Lip-synching couple entertains the internet with costumed performances

Comedians Rachel Parris and Marcus Brigstocke have been sharing their dramatic renditions of songs by such artists as George Michael and Celine Dion.
5:22 | 04/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lip-synching couple entertains the internet with costumed performances
Something else I love, time to meet the lip-syncing couple going above and beyond to stay entertained and to keep us entertained as well while at home. Comedians Rachel parris and Marcus brigstocke have been sharing these elaborate performances to hit songs or as they call it lockdown lip-sync. I love it, the husband and wife getting over 5 million views and counting and they are joining us live from their home in London. Rachel and Marcus, good morning and your videos have become such a hit. How did you come up with this idea initially? Well, it wasn't a big plan. We are going a bit stir crazy obviously on lockdown and we just had ziggy Azalea on and I wanted to show off. I was gob smacked she knew all the words. Normally we'd be out four, five, six nights a week on tour and we needed a way to show up. This is it. We're glad you did and you guys have performed from George Michael to Celine Dion so how do you figure out which song is next? Well, with those two examples you gave we are a trying to mix it up a little bit. Try and not dog do something the same as the last one. We talk about them all the time but basically the rules are the costume -- the ability to do it at all has to come from stuff we've already got in the house. We don't want to put pressure on services for people to deliver stuff here so we've got a lot of stuff and if we can make it work then we do. You got a lot of props so what song is still on your to do list? Well, I feel like there's a big gap at the moment in the shape of Madonna. I think Madonna era -- I'd be happy to help with that. For me it's going to have been to like maybe a 25-minute medley of prince songs. Ooh. In a range of costume. Very cool. You have two teenagers in the house. I am extremely curious. I have three in my house. What did they think of you all doing this? What's their reaction? Well, they are traumatized by it, then they've buried it deep and will come out later in life but they're both curious, fun kids like we are and my daughter got to splat me in the face the other night with a custom pie when I did a busy Malone tune. That gets out a lot of negativity. I appreciate that you got a lot of costumes. You had a special one, though, Marcus when you did your Donna summer performance. Who did your makeup? I'm curious. This guy. Yeah. A lot of fun for me. There's a lot of things I've been wanting to try out. I got to do contouring. My stepdaughter meant I had access to a 15-year-old girl's makeup cabinet which is an absolute gift for disco so -- I had some pretty exciting evenings and the feedback we got, Rachel, George Michael, a lot of people sent messages to us going, yeah, I'm having to think about this one. Well, you know what, we know you guys, we're such big fans of you guys over here and hear you're going to give -- you're going to give us a little performance, right? Oh. Yeah, yeah. We sure are. In fact we'll give you our first ever lip-sync duet. Lip-sync duet. Let's get to it. Give it up for Rachel and Marcus performing "It takes two" by Marvin Gaye and Kim Westwood. Take it away. You can have a dream baby two can make that dream so real talk about us you can say how it feels one can work soprano and two can make a wish come true yeah one can find a moment in the dark two can make the light shine through it takes two, baby it takes two, baby me and you Oh, we love it. Well done. Well done. Yes. And we really appreciate you taking this time and to like just treat everybody and make this whole thing as tough as it is make it fun for everybody as much as it can be. All your fans -- We appreciate it. Thank you so much for having us. We appreciate it. Everybody, keep posting yours to #lipsync -- Duo. No, it's lip-sync lockdown. That's right. You're a duo and it's a lip sick lockdown. We're waiting for yours, robin. Hey, Michael, how was your dance party last night? How was the dance party last night, Michael. My dance party was good with deejay D. Nice and you got to tune in to him whenever he's playing on Instagram. It's amazing. Amazing. It was good. It was good. It was good to see that. Thank you for that.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Comedians Rachel Parris and Marcus Brigstocke have been sharing their dramatic renditions of songs by such artists as George Michael and Celine Dion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70305364","title":"Lip-synching couple entertains the internet with costumed performances","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lip-synching-couple-entertains-internet-costumed-performances-70305364"}