Nelly, Justina Machado, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nev Schulman talk about their 'DWTS' journey

The four finalists join their pro partners live on "GMA" to look back on 11 weeks of dancing on "Dancing With the Stars."
6:25 | 11/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nelly, Justina Machado, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nev Schulman talk about their 'DWTS' journey
More of "Good morning America" Welcome, welcome to the best party ever, the "Dancing with the stars" after party! Boom, boom, boom. Boom, boom, boom. Dance with somebody Boom, boom, boom, welcome back, evy. "Gma," that was, of course, Tyra banks inviting you to our "Dancing with the stars" after party, all eight finalists joining us live. After last night's finale talked to the winners and joined by all of them, Nev Schulman, Jenna, Nelly and Daniella and Justina and Sasha. It was a fun night but let's start, I'm going to start with you, Nelly. See how your night was, my man. When you first -- when you came on -- when we first announced you were going to be on the show you said, you just couldn't go out the first night and they considered you an underdog. Did you think you were an underdog this whole ? Um, yeah, definitely felt like it. Um, no, I mean, you know as the season progressed, I mean you know you try to just find a situation that makes you comfortable and, you know, I had a great teacher and everything and I really enjoyed the environment so things got better. T.J., sounded like you tapped into a lot of inside jokes right there on that one. Nev, you made a real splash with your freestyle. Ever worried you might not be able to get through and might slip all over the dance floor? You know, I wasn't sure we were nervous going into rehearsals for the first time with the rain on that platform, but luckily the crew found this incredible grippy sort of gym mat material and I don't know, yeah, the moment, it just worked out, felt great, you know. I like being a little wet sometime, right? Sure. It worked out so well and, Justina, you got a little wet as let's go back to the "Flashdance" moment in your salsa this year. Whoa! Got a little wet as well. Now, is it true you didn't want to do that? Yes. Oh, again, again. Do it ag Again. Yay! All right, Nev, we're coming over to you again. I hear you were super bummed that you didn't actually get to fly in the private jet, so props in L.A., bring it out. We got you the very next best thing. Not quite a private jet. There it is. Oh, yes. Fly, fly. Whoo! You're well rested. You know what, you all tell me -- On that flight in you all were competitors. Nelly, let me bring you and Daniella back in. You were competitors but I think everybody can tell this was an experience that you enjoyed having together. What was this like and what are these relationships like now after the experience up's had? I think that's the biggest thick for me was just the experience, not just with Daniella but, I mean everybody that was a part of the show, everybody in front of the camera and everybody behind the camera from tners T the producers to the directors T the judges, you know, the environment was just, it was very, very dope and it helps a lot, you know what I mean, when you look forward to coming -- create something with people you generally like so it was cool. All right, guys. Nelly. Appreciate that. We want to get to the fun because not everybody won the mirror ball last night but, guys, you too can be a winner this morning. You have the paddles. Here we go. The paddles in your hands called our "Dancing with the stars" awards. You're going to hold them up, the face of the star who you think should W so first question, here we go, we saw them dancing in the balcony of the audience every show. Who had the best skybox boogie? Easy. I can't actually see them oh, I think we got it. Nev and Jenna, break it down. Let's see T moves. All righ what do we got? All right. Oh, go. Getting hot in here so take off all your clothes I am tting too hot I wanna take my clothes off Oh. Yeah. Music. Hey Break down. Freestyle. Number two, how about the best judge's impression? For sure. Oh. Nelly, Nelly, Nelly. It looks like it was unanimous. So, Nelly, we got to hear a Bruno? Yeah. Oh, my man Bruno, it's like -- you have to accentuate, Nelly. You have to bring the arm around and up like you have lasers shooting out of your fingers. Nailed it. Okay. One more here, I think we have time for who had the best breakdance? Oh. There she is. The only breakdance. Bring it. Right there. There she is. We probably don't have time for this. We got plenty, Kaitlyn. We'll make it. can't touch this Wow! Wait. That was so good we got time for one more. They made time. Guys, who had -- final question here, the best '80s moves. Oh. Oh. Yeah, yeah. Break it down, break it down. Justina, that's you. Oh. Remember this? Get wet, Justina. Need some leg warmers. Get you some leg warmers. All ofyou, congratulations, it takes nerve to do this show and for you all to get out there and put yourselves out there the way you did but congratulations on all of it and thanks for having some fun with us this morning and don't go too far.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"The four finalists join their pro partners live on \"GMA\" to look back on 11 weeks of dancing on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74374224","title":"Nelly, Justina Machado, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nev Schulman talk about their 'DWTS' journey","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/nelly-justina-machado-kaitlyn-bristowe-nev-schulman-talk-74374224"}