How Meghan Markle is changing the British monarchy

Jess Cagle, the executive producer of the upcoming ABC special "The Story of the Royals," discussed how Markle is modernizing the British monarchy.
4:22 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for How Meghan Markle is changing the British monarchy
world for centuries. Queen Elizabeth, princess Diana and her son, princes William and Harry as wells indicate mid middleand Meghan Markle. Now a new ABC documentary CD "The story of the Royals" an how they're adapting in the 21stcentury. When I look at Meghan Markle ook at as a person that is typical to T princess story because E me herself. She Bui her own career, veloped her politics and then became anive and passion advocaor those efs, so when a prince comes along, you know, that person is going to be enamo by this intelligen articulate person. So, no prince didn't save her. Think she might actually sav him in the end. Love that statement. We are joined by eve producer of "The story of the Royals" editor in chief of people Jess Cagle. Nice to be here. So love that statement fro her former theater professor W says thatncharry did save he she saved him. Do you agree?well, I don'think that prince H really needed saving. I T he's fine, nobody is worr but it's a fair statement because the Chall of thesasays been they need to stay relevant and they neehe public to like them youknow, it's rune a cou and pay very close attenti to pools and approval ratings and all of that kind ofng and N one recent times has done more endear the mony to the people than Meghan Markle. E'had a tremendous impact on the vita of his family and vitality O things that he S to do going forward. You talbout the women but specifically the women we married in T royal fami we'r talking Meghan, we're talking Kate and princessdiana. How much of a responsibility now is itn Meghan and K to hel moiz the royal fy bring them I the 21st century. I think that they're sort of doing naturall I think that Kate middle is -- seems like ch more traditional wifeo William. However, in all of the tngs that she's involved in, they' very eonally driven chies. Ghan Markle virtue ofho E is modern the royal family. I that real resibility is ING to those women in the way that they ultimately listenedodiana. They didn't F but ultily they lrned a big lesson from princs Diana who had this talent for touching people. And I think that the Royals rehat had always been very dedicated to service, T N's life is allut service. She hased herself service. Yes, but I don't tt they undeod the importance of havi an emotional cction to the people and in this special, you ow, you H from yone from the queen' cousin princess Margaret's lan-waiting than markle'ser professor about who Tse peoplereehind Clos doors. It's reallyfascinating. Iove the dynam between Meghan and the queen. Arey as tight a they appear to be. Think they are. I me neither of them have, you know, gone and done extensive into about their close relaship and what they, you kn WHA the D on a girls night out but they - you caell -- youan tell in photos that the queen I very relaxed around her. Know, the Q doe laugh a lot and it's very, Ver telling that she seems so relaxed and I think that over the year the queen who started out her reign in 1952 actually being criticized beioo coal and certainly suffe the same criticism a Dia DI I think she , you know, shgotten old and W and she really appates what Meghan brings to the R family. She certa brings a whole lot and, you owrybody wants to know wilheree another royal baby? Hopey that will be addressed toll. Jess, always great to have you. Thank you, Paula. Can't wait for it. At 9:00 easterw right here on a speci edition of people on newsstanight now. Ginger, we'll send things to you.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Jess Cagle, the executive producer of the upcoming ABC special \"The Story of the Royals,\" discussed how Markle is modernizing the British monarchy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57328168","title":"How Meghan Markle is changing the British monarchy","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meghan-markle-changing-british-monarchy-57328168"}