Oscar nominees before they were stars

See how this year's biggest movie stars, from Mary J. Blige to Allison Janney, got their start in acting.
3:37 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for Oscar nominees before they were stars
Just six days until Hollywood's biggest night. This morning, Chris Connelly is taking a look at the nominees before they were stars. Good morning, Chris. Reporter: Good morning, robin. That's right. Their Oscar nominations put them at the peak of their profession. They had to start somewhere. In independent films or tiny roles. Or high school. ??? yearbook pics of oscars 2018 acting nominees give tantalizing glimpses of the talent within. So did these before they were stars performances. I wasn't expecting anyone. Reporter: Who was? Allison Janney made her film debut as a school librarian in the 1989 drama who shot pedda kango? What are you doing here? Reporter: That's Timothe rks chalamet. We're going to go to my room. Reporter: Before getting whacked. How many broken lives I have to look at every day? Reporter: Frances mcdormand. A public defend we are an addiction issue on a 1985 "Hill street blues." And "Get out's" Daniel kaluya. You had that thing. That machine. Did you make this happen? Reporter: Before he became a "Three billboards" cop, Sam Rockwell turned up in 1990s "Teenage mutant ninja turtles" as head thug. Anything you want, we got it. Anything you want to do, do it. Reporter: 1982, willem Dafoe haed a question. Hay lady, houb about it? Who is this beautiful young lady here? I'm ola Mae. Reporter: That's double nominee Mary J. Blige. 33 years ago, Laurie Metcalf getting her big screen start with Madonna in "Desperately seeking Susan." Hi, Ya. Gary, she's taking the car keys. Diary. That little sneak. What did she say about me? ??? Hello ??? ??? and now, the end is near ??? Reporter: Long before taking on Winston Churchill, Gary oldman played sid vicious. He sang a twisted version of "My way." ??? And now much more than this I did it my way ??? Reporter: All right, guys. Let's see if you can recognize a couple of oscar-anymore to noted faces from become fa the day. First, this one. A Johnny winter album in her hands and a big career ahead of her. Who is that? Anybody? Any guesses? Allison Janney. It is. Congratulations. All Michael. Nice. Hey, Chris, you can tell by how I answered the question with a question that I was really sure. Reporter: You gotta love those '9 0s yearbook pictures. A drum major Rhett in high school. Has bravely marched to the beat of her own drum. He's in the middle right there. Who is that? Oh. We can't see because there's a -- there's a -- You gotta tell us this one, Chris. That's Frances mcdormand of "Three billboards" during her days at monessen high school in

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{"id":53348855,"title":"Oscar nominees before they were stars","duration":"3:37","description":"See how this year's biggest movie stars, from Mary J. Blige to Allison Janney, got their start in acting.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oscar-nominees-stars-53348855","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}