Markle follows in footsteps of royal brides Diana, Kate

Experts weigh in on potential similarities and differences between Meghan Markle's turn as a royal bride and Princess Diana's and Princess Kate's.
5:25 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Markle follows in footsteps of royal brides Diana, Kate
We are back live in Windsor counting down to the royal wedding. How will it compare top princess Diana and Kate Middleton's? Well, Adrienne Bankert is here and, Adrienne, you're taking a look back at the past. You know what, it's kind of exciting. We women really care about our dress, right? Okay, but looking at the past could give us serious clues to the interpretation of the kind of gown that Meghan will wear not only the kind gown but the most important dress she'll ever wear. Diana, Kate and now Meghan Markle, a trio of storybook brides commanding the world's attention. 750 million people worldwide tuned in to princess Diana's big day in 1981. I Catherine Middleton -- Now Meghan Markle will exchange vows with who has been the most eligible bachelor, prince Harry on Saturday. So how will the American princess' big day compare. The dress, a 20-year-old Diana donned an extravagant ivory silk taffeta creation crafted by British designer Elizabeth Emanuel. Thrills and bows and poofs. It was quite over the top. Reporter: Flash forward 30 years later, Kate walked down the aisle in a stunning satin Alexander Mcqueen. Diana's train 25 feet long and Kate a train nine feet long. Details of Meghan's gown are a complete secret. Then the tiara. Diana wore a Spencer family tiara. The queen loaned Kate the Cartier tiara and as for the attendants Diana had five bridesmaids and two page boys including India hicks. The crowd, the noise of the crowds, the smell of Diana with that tea rose. She was going to be a princess. She felt like she was the -- Reporter: Meghan has too many girlfriends to choose a maid of honor Lew young ladies including princess Charlotte as bridesmaids. All right, so the dress is going to be beautiful, no doubt. One tradition that Meghan is expected to stick with is going to be putting a sprig of Myrtle in her bouquet, something that's been done since queen Victoria, of course, Diana did it and Kate did it and mirth surveillance a significant thing because it signifies love. Every bouquet means something so this will be something we will have to look forward to. It's still top secret. I'm looking forward to this dress, Adrienne. I have no doubt you are. I think I'm a little more excited about it than I am. I am holding mine internally. But imogen Lloyd Webber is back with us. Imogen, what are we about what Meghan could wear? This is the big question. She once said Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's wedding dress was everything goals so maybe that direction, however, of course, Meghan in her engagement photos with that Ralph & Russo very whimsical gown so maybe more in that direction. We will see Saturday. We were discussing the cost. How much? Well, yeah, how much did they say the dress could cost. More than 100,000 pounds. That's all we can confirm. What is in a dress? See, this is what I don't understand. What is in a dress -- It's the people. It's the people who are used to dress. These are folks that are trained for years in stitching and seamstressing and this is going to be a work of art and it's going to be something that will likely land in a museum of some kind. I know some people we can get it done for 95,000. How about that? That's it. I'd like to commission that. Paula, we also hear Elton John could be at the wedding. He said, you know, he has some conflicts on his schedule so he's not in Vegas -- The conflicts. What's that looking like. He is a close personal connection with the family. TMZ is reporting that the Royals' longtime friend could take the stage at the church or the reception later that night, of course, he was a dear friend of princess Diana and even sang at her funeral. Our Barbara Walters spoke with him in 2011 ahead of prince William's wedding and talked about Harry marrying one day. What do you think you'll feel? Great joy because the last time we were in Westminster abbey my heart sank when I saw the two boys walking behind the coffin. I can't imagine that young age having to walk in the public following your mother's coffin and the next time we are in the abbey to see them walking up the aisle with a beautiful woman and the love of his life and I think it's the most joyous result and I'm sure Diana would be very, very happy about it. Ah. He was right there, of course, when William married Kate Middleton, you guys, as for Harry's wedding, well he canceled as you said, this was a Kong applicant on his schedule. He canceled some dates in las Vegas because of a, quote, scheduling conflict this weekend so maybe tipping his hand that opening the way for him to perform this weekend. A lot of stuff to look forward to. Dresses. I know. Elton John. All those things, so -- David Beckham. David Beckham. So much tradition and the fact watching that video as a little boy, many in London and in the U.S. Still see that little boy when they look at prince Harry. He is one of the most beloved people in the entire world and all the folks I have been talking to here in London say they're happy he's happy. That he finally found someone. I think we all are happy that he's happy. Absolutely. And wishing them well. That is tomorrow. We can't wait for it. We'll be right back.

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{"id":55230494,"title":"Markle follows in footsteps of royal brides Diana, Kate ","duration":"5:25","description":"Experts weigh in on potential similarities and differences between Meghan Markle's turn as a royal bride and Princess Diana's and Princess Kate's.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/markle-footsteps-royal-brides-diana-kate-55230494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}