Music composer Kris Bowers talks about his Oscar-nominated short documentary

Bowers, who is known for his work on blockbuster hits such “Green Book” and “Bridgerton,” is hoping to take home the gold for his documentary, “A Concerto is a Conversation.”
7:27 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for Music composer Kris Bowers talks about his Oscar-nominated short documentary
We are counting down to Hollywood's golden night, the 93rd academy awards are just six days away and this morning for our "Gma" road to the oscars we're bringing in one of the biggest rising stars. At just 32 years old, Kris bowers is the powerhouse composer behind hits like "Green book," "When they see us" and "Bridgerton" collaborating with Jay-Z and Kanye west working on the new "Space jam" movie hoping to take home the gold for "A concerto is a conversation" and he's joining us from stein way & son there is in los Angeles. Hey, Kris. Good morning to you. Now, come on. In -- Hey, good morning. Good morning. In your wildest dreams did you think at this point in your life at 32 years old all this would be happening for you? You know, yes and no. I feel like my parents, they decided before I was born they wanted me to play piano and with that like planning mentality they asked me at like 11 or 12 like what's your plan for college, like what are you going to do after college? So I told them when I was like 11 or 12 I wanted to go to a conservatory for jazz piano and tour with my favorite jazz artists and tour with my own band and transition into film scoring and thought that might happen over the course of 15 or 20 years and I get into film scoring at like 40 or something like that and I guess the universe had other plans. Honest answer. Yeah, I love that. Universe sped it up for you completely. Congratulations on your first Oscar nomination, "A concerto is a conversation," about a journey from the Jim crow south to the Walt Disney concert hall and in the documentary you explore what it's like to be a black composer in Hollywood. What does it mean for you to be in that space? It means a great deal. I think it's a privilege and I feel like it's such an exciting time right now for, you know, any artist of color below the line or behind the camera. I feel like there's an initiative right now to try to widen awareness and people that have those job, for me to be scoring projects like "Space jam" or the Aretha Franklin biopic, when I look back, when I was a kid watching films in the '90s and looking at John Williams as a composer I would look up to, if a composer was a black composer in that space I think I would have felt differently and to be a black composer in this space thinking about a young, you know, 8, 9-year-old pianist or musician or aspiring composer knowing I'm in that position I think feels really remarkable and special and of great privilege and honor. I bet at least a few are watching right now. Let's take a look at the clip. Can I ask a question? All right, granddaddy. Can you tell me just what is concerto? So it's basically this piece that has a soloist and ensemble and orchestra and they're having a conversation and stipes that conversation can be this person speaking and now this person speaking. Sometimes the conversation is at the same time. And it depends on how the composer wants to or how I want to frame that conversation. And that conversation with your grandfather now 92 years old. What's it like, Kris, to share this joy with him? Yeah, that's the best part about all this. I feel like, you know, the other day the associated press did this spread of him in a tux on the steps of Walt Disney concert hall. Looking good. And seeing a man that, yeah, yeah, looking real good and seeing a man that grew up in a town that only had one stop sign and all the things he dealt with for him to be receiving this public recognition, I feel like it's definitely the best part of it and definitely a gift for me and my family and changed the way that we see my grandfather's story in a really beautiful way. He's looking pretty great in that tux as well. Tell us about your family running with mahershala Ali. Yeah, yeah, so my co-director, he and his company breakwater, we don't have the budget to buy a billboard so they went a little pirate and put this huge poster on the side of their building that looks like a billboard so we took my grandfather there to take a picture and very randomly somebody starts walking down the street and my mom starts screaming out of the car, ma Hersh la, mahershala, walking down the street and he took pictures of with my grandfather and it was a pretty wild and surreal moment. The great thing is family has no shame. They see somebody -- We have a game we want to play. You are an all-star composer so we have a game we want to play called score on the spot. We got a wheel and we'll spin the wheel and land on an everyday scenario and we want you to score that scenario. Are you ready? All right. Yep. Here we go. Let's spin that wheel. Where it lands nobody knows. Where does it land? Here we go.- okay. You slept through four alarms and now you're late for work. Go. Yes. Really. You made it. You made it on time. Let's spin again. All right, ice cream on a hot summer day. All right. Mm-mm. Man, I want ice cream and it's cold out. We're going to spin. Let's spin it again. Here we go. You're on the hickenlooper and another driver cuts you off. Go. Ah. Back down. There it is. Bravo. Yeah. Bravo. Playing it all the time here in the city, I tell you that Well, thank you, Kris and congratulations to you. Your entire family and that adorable grandfather of yours and you can watch "A concerto is a conversation" at

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"Bowers, who is known for his work on blockbuster hits such “Green Book” and “Bridgerton,” is hoping to take home the gold for his documentary, “A Concerto is a Conversation.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77160028","title":"Music composer Kris Bowers talks about his Oscar-nominated short documentary","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/music-composer-kris-bowers-talks-oscar-nominated-short-77160028"}