John Travolta opens up about 'Gotti'

The star of the new film dishes on what fans can expect live on "GMA."
7:58 | 06/14/18

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Transcript for John Travolta opens up about 'Gotti'
Because we are excited for our next guest, the big screen. He is starring in a new movie, "Gotti." You know him from his fancy footwork in "Grease!" And quick strut in "Saturday night live." He just celebrated John travolta day in Brooklyn. Please welcome the one, the only John travolta. ??? Staying alive, staying alive ??? You got it. Mwah. Good to see you, man. Ah. Thank you. Oh, man, welcome. Welcome, welcome. It's good to be here how is everybody? Good? Well, first off we have to say congratulations. It was declared John travolta day in Brooklyn. Yeah. On Tuesday. Congratulations. At Lenny's pizza which you made famous from the movie in 1977. How does it feel to be forever to be forever be a Brooklyn icon? Icon. I tell you what, it's kind of my blueprint for my career, my foundation was kind of the borrow of Brooklyn. If you think about "Welcome back, Kotter" "Saturday night fever," "Get shorty" those characters were based in Brooklyn and to top it off with "Gotti" is kind of the ultimate love letter to New York and to Brooklyn so there you have it. And after that iconic movie "Grease!" The 40th anniversary of "Grease!" 40 years. You know what, John, what is it about it resonating with generation after generation? You know, it's like any great piece of art or work, it's interpretistic so it would be a question that individuals would answer better than I could. I just know that I love it and have always loved it. I did it on Broadway. I did it on the road. I did my daydream was to do it in the movies so you guys would be better at answering that question than me. What do you think it is? I think -- I mean, just the movie, it makes you feel good. And the songs just stick with you. Everything sticks with you. It's all about just good feelings and the music. It's everything. It's like a perfect combination. People are wanting another one. They think you all should have kids, you and sandy have kids. What wow think about that. Maybe we should anklely what she thinks about that. But also who is a better dancer, Danny or Tony manaro? That's not fair. You have to answer that. They both rocked it pretty good. You know what, I'm going to give them a tie. I have to. Okay. That was good. That was good. That's a good answer. And now you're playing John gotti in this new movie and had a chance to spend a lot of time with the family. They were advisers on this movie. So for you to play a real-life character like John gotti with the family there, is that a lot of pressure? A good pressure and I'll tell you why, because as you all know I'm a familiar face to the world. It's more important for me to disappear into a character than it would be for another actor. So I felt like I needed all the support I could have and that family was willing to be 24/7 with any question, any home footage, their books, their advisories and I used it all because like I did with Shapiro, you can't be distracted by my familiarity. You have to be lured in by becoming that person. So that's really what I tried to do and they thought I had arrived so I was very proud that have. You do it time and time again. Especially in this role. Thank you. Again. Part of it -- I didn't realize until after dapper don. That was his nickname and you wore some of his actual clothing, did that help you? That was the haunting part because in the opening and closing of the movie I actually wear his overcoat, this checkered tweed type of thing with a velour collar and his cologne was on the coat and I could -- the scent was apparent and it actually it helped, you know, in an interesting way because he was quite a character, you know, duality of a man so -- That's it. Do you want to see a clip? Here we are talking. Do you want to see a clip? Where are our manners? Here he is. He is gotti. We the jurors in the above case find the defendant John gotti not guilty. I won this trial fair and square. With my third victory over the government the media nicknamed me the teflon don. Are you the head of the Gambino crime family. I'm the head of my family. Do you know what your family does for a living? He provides. Ooh. Kelly, whoo. Kelly. We were just saying, you look just like him and that was your real-life wife Kelly Preston here the other day so for you how was it to work with her and be with her on set. We were very -- we're very careful about acting together because there's a sensitivity in Hollywood about that for many reasons, so I had decided years ago that we would wait for the right project because you remember, you know, I don't know if anyone is old enough to remember Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in "Virginia woolf." They would have been cast in that anyway regardless so you pick the movie that you would be cast in whether you were a couple or not. You enjoy working with her, though. Of course, but you can only enjoy -- you enjoy it more if you have an integrity about your choice of what you did together. Good point. Because she was on earlier this week and this is what she had to say about working with you. Oh, did she? Sorry about that. He got to spend every moment of every day with his loving wife. He just misses me so desperately when he's not with me so he better say that. So, John -- Huh-uh. Can I ask you again how was it working with your wife? Clearly she was being sarcastic. No, it was awesome. We had fun because we got to play other people, because, listen, when you play yourself it's one thing and we're married and it's a comfort zone but you have an obligation, a duty to become the people you're playing so how they would grieve, how they would enjoy each other is from their perspective so that's -- it gave something for Kelly and I to do because we're more character actors than we are leading people for whatever reason, we just enjoy that more so we enjoyed the journey of being other people. Bless your heart. You know you're a superstar and megastar but Ang actor at heart. The way you approach your craft and what you want for us when we're watching your work. Oh, thank you. My mother taught acting and she had a very high integrity about the craft and, you know, I think I tried to live up to her expectations. You're living up to it. Thank you. The one thing about you, you're just a good person. Thank you. Really enjoyed that.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"The star of the new film dishes on what fans can expect live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55889361","title":"John Travolta opens up about 'Gotti' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/john-travolta-opens-gotti-55889361"}