Kim Porter dies at 47

The longtime girlfriend of Sean "Diddy" Combs and the mother of three of his children passed away suddenly at her California home.
1:57 | 11/16/18

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Transcript for Kim Porter dies at 47
Well now we go to the mysterious death of Sean "Diddy" combs long-ex and mother of his children, Kim porter. ABC's T.J. Holmes is here and this is sad, shocking. Because if anyone knows this woman, there's certain things you'll say about her. She has grace, Hugh mill tilt about her and the well wishes are pouring in this morning. These two were the "It" couple of the '90s, the it couple. She was by his side as he rose to fame. Now, she is passed away in her home, 47 years old, early on talking about possibly she had pneumonia for quite some time. But we don't know. These two were the couple. As he was becoming the superstar, he was right there next to her. I was just on the phone this morning with the godmother of their twins who happens to be a good friend of mine who couldn't even speak. She was in such tears. She had been crying all night and they're worried about diddy because these two stayed so close even after they broke up. Her last Instagram posts of the family celebrating holidays together, one of the last one, combs with their kids and just captioned, love. They were so close. He talked to her every single day still and so there's some concern about him being okay at this point. He's said to be devastated. Some of the well wishes coming in. Rihanna posting, we lost a real one today. 50 cent using that word and I know puff is hit right now. He loved her for real so this is a woman if you don't know, a model, actress, right next to diddy but a woman who had a grace and southern sensibility people are talking about and a rarity if that particular business. Absolutely. Just sad. The many staffers here, Mari Lyn from our hair and makeup team flew out to L.A. Right away to be with the family and then see -- people are just devastated. Around her you feel that. There is a grace this woman had -- Beauty and a grace. Unbelievable. Really sad. Condolences to the family. We really appreciate that, T.J. We'll be right back.

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{"id":59239459,"title":"Kim Porter dies at 47","duration":"1:57","description":"The longtime girlfriend of Sean \"Diddy\" Combs and the mother of three of his children passed away suddenly at her California home.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kim-porter-dies-47-59239459","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}