Marc Maron talks 'Glow' and remembers Anthony Bourdain

The "Glow" star, who interviewed Anthony Bourdain on his podcast in 2011, remembers the chef as an "important adventurer" and "beautiful guy."
3:42 | 06/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marc Maron talks 'Glow' and remembers Anthony Bourdain
funniest guys around, Marc Maron has one of the top podcast and is in the hit series "Glow" about a female wrestling league which earned him his first S.A.G. And critic's award nomination. Thank you. You're one of the funniest guys around. Is that a lot to live up to. Right now. If you open the segment like that, yeah, absolutely. It's, like, hey, be funny now, go. Entertain us. It's on you. We're happy to have you here on "Gma." We saw your latest blog post. You had to go shopping for what you're wearing. I'm a 54-year-old man and realized I own no suits or sports jackets and that seems sort of irresponsible because when I do press a lot of times I literally have two shirts so I wear so I decide which one of these two should I go do the show with and as I did more shows I started to realize eventually people watching or seeing me will be what's wrong with this idiot? He can't buy a third shirt so I got a jacket. I got pants. You look fantastic, right? We mentioned have you one of the most popular podcasts out there interviewing some of the biggest names and I know that Anthony bourdain was a guest on your show recently and there's obviously been an outpouring of love for him this past week. What do you remember best about him? I did that interview in 2011 and we reposted it and, well, I remember that, you know, it was a weird interview because I was on the road and we did it at a hotel in Brooklyn and we were just talking. He was very engaged in a very sort of caring person, he had a big heart. Had an adventurous spirit and was willing to take risks and he was a really -- an important kind of adventurer of mind and spirit and I definitely miss him and you just don't know what people are going through personally and it's a big loss but he was a beautiful guy. Yeah, he certainly was and many people still inspired by him as even in his passing. Now, we also want to congratulate you on season two of "Glow." Yay. It's launching later next month on Netflix but for those who don't know I love this. Your character is a film director trying to start a female wrestling league. Let's take a look at the clip first and they will we're talk. Today is a prep day which means it's about me. I'm going to be checking the shot list, going to be adjusting the lighting, going to be making sure I don't hate your costumes on camera. Oh. Prep, like prepare. I'm loving your look. You said you were able to relive the '80s. Well, yeah, I mean I was pretty clear about what I needed to wear. I kneed black cowboy boots and aviator glasses and I needed that mustache to be a certain way. I do do some cocaine in the show. So I had to learn to do that again. I was going to ask how you prepared for your role but we'll leave that. We'll leave that. I don't really do it. But, you know, the muscle is there from the old days. But -- Is that too much for Disney? Am I screwing up? But, yeah, I mean it's sort of interesting that character is sort of a cranky slightly sexist kind of curmudgeon but a bit of a flawed failure type of guy so he's got a lot of negatives but you feel for him and rooting for him, I think, I hope. I am when I'm playing him. We're rooting for him and the next season. We can't wait. Award winning. Thank you very much, Marc Maron for being with us. Season two of "Glow" hits Netflix June 29th.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The \"Glow\" star, who interviewed Anthony Bourdain on his podcast in 2011, remembers the chef as an \"important adventurer\" and \"beautiful guy.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55860242","title":"Marc Maron talks 'Glow' and remembers Anthony Bourdain","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/marc-maron-bourdain-miss-55860242"}