James McAvoy reveals what it's really like working with 'IT'

The star of the highly-anticipated new film "Glass" opens up about what fans can expect.
7:01 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for James McAvoy reveals what it's really like working with 'IT'
Get ready to welcome a great guest. You know him from a young Charles zaifyer in the X men movie. Now in split. Starring in the sequel to "Glass." Yes, yes. Please welcome James Mcavoy. Hi. Thank you. Thank you. Oh. How are you doing? Good morning. Good morning, good morning. I heard something this morning that I didn't know. Before acting, you were a cop confectioner in Scotland? I put the finishing -- the final bit of cream on the gateau. And a fruit here and there. Maybe a wee mandarin. So, yes, it was quite good. I got the eat as much fruit as I liked. The fruit not the cake? Thmplgt is a country of consumers. You applaud the eating. Do you still bake? I do. A nice strawberry and rhubarb tart. That can get a round of applause. Come on. And I make -- I make banana bread regularly. You could vice president eaten that much getting ready for this movie. Put up a picture right here. What are we seeing there. That's the -- the noncgi'd version. That is taken by Jessica. The cgi version is great. But the noncgi version I'm still very proud of. I ate a lot of food. A lot of carbs. Rice. Potato. I hired this viking king dude called -- man urk S. He looks like a viking. There he is. He's just -- he's got the knowledge. Knows what he's doing. The beast workout? Yeah. And it was -- it was beastly. I'm telling you. I watched the film last night. You are brilliant. Brilliant. You're very kind. Thank you. The sequel to "Split." And Kevin Wendell crumb has 23 personalities. He's got 24, actually. We played 23 in the making of the film. We edited it. We showed 20. I don't know why he cut thee out. Maybe I was really bad at king. He cut three out. Yeah. How many can you name? Oh, god. Patricia. Dennis. Kevin. Hrk edwig. Nor ma. Jade. Luke, paulix E. Mary. Mr. Pritchard. The beast. The beast, the beast, the beast. The beast. Truth is, a couple of them didn't have names. While we were making them. It was like, uh, weird guy. Or -- a lady. You had a character in the writing. He didn't have something that personified them in the name. We left that until after. Do you have a favorite? Probably Patricia. Because she is -- she's -- thank you. Cause she's a complicated lady. Living in a map's body, for a start. And she can't traps six. She shares the body with lots of men. It's a time-share. And -- but, I think she's devout. She's sell bat. All about faith. Formerly. Christianity. Latterly, to the beast. At the same time, she's sell bat. She's constantlying looking to somebody to break that sell bas si and touch her. She never lets it happen. She's in there with a lot of. He. And Samuel L. Jackson comeses through the door. She's very like, is this the moment? Is this -- is this my first time? And I love that about Patricia. We have a clip, right? Let's take a look. What's your superpower? Your mind? What's mine? You're 9 forever, right? Yeah. That's incredible. You can see the world the way it really is. Always. The kid who can never grow old. Huh. Samuel L. Jackson, what an honor to work with that guy. He's incredible. Such a joy for what he does. The man's been -- he's not a new guy. He's been about for awhile. I have met actors half his age who are jaded and over it and just doing first the money. He's there every day because he loves it. You're in the sequel to Stephen kipg's "It." Yep. I'm in "It 2." I think we're calling it it part deux. Yeah. There's a clown or something in it. You're good with clowns. He's like the fifth kargt. The guy that plays the clown is terrifying. He's a lovely guy. Yet he's just -- he really freaked me out. I remember standing there. He did it with like -- the rest of the cast. All the adults have done weird, freaky stuff. We're all looking at each other going, I don't like being here. I don't like being an actor today. This is really -- yeah. I did. I never liked clowns as a kid. I thought, oh, you know. What is it about clowns? Mpl I'm with you. I hate them. I don't know. Something like a -- guy wearing makeup. The crying. But they're laughing. Something tragic about them. You know. Maybe the whole run away join the circus. What are you running away from? Bodies in the trunk? I don't know. Something them. You explained it well. We have Samuel L. Jack sop coming tomorrow. Anything we should ask him or tease him about? Uh, you can -- no. He's unteasable. He is up teasable. I have done so many interviews with him now. People ask him, teasey, teasey joke. He'll be like, what? I don't understand the question. And he'll like -- quite often swear, which you guys don't need. I say stay away from it. Good answer. Good Intel. Appreciate it, James. Thank you. He'll be here tomorrow. Thank you for coming in.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"The star of the highly-anticipated new film \"Glass\" opens up about what fans can expect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60360158","title":"James McAvoy reveals what it's really like working with 'IT'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/james-mcavoy-dishes-glass-live-gma-60360158"}