Jack Nicklaus and his son Jackie talk details of new memoir

The golf legend's son tells "GMA" about the brand-new memoir, "Best Seat in the House," which shares lessons Jackie learned from his father.
4:23 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Jack Nicklaus and his son Jackie talk details of new memoir
So excited for our next guest Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest golfers. Of all time and Alex on Jack Jackie Nicholas of honoring him as the dad with a new book. Best seat in the house eighteen golden left them from a father to his side. This just in time for Father's Day Jack and Jackie Nicholas good morning to you both. Think he would join us and end Jacko was starving you understated. They you're wading into the book comes out to read it. Why is that. Well oh I read expert excerpts and a long Barbour added that the book. And you know she is this correct Jack is this right can I read a lot of that I wanted to wait for the whole package came out before I sat down and read it. Does that mean I knew app basically what was going to be but felt like here. I think that was a right way to do it makes a lot of sense in did Jackie the title the book it come from this picture. Where you were ten years old you'll watch your dad when the US open. Peeking out from on behind awful spectators through their lives right here maybe that's something it is it's something that you linked to your relationship. With your father. Gittins aren't you know most people see America insurance agents maybe not the greatest seat there are but I always felt like it was a messy and I'll stats are actually be. Arts every first or are Pebble Beach were Daryn that integrate one iron and secured the US open aren't there are 1972 year. And Jackie there there's so many great and story in the book and mirrors one that took place the Father's Day in 1980. They ucits tell us so much about your dad you were eighteen plan and determine we were all and it didn't go so well for you. And that your father called. Those about that. Yeah well you know like giddy teen Ager are not my kids included I can see patsy and my nose and I'd played in some. Today in a very obscure turner down South Florida he. Dad called me miles little annoyed are signing my court scorecard and aren't. This is Jackie how do you deal and I went on about how I hope they shot and topless shot nastiness that part. And after about twenty minutes are you know as legitimate silence and about radio all prefer and in abscess or Jackie wanna know how you're down to today. And I said Mary and there's already a court status as well your dad's is one the US open our once great lesson or two listen to your children. Pippen had a back at work debt I gotta figure to think about this story Vista got wind you're very patient to add it to know it's a lot about your priority. That family's always first unit eight beauty routine beginning to your kids' games. What do you plan on the pro tour so how were you able to manage all of that. Well I I enjoyed it I mean after I after that 1980. That most of the kids through. Through the eighties are planned high school sports are. Some college sports I really would prefer to watch them rather than play myself. And it not my my priorities and by the must always been my family. And you know golf is just a game but you only have. One but one real family and one chance to really try to raise your kids to do the right thing. And Jacqui it's great that your dad with the air but did you ever wish that this incredibly famous recognizable athlete who was your father. What it in the stands for some of your game. You know aren't our early on I got nervous when dad or cannot watch and I. Asked Harris and gardening is not a great idea that you cannot watch me because I'm not playing so well on dad looked right at me says. JJ Easter and I plan on being around a one time I actually think it was a very similar line and dads farmer send billions structure are never a time that are didn't just mark counting on the Dow newsstands and always been there to support us and our patent and watched them support the grandchildren all 22 armament are they just don't she never miss US and our gain so are our kids anomaly more exam. We know Jack you pass only less is on the Jackie used now path of them on to all of us in his new book. And we all include myself right now talking U2 we all have the best seat in the house of thank you both for joining us this morning. As Michael pace much like all right best seat in the house is on sale today. George and I got to go Hackett up on the golf course after the show today.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The golf legend's son tells \"GMA\" about the brand-new memoir, \"Best Seat in the House,\" which shares lessons Jackie learned from his father.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77752781","title":"Jack Nicklaus and his son Jackie talk details of new memoir","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jack-nicklaus-son-jackie-talk-details-memoir-77752781"}