Jamie Lee Curtis is back in latest 'Halloween' movie

Curtis appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to discuss the film.
23:51 | 10/19/18

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Transcript for Jamie Lee Curtis is back in latest 'Halloween' movie
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn we we've cut public. Happening act the movies yet the movie. And fit fit to ramp Halloween time. Jamie Lee Curtis might get it it cited to come back to Halloween. As the former baby theater ward. And June. Well why should I talk about it I should just welcome you thank you very much and by the way popcorn. Is this sort of connective tissue. For people in the movies you know we don't eat popcorn at home. We watch movies it right we watch lives at home often bad or wherever we sit there like this. And we watch and there is some. This being the sort of conduit. Between. Your experience in the movie theaters difference between watching movies going to a theater and sitting with strangers in the dark Newton. And having an experience be it comedy be love story. Stopping or. Screen. And it's just it's such a perfect. Like when you said this is popcorn was like that's the connective tissue that it. Especially Ali yeah you want to be with those people and they do eating pop and getting all of these states. At buttered Rick while it it's like. Government debts and those wonderful people. But you know what B. Who's. In the room watching more and you're with people and everyone's anxious and sort of being. Carried by the stories fairy excite you can ski alignment terrible. You. Peter. Come on time and its Arab or month it's like I. That was the scariest. Of all thing you grew up without an outlet but you know what the truth I sun cycle and adult. You know you know we didn't have the HS's. We didn't have Netflix and streaming when I grow up movie came out I was and it's so people would talk to be about it. Really what scares me about Psycho. Was the amount of people who talked to we say to me while your mom was in sight the shower all of it I really don't think. The movie itself scared me it was people's perception. The movies here well maybe that's what you're talking about when people are out there that are active when there's screen. Will hear it there's something that happens and clearly. I wouldn't have a career. Were it not for the fact that people like to go in the dark and scream in the group of people. Ohio every one knew my entire creative life because it gave me a place in the industry that would. I mean you've done. Your fair share of those scared him I have but backed is that the auction he nobody gave me my start. You know IA I would not. And he's ego of the start. We're not our films in the truth of the matter is I can connect. Link the dot between Halloween. And every other movie I have made a big impact. John. John Landis. Hired me for treating places nobody knows. Only beak and eyes. Prior to training places who he did a horror film trailer. Documentary short. Call Cummings. About fifteen. Or movie trailers. And he needed narrator. For the documentary. That he. Riot act many. A woman it never. Young girl. Who was at harm. So I'm I'm doing the hi I'm Jamie Lee Curtis. On the back lot of universal and in the process. John got to me. And so when he was cast. It. Horror films linked to meat. And when he gave need to act which changed lighten. It was more and then John please song. Trading places and wrote Wanda and June. Fell one and wrote to line. Literally every big. Step can expect is all back to that or films we use at home I know you weren't home watching Psycho but what you watch it scared him nothing. Nothing nothing didn't want any part happening. You don't even have a movie that your baby is scaring them well I have a movie that's my favorite simply because it was thrust upon me. It was the exorcist. It was thrust upon me for too funny reasons one. Ray stark was very different mothers restart is the producer and high. Was me. Everything about me at 1213. So I was precocious. Cute. Kind of obnoxious loud funny flirty all the attributes. And I was that thirteen. He could have could have been great he called there. And asked her. It. Right. She set. Up. And so then I did in the movie came out and fifteen per screen appearance my parents had screening capability. And from a different onscreen and we screen. Actresses. And it scared me so badly. That's the rest of my high school years my friends would run after me down the hall. And run after means they. Me. His only and it. Very and it freaked me out and so bad that I named my first car like personalized license plate. Deem me hit me but you see it's ironic. That here I sit almost kissing sixty. Talking about Halloween. A forty year later. Sequel. To look him in 1978. A girl who hates horror movies but hacker personalized license plate beam me team. I was scarred by Matt and I I don't know why I allowed. Myself to see it. You. I don't know who visited very up all Peter a hot I don't know heed her look like me cap look at me now I mean on line. Now I got you know a lab in scared me. There's a point where jobs are. Becomes like a big scary thing at the end of the is scared and that scared me. All the day's news it is aired their roads wiping out of character. In every -- Europe for Auburn in the film every line. And I will give. A lot of money chaired if you can tell me my way. Lie. On because I'm and it changes Heidi don't worry. After I sent out myself appear on national television. I'm gonna give you a lot of money charity while committing. Might make bad in it anyway but. If you can tell me what line traveling. Non problem it is when apple. I wanna go. Like enough so then I'm reading via road. That bad scene at sea. At. I'm ready and mark I've been traveling through Europe with a lot. Good morning and didn't pen mark. It's rode up and line. Well clicked loudly and if your job throughout that. What would you keep you. Can. Give you. All there. Murdering eleven girl so I guess that got in here conscious troops come along the line I'm telling you. For a girl who doesn't like or men he wrote a pen mart is my girl well. Wrote it felt great head yes our I write really it now Heidi by the way different ideas if there. Is now calling. All of the future is we're spending going we can't change her at it. But not in the glare from well actually. I have to figure out its Mary crane for apple O one. Just about one way and then after that they have a computer you can't use Laurie strode right now and not all Harry crane have now Rhoda and mark done. Right now people are changing addresses on. I get every room I checked into it said. Wrote a pet products to kept it pictures than my husband every time. And he just stayed with me hotel yeah. And he ordered a coffee when he picked up the phone instead. Highs this service and that will benefit yes mr. Patten. Added it'll put an idea feeling sorry your husband beat Christopher Guest at least your Mac to this like fun guy that we all of you that there. He's wonderfully talented guy I could watch this giant and watch best and outwardly few days waiting for final tent. Didn't mind magazine Rolling Stone bring you two together well it Peter Travers who you and there was article about Spinal Tap and in 1984. In Rolling Stone magazine with Cyndi Lauper on the cover. She's whipping her skirt one way in Arlington going the other front and I saw his picture with Michael McKean in here sure but just a picture of them. As guys. And said to Debra hill. My friend woman who wrote Halloween. And produced it and became one of my best friends she was sitting captured me and I said to her out loud. Oh. Marry that guy and was a picture of Chris and Michael and Harry and then you turned the page. And than it was then character. And it was shot by Aaron Rappaport. Our member look at page. And call this agent left my number he never called me and I ran into randomly at a restaurant and we Mary four months later. Wow something must've been happening in those mono Y. I just. There's a great quote that I live by by a woman admiration tussle wrote a book called special topics. In calamity physics at the novel great mystery novel and in it she talks about life and how we all think it's been proceed. And she says none of it really does she says quote. Life hinges on a couple seconds you never see coming. And what happens what you do in those seconds determines everything from an on you won't know what you're doing toll. And that tight lipped. My life has hinged on seconds upcoming nothing do nothing rape I planned. Has ever occurred. And I'm you know my career my marriage my children. Everything my books. Everything. Every creative venture I have has never been an idea in my head until the second it happens. Hope that it's working. But that's for me I think that's where that quote rest. It does what I'm just thinking too because there were hit home because she decree. Here although you know people that and yours you're telling her about the picture you see in the that's what I'm saying everything connects it all comes back and does. I'd like to run a show together boy I really like like we could just we do read just like come we should the world tour. I'm doing and that we can have the audience come in with names that she should use that we were exactly the verdict and lightly traveled the world thought it would be. Art show. We can't change Brooke I'm ready I'm ready ready go behind any Dieter it is I realized that I'd been handing it to two but I'm talking to get a beer he mentioned now let's mention it reflects the well no because his until we don't know when. How can I don't know so it's it's all it but it's terrific movie. And graphic India what's and you look great thank you very you'd think you've got hair I don't know what and we Erickson didn't grow that that. But it is kind of you know has ten times not for male press corps going on well it's interesting. It was you know the movie was written before the times management times at movement really started to pretend last year. Amazing. A year a group members. And look. And said the movie was written before. And so the idea generational trauma. And a woman. Really taking back the power. From a trauma from her perpetrators there. Was written by David Gordon Green and weirdly enough Danny McBride out and Jeff Bradley. You know six months before but clearly. It is since the times that lead to movement has begun the voices. Of trauma women expressing. What happened to them. What it did to their lives. Howell rule and they felt and the powers that comes. From confronting it we just as a nation. Watched a woman. Raise her hand and testify under. If she was regressed when she was seventeen years old and she has carried that trauma bowl the way through life. And whether or not. Her testimony. Resulted. In the result that maybe some people wanted. Me included in. That active testify. Has now brought another wave of women forward saying. I kept quiet all my life I have been silent on my life and that's the power. That has been imbued. Into all. So sure this is day so sure Newton this isn't exploitation. The real seeking. Eat your popcorn cover your ride is jumped like jump scares. And yet at the war. There's story survival. And what that violence dusts them. And that too. It's something to be proud in 2018. It really is and generation only sell because in the movie Lawrence got a daughter and she's not really get along and then we're yeah who was removed from her custody. And a Granville mass. Sued UC three generations of win and that's the poetry and David Gordon Green. By sending the movies generational. Triumvirate. Of Laurie Alison. And Karen strode. This is a fiction. But this. Talking about it operationally. Anybody who's a soldier whose comeback from traumatic war what we know about World War I we know about World War II that while. That that our military personnel. Suffer PT as the economy as but it becomes an soundly trauma and then even generational Lee in utero. It can get transferred. To the next generation. We note that now we have longitudinal. Studies about what Osama does hasn't gotten as a neural pathways. Yet of your mind. And so again. Linking what were talking about about it slasher movie. Is exciting because. It means that artists are taking. Real. Experiences. And putting that into a safe place in the dark theater. Where people can hear react and have the same reaction but it's a conversation. That crucial. I think what's also very powerful is that Michael Myers it's Ito is being you know is this masked. Representation. Of something. Right that you're and meet present. And project. What we think. Is behind that has you know a dead pan. Is a non tell you don't poker talk about to tell people. Who have that great dead and faces you for Jack what they're thinking. Because they are not giving you anything and a white ask is almost movies. You know old white. Mask human. But with no expression. And he makes you sound. You event project every year you've ever had into that and that's John Carpenter and Debra hill's Jenkins. This movie. You know they've been nine sequels someone you have what dissipated. They're done. What they're gone because. In order to tell the story of trauma of what really happened to Laurie strode in 1978. We had to connect. From 78 at 2018. If we had to take all the detours of all the story lines it would be possible and she's big win a war he's basically all I can take it. Laurie is life has been rolling beaten by the events of forty years ago. As we've said her child's and taking her she lives in isolation she has no friends she has no she doesn't pocked and body. And she has spent her life. Preparing for one. Michael Myers and the reality it. We live in the sad reality and the reality is that children today in first grade are taught. Active shooter. Planning the way we were taught duck and cover and members for you employer opt for a note eight funk right. But you see in 19781982. When Lori had a child. In first grade. Although parents were wondering. You know if they were gonna do finger painting and Laurie strode with sit in the back hi excuse me what your exit strategy. What what's your plan. Because she was apparently so Lori has been for separating about one thing only and that's Michael Myers and so the movie. It is. It is a meeting that she's been for four years. Those of the two serious issues. Carrying something that through generations. And that where you destroy your own life yet and there's been you know even though she wants to do it. And it's we all feel we all feel that frustration she did well because we all care is something. Trauma. Is not just. In horror movie in an active random violence. People have to online sorts of areas. And we have choices. You can in a cannot kill you. You can run your whole life. From them. For. You. Have an affect your life. Your entire life. Until you face and that's what every one of those gymnasts did that's what everyone of those women. Who testified against Cosby that's what everyone of these women accused heart you. Which is. They are no longer it didn't kill them. They are not running from it has acted there every move up their life. Until they stood up. And said. Are. And taking back the power. Because that I can have a life a hell of a lot of things first Letterman did ya and David Gordon Green. And how he and Andy and created that's funny movie humor. A lot of movie that has Obama Irish. Two. The 78 movie and other Halloween movies. But really tells this inherently. Deep story. Of this collision. Between good and evil. As. You know so Mitt. It's and the myth is now reality people walking around dealing with a strong right to have that is all happening. In October in 28 G. Time for an October 19 release of Halloween is. Yet there's something phenomenal I don't know what that at about what's happened when you look at this thing I have to get your. When. The people come for you I don't know it's just your life you know it that to people come from. Aryeh. There's there's that at all that'll be the is but whenever tagline of the Peter interview with people about her car. They do they. When you look at ultimately hurt when we're doing one we don't. We don't care because they do whatever they want comfort they won't come for us know when we'll be like we don't know we are the shuttle's fifth. Now let go away. We're gonna talk about it we won we don't care about any of the crew outside of what we're talking back to wait and see I would rather. Do an entire show where I just flip. I'm Missy Elliott it girls let rip earth that. Pocket and hire. They on yeah. And spend my entire day going what was first movie you remember seeing. Well if I'm ready let's what was the first and I remember me remember him vertical has that impacted with like I'll read. What is this okay what is it like Salt Lake they easily keep things when I'm student but I saw this one on television. And I win annually but that can't and that's it. And yes. What is it and I look for people who talk to me that they said. Talk now that it's a super and I I'm looking for people can't connect and I figured it. Your first. Movie was an Alfred Hitchcock. And make a movie called Psycho which starred. My mother. Who dies in the shower. Now her daughter. Sitting here wearing red power suit. Talking to view. At a peck yeah. Freaked out now complete and good I don't anything out time out. Rag. It was great but this shows that you have been on Asia. It did song I have no idea what the song that. It's nice to see you need a light it was only I don't care it's just I don't know. We're gonna do a show together again signaled. OK I need a little bit of a letter slot. It's a song you're not gonna go because it's what I've been doing for the last month and nineteen world in Memphis. It goes. Do do do do do do do do do do tend to do to do to do intend to due to due to do dude dude dude. Do so now do the hustle the hostile off. Look at that brought me at Baylor knocked us all. Rise I had I just had. I'm speech that at Bagram. And I art Kelly and Arnold. Like every once it is going to be so go ahead app.

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