Marvel's Black Panther breaking ticket sales records

"Black Panther" is the biggest February film in Fandango history and on track to capture the biggest presale of all superhero movies.
3:34 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Marvel's Black Panther breaking ticket sales records
We are back with the excitement that agreeing for "Black panther." Hits theaters next week and is already seeing huge success. Oh, yes, it is. Advance ticket sales for the movie featuring virtually an all black cast is soaring. How big do they think it will be. It's not just another superhero movie, right. Spider-man, Superman, Batman, iron man, black man, this is the first marvel movie that's getting with a black character the blockbuster treatment, the blockbuster budget and by all indications black is headed to the bank. It's expected to make up to $150 million opening weekend. Don't freeze. I never freeze. Reporter: And with one of the biggest budgets ever allotted for a superhero movie at $200 million and featuring a predominantly black cast marvel's "Black panther" is breaking records as the fastest selling February film in fandango history surpassing "Fifty shades of grey" and "Deadpool" on set to become the biggest presale of all superhero movies. You will not be able to stay home, brother. Reporter: The highly anticipated film starring Chadwick Bozeman and Lupita nyong'o getting a score of 99% on rotten tomatoesle doing the world premiere in L.A. But will all the hype translate to actual box office success. The quality of the film and marvel has proven they have formula and they have a recipe for success. All of their franchises for the most part have done very well and I expect the same thing for "Black panther." Reporter: The #blackpantherchallenge adding to the presale numbers raising money so children of color can see the film for free. The challenge already raised more than $250,000. And in Atlanta, this was the reaction when these middle school students learned they'd be going to see the movie. When you have a young child of color who sees someone with superables that looks like them it expands their expectations of what they can be and broadens their horehorizens. When little black kids can look up at the screen, they don't have to close their eyes and imagine themselves as hero. Me growing up all my heroes either lived in my house, coached me in a sport or played for the Chicago bulls and now these kids -- Nothing wrong with that, by the way. It expands their horizons for the first time to see a black hero get this kind of treatment on the big screen. It's significant in a lot of ways. I checked it out yesterday. It was at 100% on rotten tomatoes. Some people have issues with the scores on there but look at all the critical acclaim it's getting from the likes of "The New York Times" and other -- Crate citical is claim as well. It's off the charts. Watching those kids dance like that, they have more fun with that than I've ever had in school. They get to see this movie and I'll tell you, black celebrities are doing it making sure they are renting out or buying out theaters to make sure -- ? Octavia, yes. Get a chance to go see the movie because it's not just another movie in some respects. You know, we're excited because the cast, the entire cast of "Black panther" will be here on "Gma" next week and the movie hits theaters Friday, February 126th. Well, coming up the secret

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"\"Black Panther\" is the biggest February film in Fandango history and on track to capture the biggest presale of all superhero movies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52927115","title":"Marvel's Black Panther breaking ticket sales records","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/marvels-black-panther-breaking-ticket-sales-records-52927115"}