How Niecy Nash ‘reintroduced’ herself to take on dramatic roles

The actress stars in “Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story,” the Lifetime film that tells the true story of a girl kidnapped at birth and raised by her abductor.
5:52 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for How Niecy Nash ‘reintroduced’ herself to take on dramatic roles
And look who is with us. She is a great actress, author. This woman can do it all. She's now starring in the new lifetime movie "Stolen by my mother: The kamiyah Mobley story." Please give it up for niecy Nash. You looked good last night at the screening and again this morning. Thank you. Of course, we love you. We've known you more for your comedic roles but you're taking on more of these dramatic roles on and had to explain something to your teen. It's interesting because I started offs a comedian and people think that's the lane that you should stay in. But I called a team meeting and reintroduced myself. I'm niecy Nash. We know you, lady and I'm like, no, you think you know me. You know who I used to be. I want to show the world that I can do more than just make them laugh because people who can make you laugh can make you cry. Oh. Not the other way around. That is true and this movie "Stolen by my mother" is ripped from the headline, directly from the headlines about a young woman who is abducted, raised by a woman who she thinks is her you play Gloria Williams so when you're playing who is the abductor, how do you prepare for a role like that? I feel like you always forme I try to find a common ground with the character. You know, and I often say that every woman has a story. And that story don't always end with glory but once you've gone through a certain thing, you in your own life you try to find the spaces and places where you can meet that character. That's what I do. Yeah. It's working. You know what you're doing. And all thanks to this lovely lady. Oh, my gosh. Yes. It's been wonderful to work with you. Master class, master class being around you and learning about it. Time for to us meet that character. Yes. Gloria's life starts when kamiyah gets a job and needs to show her social security card. You can't -- you can't have any job, okay? Not right now. Go in there and take this bag. Why, though? I got something I need to tell you. Mom, what's going on? I did something. I did something bad. You might think it's unforgivable. Woo! I know. Wait a minute. I was in it and I was like -- Woo. The young woman, the young actress playing kamiyah, raven Ferrell, I'm telling you, there was a connection, you know you play mother/daughter. Sure. But I heard behind the scenes and saw it some on location that you really took her under your wing. You know what I do when I'm -- because I'm really a mother, I feel like if I mother them behind camera, it makes sense when you get in front of the camera so she would come to work and I be, those jeans are a little too tight, girl. Why you got all that makeup on? What's going on. Let me talk to your boyfriend. You no he, and so it's easier than once you get on the other side to have it already baked in. That's my little secret. And the whole team gathered last night for the premiere. Yes. Over half the crew working on the film were women so what -- Yes, that's awesome and all thanks to you again, robin. What was it like on the set? It was lovely. I mean, oh, there we all are. We had a good time last night. It's a wonderful place to be in when you really see girl power played out and not just talked about. So kudos to you. No, thank you for that. I know you did that as well. There was a sense of responsibility. These are women who, they showed their vulnerability. They showed their weakness. This he showed their strength. They -- when you're playing somebody who is real and somebody who is still with us. Yes. That's a double responsibility, isn't it? ? It is a great responsibility to get the storytelling right and I love that this is one of the first times I think you get this story from kamiyah's lens. So I'm very happy to be a part of it and, you know, I make a lot of jokes because I played so many tortured women and mothers lately that I have to laugh to keep from crying sometimes, you know what I mean, because this particular story is about three women in pain. Have you both of the mothers, you have the kidnapper, the mother and then you have the baby in the middle and everybody is in pain and there are no winners in this story. Spoiler alert. Nobody wins in this story. Well, thank you for sharing that. I understand there's a certain co-star that you want who is your neighbor as well. Who is that? You know it's not that I wanted him. He chose me. Who is that. My neighbor is shaquille O'Neal. And he just -- he walked up to me, Shaq walked up to me, I want to be in a movie with you. I was like, okay. So he picked me and, yeah. I don't know. We will wrae see. We'll see it soon. We'll see. I cannot think of a better co-pilot on my first venture into this and I'm so glad it was you and I thank you so very much and the entire cast and crew. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. "The kamiyah Mobley story" premieres 8:00 eastern on lifetime. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"The actress stars in “Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story,” the Lifetime film that tells the true story of a girl kidnapped at birth and raised by her abductor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68265180","title":"How Niecy Nash ‘reintroduced’ herself to take on dramatic roles ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/niecy-nash-reintroduced-dramatic-roles-68265180"}