Magician co-producer shares how he shaped magic on new show

David Kwong talks about new ABC show "Deception" and shows magic tricks.
3:08 | 05/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Magician co-producer shares how he shaped magic on new show
And a new ABC show deception airing on Sunday night it is a work of magic no pun intended the character Cameron black and a superstar magician whose career. Was ruined by scandal he has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception and illusion which his feet FBI he helps them catch the world's most elusive criminals off stating the biggest illusions of his career. David Quan joins us he's not only a co producer he is a magician who helped shape the magic on the show so I've got to ask. Do you had a passion for magic to turek kids so how do you turn added. Her career but his seven year old kids saw magician performing at a pumpkin patch. Never thought it'd be a profession but. Somehow combines. Hollywood experience and a love for magic and this show. It's really cool. Anderson you've got some magic to show us I would love that to answer your cart track let's do it and make it hasn't learned. Not yet stick around for I don't know how many members of wreckage if you make me disappear know both of us I was I can't radio network miracles you can't athletics and do something with a better what are you see here you're opening them up all the way from scratch just to show us yes yes I just write it got there it is the morality of the birth Cassidy loves it OK senator do that at a because I'm gonna put them in your hands and a second because. I want you to have. On influence choice here so politics. Use he has visited here net bound hand and starts to you. Just deal them down one at a time and a pile and stop whatever you want I don't want to influence you just go go go go go stopped when everyone's. Eye candy you at a time. Stocks got want justice stop. Yeah you're given a choked up look at take a look at here with Syria there on the top yeah. Sure the camera to get a sit sort of a similar boat don't you can't see it read I can I can we can see it headed afford diamonds people. Ford dot I think that's a great targeted a great card take these back for your animal to show you little misled him of the four diamonds okay. Now you know mutations can palm cards and of calming my car service chiefs just the second watches like palm before it looks a little bit like this. And the card. No no way to manage it up your sleeve now. Now bringing the card back though that's the fun part right if I just she watched as my reach out like this. And again. That's actually. It's ad that's T. So wait if the tears here but there what do you think is right. Here fill up that. Might. By Leonid pull out. Hot tea bag Berezovsky who optical thank. The wait a minute to to take I don't really enjoy it hot Arizona that's the same floor that was in the know how to open it up and inspect and are you kidding. And blew up. That's a good side should make I still drink the tea. There yeah. That are happening in Australia and new money they might if perhaps now that I agreed to get on my end a reminder everybody deception airs tonight and every Sunday right here on ABC at 10:9 central right after. American I don't.

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{"id":54969367,"title":"Magician co-producer shares how he shaped magic on new show","duration":"3:08","description":"David Kwong talks about new ABC show \"Deception\" and shows magic tricks.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/magician-producer-shares-shaped-magic-show-54969367","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}