Jennings reacts as Holzhauer nears his 'Jeopardy!' title

Ken Jennings speaks out exclusively on "GMA" as James Holzhauer moves well past the $2 million mark in total earnings.
5:48 | 05/28/19

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Transcript for Jennings reacts as Holzhauer nears his 'Jeopardy!' title
We're back with that ABC news exclusive. Overnight James Holzhauer kept his winning streak alive moving well past the $2 million mark and now the big question, will he beat legendary Ken Jennings' record. Jennings will join us in a moment for his take but first we have ABC's Paula Faris here with all the latest. I know you're a huge fan of "Jeopardy" and paying close attention as everyone has been but it hasn't always been close for "Jeopardy" James. One game he won by only $18. His secret reading children's books and practicing the buzzer at home. If you're going to beat him and replace him as "Jeopardy" champion you better bring your "A" game. Reporter: He is the "Jeopardy" whiz on a roll raking in more than $2.1 million and now he's within $300,000 of Ken Jennings' record 74-day streak. $2,195,557. Reporter: James Holzhauer or "Jeopardy" James as they call him is rewriting the rules on this iconic game show. Two dimes please. That's 2,000. All thanks to his unique approach which includes reading lots of children's books. Kids' books. Is that accurate? 100% accurate. I think this is an underrated strategy. Reporter: From picking answers from the bottom up. Ensuring a bank roll for his daily doubles to his mastery of the buzzer. James. What is "Suwanee river." ? What is bridal? I think I'm lucky in a way that the buzzer technique I practiced turned out to be so successful. Reporter: Opponents forced to step up their game against this power player. I'll make it a true daily double. I knew I would have to go for the big clues. Reporter: Despite him taking the lead it was sweetening the pot. Made you work for it. I think if I made it a true daily double the second time I would have won. Reporter: Now all eyes on James' 28-day win streak and estimates put him on track to take down Ken Jennings' 2004 record by June 3rd. It is an honor to be compared to Ken at all but it's interesting because we have such different approaches. All the cheddar please. He told ESPN in an interview that he is a connoisseur of low culture and he would love categories such as wwwe catchphrases and name that guitar hero solo. That is next Monday. It's going to happen soon. Appointment television for my family. In fact, let's bring in Ken Jennings from Seattle. This is his first live interview, talking about "Jeopardy" James so thanks for being with us. We appreciate it. It's a pleasure. He is nipping on the heels of your record so tell me how are you feeling about that? I'm really excited, you know, for 15 years I have thought somebody was going to make a run at this record. Because I always knew it could be done. I was there I I saw it happen. I know it's been possible. What I did not expect is that somebody could make a run at the cash record in like a third of the time. It's really just astounding what he's doing. He really puts it all on the table. He pushes all hit chips in as he said. You tweeted about James hitting the $2 million mark saying it's like a global warming-graph "Jeopardy" performance. How are they different? How is yours different from James? You know, I tended to lay a more relaxed game like I was sitting at my couch at home yelling answers at Alex like we all do. It was a conservative way and led to the long streak. This is a guy who wants to maccize winnings every time he has the chance. He is a gambler and very comfortable with that and, you know, he's playing his game I know. He's comfortable. I'm so nervous watching him do it like you're betting it all. Now I know you say you're excited about the possibility. But is there just a little part of you that is hoping James might fall short of either one of your records? You know what bothers me is when I hear "Jeopardy" James. I'm like, no, no, no. I'm that guy. You can't put "Jeopardy" in front of his name. I used to be the "Jeopardy" guy. Now, I know that you have come back for the tournament of champions. How would you feel with at one point you facing off with James? You know, the thing is it's been 15 years for me, you know, we'll never know how babe Ruth and hank Aaron would have played at the same time because they were decades apart. You know, can I have my 2004 brain back if I play this guy? I think I could -- I think I could hold my own against him even today but I would need some breaks. It would be all about who found the daily doubles and usually on "Jeopardy" I don't need a lot of breaks. Oh, wow, I love that. Speaking of game shows, I understand you'll be on a new one next month. Tell us about it. Yeah, starting June 10th I'm on game show network's best ever trivia show of that's not a shot across "Jeopardy's" bough but this is a fun lightweight trivia show, the kind of thing we used to watch home from school as kids. Hosted by Sherri shepherd. We're cheering along the contestants. It's my favorite kind of game show from my childhood and I'm excited to be a trivia expert. I'm so excited too. That's going to be another one we have to watch around the dinner table. We'll check in with you. I'd like to see babe Ruth versus hank Aaron.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Ken Jennings speaks out exclusively on \"GMA\" as James Holzhauer moves well past the $2 million mark in total earnings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63315984","title":"Jennings reacts as Holzhauer nears his 'Jeopardy!' title","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jennings-reacts-holzhauer-nears-jeopardy-title-63315984"}