Music to binge before the Grammys

Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding on binge-worthy Grammy-nominated music.
4:03 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Music to binge before the Grammys
Now. Borer. Can. I thought it Moreira or let you know even. What's more cow bell while we're gonna have music instead of Norway and other dateline went OK if you ask thank you so much for that introduction Dan let's perfect. How. I'm revenge. As this year's Grammy edition of binge this rock magazine 62 annual Grammy Awards here to give us a professional exile what you. It is for the big show art music colleges may Sloan thank you so much for being here revered and songwriter producer Charlie hard and do. You guys I mean OK so get your take on what you're both looking forward to the most but it's your Graham. Yeah I think when we move of really thin about is there's a lot of genre bending in this ceremony as far as that don't fit neatly into one category or another that's pretty thing. Well songs with a message that you can hear come across both in the lyric as walls of his and. Well as there are going to be so many of performances I mean it isn't pretty amazing got aggressive body weight self defense. Liz says but to perform daily violation. I know I'm not getting everybody but any performances that we should be binging to prepare for these reform and. Tyler the creator Ian Tyler the creator is so much a creator is someone who really Benz between hip hop R&B font console. We love the song earthquake which is so heavy invasive tool maker bone shaped like and her. Well I now I wanna hear it's. And and I think a lot of people in any. You guys crazies like conversations around on hot meat moments in music. That's right there so it's and then what was your biggest take away 2010 to 2020 about how music is changing. Yeah I mean there's there's a lot going on and I think women the most interesting things is the way streaming is changing the sounds of music the way people it was my. My music on Spotify and other platforms. When things that you actually see songs are certainly good little shorter because there's a work around faster from one track to others. That's that is so true okay you got some great podcasts that we want to highlight of their conversations around music just like this idea. I think. We'll tell you when you can get well we was we just heard from Dolly and her meal yet yeah totally partly Americans fabulous does anybody that can unite us it's Dolly Parton that. That's the true yeah whose show lost mouth is wonderful it explores the greatest musical stories that have never been told it's really fun. And a hero broadcast outlets obviously we mixed with Saddam pop it's about. You Mickey and meaning a popular music's it will take songs by artists like beyonce her track global and half. Or Justin Timberlake and his song. Can't stop the feeling we're gonna break it down and tell you how this all works and what matters via okay now an out your picks out a clear picture. I think with with what I mean it's they really like her is. I used to know her is a really fabulous art Yellowstone. Typical ordered him. Sort of sound and if he's a great songs of love and heartbreak personal hardly yeah yeah yeah you're really dilution on her album you know closely. Where do we goat cheese and a new kind of pop star with a new kind of sound. Jill have released catchy songs such community and we all got to set your watch singing about literally serious issue is right and you. Out on the album of the year yeah you think is losing again. It's me about. I like was I'm who's gonna join the club offensively though no longer here right here. I think it's been as much about the music as the spectacle and you newcomers. Came out of obscurity out of nowhere and they kick this ethics faith. The apple Google. Really exciting time I think we're looking at kind of the generation of pop star's right here and from our perspective it's really promising and is promising and it's exciting because if they can do it anybody can come. Out of obscurity yeah I can become famous for whatever they're. No I think there's going to be addressing the point for senators could have if you take so much fun and yet this is the Frisco area. Lessons aren't that gate. And your soundtracks all right thank you decide so much to both of you guys.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding on binge-worthy Grammy-nominated music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68525881","title":"Music to binge before the Grammys","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/music-binge-grammys-68525881"}