How John Cena’s new movie led him to pledge $1.5M

John Cena is no stranger to philanthropy.
6:07 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for How John Cena’s new movie led him to pledge $1.5M
I'm involvement was from twelve years ago. I was very happy make a recent donations or first as far as California with the very. Tosses her kids room and includes veterans day when he goes wonderful legacy we because us. Community health in this moment wonderful contribution. To charity. Great passion for good news its goal is to reduce heat and suicide rate to zero so. Twenty density commitments lists Iceland then Wednesday and to make an extra impact. By donating two million dollars million from the general public so much redundancy dollar dollar and books. I think you can actually all three chance drops with the first responders found him. Hope. First responders on him and he asks. And answers to your job to do come will. We see people. Agree Carter hope. And we're trying to have veterans fund groups through fitness and house. And the hope is to take that who suddenly easier access them real appreciate especially me. Maybe wishes situation right CE. Hope I can see the smiles and happiness in the face is accused in the family's. And provide them escape. And make it was always says never never underestimate RO them differently well I was particularly on May wish so when people say why me it was. So near and use your heart I think I think because it does it is disease. Two and their sentences. Under difficult circumstances. And allow them Como was. A whimsical whose. And grant grant wouldn't just just that in itself think of even if you if you don't face certain eskimo with the wish Scranton. Power of excitement in his hope you feel this is in better. The data comes from true and beyond who owns expectations mean who really does go beyond age it's experience task. I think part of experiences I've experienced actors and results always. Insists it's happiness. It's hope it's. In no way shape or form uses reflective at all the circumstances thinks it's all about the experience. So it literally provides happiness and hope and it's an amazing thing to you are welcome to see it happen again and again and again is something. It has become a passion just look at our including the most astounding piece of my involvement many questions that I am actually. Don't wish it that's really difficult. Two conceptual talks. Make me feel tremendously Google network effects people. Solicit. One thing to choose good morning and Elton what you wouldn't and Hewlett. That is that's a weird thing to have to put upstairs and when it's also sold them extremely grateful for. Because very dedicated network and it certainly didn't. Greece's purpose and people are affected in the Washington and joining. So that certainly driving force in for somebody becomes. NC eight. This child this family and one wish is that it really liked you. Home in Encino and then when you meet them and it's true. Oh you talk about things happen in your life and you get to know about them and they can share stories and you give them all is wonderful stuff and they want to perform. Its it's magical. Indeed fit observations and remarks to veterans day as very strong recognition. Almost close votes the first responders. You're talking about wonderful. Plant fire zone everybody goes into it. I've been doing interviews like this for a long and what everyone asked him first responders. And the movie based on first responders who they're heroes. Simply because it description these put yourself in harm's ways others. I find that heroic because I don't W do that. That openly us admiration for the military officers. These are people who truly admire and mimic my life ethos. Of he operators human beings our country our salute to respect. All that is commuter image that never giving up or if you keep. Tell me things that I have more from them the military ethos and development. Pilgrims these bees. Seoul used to be able to with the leader. And now because my schedule was slowing. Didn't. Admiration slowed. I was introduced through ups and their goal is to. A who's who house served. Because that his workers. And then Germany be an uniform. You really suffer from my purpose. To the point where almost one every hour commences each day and that's anger. It's much. And he's just there and he'd be reminded me. Haven't won since humans can be used in society. And because PT and all the physical. To millions of what he can actually. Personal training and physical fitness is weak unions only and do justice will be there is something cents. As loop frequencies can connect with an accident holder. Saluted basically cherry and tax problems treats the symptoms. True let these people don't you'd certainly. All in. They can they can do something doesn't require ones who feel great sense of perks.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"John Cena is no stranger to philanthropy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66864307","title":"How John Cena’s new movie led him to pledge $1.5M","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/john-cenas-movie-led-pledge-15m-66864307"}