Omari Hardwick talks about his new film, 'Spell'

The actor, who played Ghost in the hit series "Power," stars in the terrifying new thriller that’s just in time for Halloween.
4:48 | 10/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Omari Hardwick talks about his new film, 'Spell'
We are back with Omari Hardwick. He captivated millions as ghost on "power"or six seasons and now he is starring -- robin is a huge fan -- in the terrifying new horror movie "Spell" all in time for Halloween. So, Omari, good morning. Thanks for being with us -- Good morning. Before we talk about "Spell," I want to say, go, dog, sic 'em. Go, dogs. There you go. A fellow -- I don't know what happened to us with the freaking crimson tide. Let's talk about 'bama. It's too soon. We got redemption coming this weekend. It's coming. I appreciate it, you fellow alum. Speaking of colleges your niece is a broadcast journalism major at Howard university and I know that you hosted yard fest together. Had you to do it virtually. How do you get students excited during these times? Well, we did a little bit of swag surfing, let's start with that. That kind of helped. My niece put me on to what that really ent and we didn't have 10,000 of us doing it. We only had two of us doing it but hoping 10,000 students were watching. It's kind of hard. You get these opportunities to reach out to these students virtually, but as it pertains to homecoming, of course, you want to literally be on the yard with them so it wasn't necessarily easy but I think we corralled enough students and got the spirit to where they needed to to at least have a moment. It is hard. We've all gotten to spend moments with you during quarantine. A lot of people rewatching "Power," the six seasons that ended in February. Yes. We hear there is a spin-off. Are you going to be involved? I hear robin in the background like as you -- Hmm. As you ask the questions, robin has this awesome sort of like hmm. You know, it's more like mm-mm. Mm-mm. So come on give it up. Give it up. Unless robin and I, you know, come back as characters working those mean streets of New York together, I think that the spin-off has spun off as it pertains to you guys' dear brother and that being me. I think it spun off. I think we did our thing there and I'm super humble that Courtney Curtis gave me the opportunity. I'm righting for all those guys in the "Power" universe. You've been working. You're spinning right into one of my favorite genres. Horror movies. I cannot wait to watch this movie. I heard. Just in time for Halloween. Some people are comparing it to "Misery," one of the classics. You saidell" is beautiful, scary an haunting. Can you tell us more? It's true. From the beautiful aspect, I guess you're talking the way it was shot, you know, the film's director got an incredible guide to helm who hired a phenomenal director of photography who did an amazing job of just bringing the light, the actual light that can be in a dark environment. When I say environment you're talking 12x15-foot room where I'm attached to Eloise played by Loretta Devine and it's a peek into I guess a past that we all try to outrun at times. We all come from dysfunctional realities or environmentally things that we don't necessarily want to return to and this is sort of forced to return to it. A lot of who do, voodoo, the mall ga nation which created within this controlled by Loretta's character and I'm simply just trying to hang on for dear life in this film which is beautiful. Let's take a look at you in action. What was he like? I haven't seen him since I was a kid maybe. Not since I ran away from appalachia and didn't look back. He wasn't a kind man. Just stuck in time a little bit. Oo. Am I going to jump? Am I going to scream. You arm wrestled against robin but hijacked the interview because you like that genre so, Amy, I'll come find you if you don't scream. Robin was spilling the tea. Omari knows about you. She loves it. She loves it. Omari, robin and I can both thank you. Thank you, Omari and your family, give them all our best. Thank you. Done. They heard it. Loved having you on. "Spell" will be in select theaters and available at home on demand or to purchase digitally this Friday. Uga, uga, uga. Now to ginger.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The actor, who played Ghost in the hit series \"Power,\" stars in the terrifying new thriller that’s just in time for Halloween.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73830097","title":"Omari Hardwick talks about his new film, 'Spell'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/omari-hardwick-talks-film-spell-73830097"}