what I ours I was happening slip back into my and my professor here. My helmet. I'm bow tie. And the desert it's going to be hot there. It was hot and we had three it's all about okay the question like realist that most encourages location location location. And what's cool in this one is we have the relocation. That really count the jungle the desert and the snow and they were all magna percent. And I asked my dad. Tuna come visit this that would got these three choices. And he picked its oh. Which I thought was weird because. You could have gone repaired. In the jungles of Hawaii you could you could have gone the gorges dunes. But he loves this he's a mountain man and he came and visited me. In the icy cold. Same place where they shot the rent than it. While it found that icy girl bares no wandering and yet there was no bear attack but there were other creatures. And watching you in this year. Ryan Campbell yet you're getting chased by an army of Austin and Seattle. How all of that and sure they wrangled an Oscar drank. They're they're they're actually we're no. Physical ostriches in them and they were all maiden with these law acted yet. And it's funny because you think of ostriches are sort of like. Interesting. Quirky strange creatures that you see if there's the don't think of them as deadly bird. Bush had their power collegiate hoops are you didn't get to meet these ones electorate story. I nodding at him in I'm not so terrified of giant powerful creatures that are unpredictable. You're in the business full of them I don't think that I am what. Yes now here and it is doing it dangerous. And have always known. You know yeah I didn't hear that looking your back to you back with this past. All these people that you seem to be actually having a good time we did have fun you know the brought. To weigh in Iran Johnson he's doing this kind of amazing. Danny DeVito voice yes yes we'll ask. I thought I would never that this yet he got the bonus part man to play Danny DeVito is like everyone's dream. He's such a character. And schedules after. It's fun just sit lived and evade and like pick his brain about his legendary days does he think back like his career. Chris and I are members and it was cuckoo's nest. Opposite jacket a cent not yet had a little party was kind of a glorified extra is one of the people in the asylum. But he was magnificent. It was a beautiful little performance. Anglican and from there and then taxi. Cats and he was right there in the middle of it. And then. On on and then as an incredible producer. I just like hate his brand. Over didn't and our tax day and and and I bet I would probably knowing him because questions did he say in. He might have but now no one gave me the hook. What that's not. But initially. When you're mixing and matching this everything yes I'm a different avatar your not that person and you get. I shouldn't act exits. Are now this boy letter rep. You know because you get to be fridge you know the big football guy and that's rested. Here's the teenage girl that I doubt ever I've seen you before there was Jumanji I thought the teenage girl and eat I always thought. You know it's always there. There waiting for your heart is hamster and where did you find her voice. I mean it's just it's it's like you have there you don't have. Back. It's like the colors of the rainbow I have all these different colors. And one of them as baffling. Happening. She's bear waiting but you know apple peppers. I got a lot of I would could I could maybe do one man show where all of the colors of Miron. And each maybe assured. Always have this idea view where the people use their wheels turning in my head rent and I was allowed the Broadway. I've seen I'm seeing it I think I've grounds. There was black experience if you look at your bio on I am DB. You know would always say this is what you're known for and it just takes a career and reduces it nothing. Says basically. Yeah known for his eyebrows. And I go re I know and then he got to win the rock yes stealing my eyebrow again he's trying to do that you don't really. Are and whether. You know solid Iraq's Gaudin. But he's got the control but it doesn't. It doesn't because when you're six foot 49. In 9% muscle. Your eyebrows are gonna get more attention. Thanks a lot rock. I don't know I think your eyebrows win thank you they really do that's just while obviously it is I know there was agrees and up a be that you know what I'm hearing and I I don't want to hear it but I have to bring up. These interviews you get anything. This may be much less than the I'm retired what he let quite Tarantino that had you're just saying no that's been it's. I liked it is show me the evidence of that I had there's a lot of videos I might have that it ice Eilat. I'm Mae and look someday we're all gonna do our last thing but. I always feel like all my movies in the last one I was willing for the I always play like this in my last chance. They're never said this in what was part of the adrenaline it's part of that like is turning fifty is it that century half century mark. No I've felt this way from my bear you no job. When when I live teenager he had now because it's crazy Beers you know it's too good to be true you never feel like you quite deserve it. You always feel like you're in danger of ball on your face and belly flop but that a lot of stress comes of that in Iman and sometimes you just wanna. Cheerio. With a wife and kids and catch up on your red dead redemption part two because when that I heard that news. You know I'm just not buying any of this is just can't possibly be and I just did this run through in my view of Jack. Yeah I've seen everything is just going from high fidelity I'm just. What. Rue few a little bit I medallist tae that's really wanna kicked it off it hit. But I mean my first movie was Bob Roberts was a glorious fun time Tim Robbins your friend but it was it was a small role but it who had a huge impact on meet personally because you saw yourself on the first time I was in a big you know up on the big screen and and Atlanta the Cannes Film Festival law and what I was not invited to go there I went. My father lifted. He thanked Adam comfort visitors like among discover the but mainly because I wanna go then asked them while I love you. And I could hang with the stars yes so that was the one that. But even before that my first real gig was. A commercial for a video game called Pitt fall 1982. It was Atari remember the tar out yet the very first video by a convert the video game systems. And you are you up let sag card that's how I really darling of the ads. That's a tough hurdle when year when you're outside of the industry and you want to get into the bids idiot that sag card. But you can't get a job unless you already have a sag card so that's when it is a catch twenty right. But he did all of this but if you go even before that. The first time I caught the fever. It was at a passover Stater. My friend of the families we will win over there and we had an amazing. Passover and then. The woman of the house is holocaust survivors. Now it's time to play it frees me she was an incredible eccentric ways. And she knew these fabulous Boland improvisational games and we've played these incredible gains on the night. And RIA realized then when I was like nine years old. That I wanted to to it for the rest of my life that this was something I really was they these games you know on stage putting on a show. Playing characters. People laughing at me and me being the center of attention it was like a drug they hit me who real hard early on. You know what I mean I do graduate as an issue and he did she matching its all or nothing else gave me that suites. Whole. And what about that moment you saw yourself on screen for the first. Well that your natural we have a system a raft Bob Roberts and opera I'm numbered I could've done that better. That was powerful regret but then by the time it was finished. And it and it screen that kind. The editor had done some kind of magic. And I was. A little areas and the crowd. And that's when I realized how important. And there is really important they have so much power than they make such a big difference now a lot of directors like Tarantino. Will sit there with the editor and really they are editing and demand because they know which take a wanton and they've circled. Those editors and been written thank god for good editing I'm trying to find that you do. At the half century mark nudged it and make. Them. That's acting you taste tasty and they'll fix it and post. I'm now glad you don't have the but we don't have a budget that we can't make the popcorn though it now deep in and I'm but. I've got to bring. Because it's like. We talked about a little before we started you all are a YouTube's. Yeah Joseph Lynn ski games a week every Friday four to come on. For a while I waited to actually play. He had been leaked that there was a lot of talking yet but then you didn't do this with your son I did tell me about that Sammy and on the yet. Making this thing becoming this YouTube sensation they get a kick out of it. It's our TV show basically. You can have your own TV show. Anyone cam that's the great thing about YouTube yet but anyone can be watched by their parents and may be one best friend some people only have yeah of viewership of one yes but you have like over four minutes. We have four million subscribers yes. And it's it's been a crazy ride that started because of my son Sammy my thirteen year old boy. He's that you need a gaming channel and I resisted for a Long Island finally has. You know give is to try. And I said just tell me what to do and he he directed that first episode. And edited it himself it's thirty seconds long ago and posted. Uploaded it and I didn't know what was happening and suddenly. It had ten million views this little video. I was and what that was happening. And yet we've been having a lot on the whole year. Has been eligible in ski. Roller coaster ride. And eat sometimes you know you're busy here that you're making humans. Level and still do that it was yes one on the last day of shooting yeah in this. Sweaty hot desert. A year knowing all the other actors yet it has put right Cynthia. If the last I don't know. Maybe I was in knowing that they didn't act like a good actors though. It was really a way to give tribute to the entire cast anchors. And everyone wears all part especially the crew. Organ in the shad as ordinary lives off. Because they get you know we worked long hours 1213 fourteen hours and that there there two hours before us not breaking down. And it's a grueling did. I really admire all those dapper is letting people all the people than there were on the scene this you guys work in the cameras work don't they got forgot about you all. It's a tribute he saluting you let his Clinton tears and returning via movie knows that there's hundreds of people especially in something like this in and it was cool to be able to give them a spotlight on jubilant ski games. Point oh my god I look at this we don't have because we have you in the terrorist interview room. And even close again. Who other Arab pop corn nobody is nobody can that would mail. Why are. This is the outside world talking few aisles. You want to hear this artist I'm about from writing big let's err I would not got Ryan peak. Here's what he's got. I can not wait to see your teen girl performance again who inspired how you played that role well it could well with. There's no there's no one singular person that he is. I mean again that's just. For my arms so but I guess that's. Yeah. The thing about. Bethany is. She has the power she knows that issues. Really charismatic and that she Israeli. She pops in she's aware of that and she and as a power that comes with that with being the most popular girl at school. At just. There's not like one particular person that I think when a plane that grow just I don't know why not a two. I don't know why it's there it's just. OK one last question from Jacob F. Will we ever see another Tenacious D movie. Well you know lot of people don't know that they're actually is a second Tenacious D movie and animated masterpiece. Known as post apocalyptic. And you can only sit on Tenacious D dot com. I did all of the drawings myself. And it's more of a slide show really been an animation. I'm very proud of it. And when we performed live now we've played rock opera in its entirety. And Natalie back stronger is in the town it's yes we which is marvel. Oh. Incredible. Its enduring classics. That we created really we think. This is going to be remembered long after we're gone. Hundreds of years from now people look back and they will remember but we're gonna go to. Maybe we're deluded because that's how I feel a need to realize well speaking of Tenacious D. This was time to end in song now. Because of the time that we're I'm gonna sit right now always saying well I know that yet. She walked door warn you get Colorado one warriors really I've got to do it got time we live in with impeachment hearings admiral Mike. I love our RS Fo I'd love this song as do. Called this government stock. I don't like it all rock that let you do it. Yes here is Jack Black. On the impeachment. The government to Ruth. Government code of its products. And ranking and was a revolution mean. He is about to get may get a lot of smoked on the we need to work the genius but if he was he would today the government will. Right. I'll ask them about the government in. It. Upbeat and that bond ruined man that take all the beautiful animals you and get them. Don't know the government sold Ruth you're. The gun moment well it live. The government. Action. It goes on and on I know but I lucked out but I'm and I'll stop there. You'll. Let you. Can you became another person could you do. I wish I let me just give him one up colonel. Like they don't. Like I would find it and indeed did vote you know. Jack Black. You are great. Yes and one Rea the good people. Year one about what's wrong with the United States that. Oh was and an.

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