Janet Jackson shares how she learned to love herself

InStyle magazine's editor-in-chief Laura Brown discusses the magazine's wide-ranging new interview with the pop music icon live on "GMA."
4:47 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Janet Jackson shares how she learned to love herself
exclusivest L at "In style's" new covergirl. Janet Jackson. She dropped two weeks a and is certalife. Take look.e'one of that recording sts in history heating up the airwaves with the summer anthemow ??? ??? made for now ??? Reporter: Ahis morning, after nearly F Dec in the spotght,etkson is revealing that beautysn'tt skin deep. Th superstar still finds hard to look paster own rities. Tellin "Inst magazine a lot it has do with experience, getting older, un realing that there isn't just one thing considered beautiful.beautifulomes in all sh sis and colors S my , y'all? Reporter: The52-yr-old who receivedhe icon award at this year's billboard music awards it wa tough a young artist inn itr focuses so much imag I remem grow up, she recalled, D you hado be a certain size. You had be thin to be an entertai that'sust theusiness I'm in.I think is changed, thank god. People aore accepng of others. It's for ??? Reporter: She said she didn't sexy until she was well into her 30s around the time she released her alb "All for you."I went torapy which was all abfinding th thing you labout yourself. The realization thaou what, you'read after all. And the singer says she feels most beautiful when she's he1-year-old son who sheave birth to at age 50 feel most beautiful when I'm with my son. Because of T gift that gas given me and that H me to do age. And we are here now Laura brown, the editor in chief of "Instyle" magazine. I lelapping here. Can I have it atwork? The award G to - T you. I ow. Right here. This is it. Thehingn "A" in front of audice, you have known miss Jackson -- For quite a while and met Jane right after Michael passed. Did a story with anher magaze and it was as Yo can imagine quite intimidating. She lost her brother. You hav into a interview. She Iser and completely soft-spoken N. Very sensitive so we just for S reason just got on and W fridly for a number of year, L touch and then got back in touchrecently. Those O us who K her we're not surprised that she feel T relucnc feeling -- Can you imane grow up with the spotlight on you S you were lit childll the W through now and she 52 years old. What can we learnrom her. She's learning in wandout her on the cover of T beauty issue she's not a baby. Shlived her life and frank about any struggles S O insecurities she's had and as you saidn the pie she didn't start feeling sexyntilhe was in her 30s and look in the to learn to focus on somethingheloved. One day she was like, I like the small of M back so would from the small of her back and the cat thing she used to think her smile which I think net and rob he the in therld. She thought her smile me her look like T joker. Her smile lights up the planet. What it T af us because people are mous, they don't have everything. Don't- they hav insecurities like all of us D and sometimes it'sed cause of T spotlight so dot envy these folks. It's Rd. Is. It is. What ilso love about issue,ouhighlight Julia uis-dreyfu oh, my gosh. Come back. She was -- yeah, she was diagnosed with breast cancer la finishe her treatment as you en. S just returned to filming "Veep" but we partner -- S cancer survivors. Thi -- flowers. That's what want. There's your gift. Thank U. See, this goes on sale. L October to benefit our key T cure please buy one andlouis-dreyfu than god she's back on TV. She'back on screen.ilarious and brillia and vital wean wanto crate womenike H every single W cld say same about you, Laura brown. Oh, thank you. I mean th ] And the issue hit newsstands september4th

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"InStyle magazine's editor-in-chief Laura Brown discusses the magazine's wide-ranging new interview with the pop music icon live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57613824","title":"Janet Jackson shares how she learned to love herself","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/janet-jackson-shares-learned-love-57613824"}