Kate Beckinsale’s odd way of coping with her daughter going off to college

The actress stars in the new drama “Farming” about a mother and her adopted son.
4:52 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Kate Beckinsale’s odd way of coping with her daughter going off to college
And we cannot wait to bring out our next guest. You fell in love with her from rom-coms like "Serendipity" and now starring in a new drama called "Farming." Give it up for Kate beckinsale. Nice to meet you. Mwah. Mwah. Good to see you. Oh, gosh. My gosh. Welcome to the show. Yes. Yes. You know, before we get started you're always busy with a lot of great projects like this film but dealing with something that a lot of parents can relate to. When your kid is off at college and you posted on Instagram you have an interesting way of coping now that your daughter is at school and what are you What are you doing? I'm just having a little sniff of one of her socks while she's away. Of course. The socks. Actually I did that mainly to embarrass her. If you leave home I'm going through your underwear drawer huffing and smelling your underpants and your socks. I'm not really. I just did it. You have a great relationship. Yes. Does she check in with you? Never again. Does she check in with you and does she keep you in check. Oh, yeah, I'm terrified of what do you mean? Absolutely. I was on a talk show the other night. How do you feel about wrapping "Hamilton." She would never speak to me again. It would be over so I try to behave myself as much as I possibly can. It's a good thing? We'll keep it safe and talk about the new movie. What an amazing story. It's based on something that was really happening in the '60s and '70s, my jeer an families farming out their kids to white British citizens. Tell us more. I think a lot of people in the uk didn't know about this at the time. It's great to be telling the story. I guess there was Nigerian families would give their children to these sort of white working class families slightly outside of London thinking they would have a better chance at -- and actually it was not very tolerant areas that they were sending these children to who most of the time they were the only black people anyone had seen in that area and so my character is actually the writer and director -- it's his real life story so I'm playing his foster mother so I had eight or nine little kids, little Nigerian kids and he was the main one that the story focuses on and got into hating himself and his color and feeling just awful and then ended up joining this racist gang and becoming the leader of it and so insane that you kind of can't believe this happened and has just become the most educated evolved fantastic human ever. So the story is hard. It's a really difficult story but it's a true story and it does have this wonderful redemptive. This is the clip of when he is running into trouble. He is promising a student he's done well in his tests -- He can handle himself. I know what it feels like to hate what you are. I know that feeling and if we don't do something to help him it will be a tragic waste. I can take care of me own kids. Find some other charity case. Ooh. Your character has a tough side but we know behind the scenes you were being very motherly -- With nine children. My worst nightmare. Yeah, exactly. Imagine how that could be and it wasn't, it was lovely. They were all just heaven but they only ever met me like that so I had quite physically, you know, differences from the character so I had these sort of pretend boobs made of leaptles and big bottom piece and wig and eye bags so only knew me like when they finished the movie they had absolutely no idea who I was. That is the most gentle way I've ever had it put. Bottom piece. I love it. And we want to thank you. This is like you said resonating story with great redemptive story and thank you so much for being here. Always appreciate it. "Farming," it is in theaters and also on demand on Friday, make sure you check out Kate

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The actress stars in the new drama “Farming” about a mother and her adopted son. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66436467","title":"Kate Beckinsale’s odd way of coping with her daughter going off to college","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kate-beckinsales-odd-coping-daughter-off-college-66436467"}