'Jeopardy!' champ within striking distance of record

Contestant James Holzhauer could overthrow current record holder Ken Jennings, who won $3.3 million.
3:02 | 06/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Jeopardy!' champ within striking distance of record
Right now Amy is back with jeopardy because on this side apartment that. Right and this is what everyone's talking about it makes my family is on the edge of their seats on this one James hole sour he is just 60000. Dollars shy of the record and he was speaking about it over the weekend. James and eureka Rica this morning all eyes on Jeffrey James Holland. James holes hour just one game away from investing Ken Jennings record for highest winnings in a regular season. Jennings raked in 2.5 million dollars over the course of 74 games close our nearing that number in just 32. The trailing Jennings by 60000 dollars. Less than is average daily win of 77000. The Internet on fire using the hash tag chasing ten. With tweets like streaks were meant to be broken and hash tag chasing Ken is my Super Bowl even James whose daughter is on the edge overseas. The jam treating Sunday. My kid cried about the possibility of her dad losing. So I told her we can have a party the day after it inevitably happens. Now she cries when I win tears inside the professional sports Fedor has been on a veritable terror since his first appearance two months ago. Grabbing every slot in the top ten records for most money won in a single game getting 97%. Of the questions he answers right only missing one final jeopardy. And four of his beloved daily doubles even setting records on another quiz show. Dominating the competition in 2014. Spent chase before heading jeopardy Alex Rodriguez correct this week in whole sour explaining how his career. Has helped his record run based. Or better mentality was very oh. Built from the ground up strategy how old optimal slayer reclaim this in about your stat is game he's not money. One man tuning in every step of the way. Fellow jeopardy champ but Z Cohen who took come over 400000 dollars in winning. It's any time. Anyone's doing anything exciting on the show whether it's. Colorful contested in horror someone breaking records I'm here for it as for Jeffrey James challengers Fuzzy has some simple advice. He's a person just like everyone else someone's gonna beat him eventually and it might as well be used so we know that and pass a lot. And if you want to get technical the real all time money champ in jeopardy history is Brad writer. With more than four point six million dollars because it includes special tournaments in addition to its original run. Ken Jennings is at 3.3 million including all of those tournaments as well so even if James wins tonight. He still has some money mountains to climb before he gets to the jeopardy some organs are OK yeah. Million and not even that he's he's so much fun to watch the like we're pretty nice while it we mean maybe it's bad parenting but were all around. All the dinner table watching jeopardy with. So fun we learned something by examining. Room with the land on with the halfback pass education yes right.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Contestant James Holzhauer could overthrow current record holder Ken Jennings, who won $3.3 million.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63447442","title":"'Jeopardy!' champ within striking distance of record","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jeopardy-champ-striking-distance-record-63447442"}