Jon Hamm on his new movie and an impressive impression

Hamm joins a star-studded cast of “Richard Jewell” and showed us his amazing Clint Eastwood impression that is spot-on.
5:47 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for Jon Hamm on his new movie and an impressive impression
Welcome Jon hamm, everyone. Starring in "Richard Jewell" about the security guard who saved hundreds of lives only to find his life turned upside down when he was wrongly accused and did a story on the movie earlier in the show creating a fair amount of controversy over the way the reporter who had a relationship with your character in the movie is portrayed. Care to weigh in on that. Well, it's interesting. I mean, obviously when the events of 1996 happened you were probably there. Or around. Covering it. And it's terrifying when the rush to judgment happens, especially when you're not fully informed with all the facts. And, again, it seems like this is what's happening unfortunately again -- Playing itself out all over again. And what the story of the film is is the story of really an American hero, a guy who saved hundreds of lives, just by doing his job and then was rolled through the cycle of media backlash, and it was -- it was a real devastating occurrence for not only him, over 88 days but for his mother who is still alive and his family and his friends. Everybody was so sure he did Everybody was so sure and they were all wrong. Everyone was wrong. You guys want to look? Trying to be as authentic as possible and part of that has to did with how you treat a suspect. We're going to pretend we actually brought you in in that regard, right and we read you your Miranda rights and you agreed to waive them. We have a form for you to sign. Just so it looks real. Yeah. Okay. I'm sorry. That wasn't clear. You have to actually physically sign this paper. I'm sorry, sir. I don't think I would feel comfortable signing something Wow. You play the FBI agent. As you can see there was a lot of sort of manipulation and, you know, shortcuts to find who did this and, in fact, Paul Walter Hauser who plays Richard Jewell and is so heartbreaking in the film is perfectly cast as this person who is just trying to do his job and trying to help. Trying to help. And sort of castigated for that pure motive. Speaking of perfect casting Kathy bates, she plays the real -- plays Bobbi Jewell nominated for a golden globe for her portrayal in the movie but she was here earlier in the week and said filming in Atlanta, you are the mayor of Atlanta. So can you explain that? Well, I've shot a lot of movies in Atlanta so I've spent a lot of time in Atlanta and I love Atlanta, by the way, and by the way, the film is in many ways like a celebration of Atlanta. But I know a lot of places to go. I know a lot of restaurants. Anybody want to hit me up if you're in Atlanta, it's -- there are a lot of great places to go but it's a remarkable town. It's a beautiful place. Not only to film but to live. The proof is in the pudding. So many good restaurant, so many good live music, theater places to go. Beautiful museums. The best. We were talking earlier about working with the wonderful Clint Eastwood. What an experience that must have been. He is one of a kind. They don't make them like him anymore and my -- one of my very first movies that I ever did when I was 27, I think, was -- I had one line in a Clint Eastwood movie. Whoa. Which one? It was called "Space cowboys." My line was go talk to Tommy Lee Jones. He's over there, essentially and I was terrified because I thought, okay, "Dirty Harry" is going to come to me and strangle me or whatever if I do it wrong and I couldn't have been more wrong. He's the nicest, most gentle, friendly, kind person That's awesome. And he runs the greatest set in the world. I'm hearing from the control room you do a mean impression. Well, why don't you go over here, do the thing and then you go over here and do that thing and then we'll be done. Okay. That's how it is. The "Top gun" movie. Maverick. We got to hear about it. Well, at this point I'm on the on ramp to the highway to the danger zone so there's a lot of -- Look at you? A lot of traveling -- Can you put that picture up again speaking of danger zone. We love a man in uniform. That is a vacuum sealed uniform. I don't know how that works. What was it like working with like Tom when he's playing maverick? Was that -- My first day I walked up to him and he gave me a big hug, this is so great to have you and full Tom Cruise experience and -- A lot of Tom Cruise. It was great and I was thrilled. Obviously I asked him, this got to be crazy weird for you. You're in the same set in virtually the same costume just 30 years later like what's that about? Yeah. And he was like, yeah, it's really weird. I went, okay, there we go. The movie is going to be amazing. And this one is as well. "Richard Jewell," Jon hamm. The movie hits theaters today.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Hamm joins a star-studded cast of “Richard Jewell” and showed us his amazing Clint Eastwood impression that is spot-on.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67705045","title":"Jon Hamm on his new movie and an impressive impression","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jon-hamm-movie-impressive-impression-67705045"}