Jim Carrey talks about his new book, 'Memoirs and Misinformation'

The superstar comedian’s new semi-autobiographical novel was co-written with Dana Vachon, and critics say it has "gems of comic fantasy and the nuggets of memoir gold."
5:48 | 07/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jim Carrey talks about his new book, 'Memoirs and Misinformation'
It's Jim Carrey, superstar comedian out with a new novel called "Memoirs and misinformation." I pretty much read straight through it, insightful and funny and beyond surreal. Thank you. With a character named Jim Carrey. Who is that guy? It is all allegory, you know what I mean? The Jim Carrey in the book is not only representative of me, it represents the false beliefs people have about fame, it represents the relationship between celebrity and tyranny which is really not that far away from each other. And it also -- the book really delves into our fear of erasure, our obsession with relevance and the peace that lies beyond personality. Beyond invention, beyond the scaffolding we build around our fears and desires. Along the way you name check just about everybody in modern Hollywood from Tom Hanks, Gwyneth paltrow, Kelsey Grammer, nic cage. Do they have any idea what's coming? It's a comet. It's a comet. It's a sign. You know, I've sent books to everybody. I've sent letters to pretty much everybody and I hope they take it in the spirit it was written which is really fun and levity and to a higher purpose, so it's a book about persona so I had to use some personas not unlike -- I don't want to compare myself but Dante's divine comedy had a lot of the celebrities of the day in it in heaven and the inferno and also the sistine chapel is populated with his contemporaries, with Michael Angelo's contemporaries. They've been renting space in my head for the last few decade scompls seems like Kanye west is running space in all of our heads. He appears in the novel. Also, I guess, running for president. What do you think? You know, I talk about him in the novel. He's a superhuman artist and, you know, he's also an alien emissary to the human race, so I think the presidency would be a huge step down for him. I know this has been a passion project of yours for an awful long time and worked with another writer. Tell us how it worked with the two of you? How we worked, well, gosh, we started out as friends. He came to meet me in my art studio in New York when I was kind of going through the Truman door as I've done several times in my life to develop another branch of the talent and bring it back to the tree. So he came to meet me there, and we became friends right away. We started this long conversation of really creative ideas and we talked about memoirs and we talked about how most of them really aren't all that honest. They're at least -- if you read Bill Clinton's autiography you probably won't know much more about him after you finished than you did when you began unless there's a glossary of creepy stuff he left out. But so the memoir is a little bit flawed anyway, the whole form and both of us are not people that want to sit around wasting our time just cataloging the events of my life, you know. We had to infuse it with invention and something really different and special. So you have a place where none of it is real but all of it is true. That's right. Yes. Yeah. Apockrapa. The idea that something there is beyond the invention of ourselves we make and how the whole world is kind of geared now, it seems like anyway since social media begs you to push their subscriber button. Everybody is looking for their special place, their sense of relevance in the world but not just normal relevance. A relevance that lasts beyond the grave, perhaps to the end of the entire program. Well, we have to go but you have a big virtual Wednesday coming up Thursday. Yes, I do. Judy blume. We're going to hang out with Judy blume for awhile and I hope people will log in and have fun and get a book while they do it and she's just a lovely, lovely person and made a tremendous contribution to the world and I can't wait for it. It's really wonderful. I made her one special autograph for her independent book store and that's what we're trying to do here. We're supporting independent book stores which are really the pulmonary system of the literary world, you know, and so I am looking forward to that I made her a special one. It's a mango autograph, the only one person that will get it on the planet so it's coming from her. Thanks for joining us. I think I -- "Memoirs and misinformation" is out now.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The superstar comedian’s new semi-autobiographical novel was co-written with Dana Vachon, and critics say it has \"gems of comic fantasy and the nuggets of memoir gold.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71644096","title":"Jim Carrey talks about his new book, 'Memoirs and Misinformation'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jim-carrey-talks-book-memoirs-misinformation-71644096"}