Patriotic content recommendations to binge on July 4th

People TV’s, Daryn Carp, recommends Nathan's annual hot dog-eating contest and Broadway's "Hamilton," now streaming on Disney+!
4:39 | 07/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patriotic content recommendations to binge on July 4th
He's doing the fist pump too. Yep. From that and from Dan's Boston accent, all right, it's time for "Binge this," and July 4th calls for star-spangled entertainment. "People TV's" daryn carp is here with some patriotic recommendations. Daryn, happy fourth of July. Thanks for being here with us. So -- Thanks for having me. It wouldn't be July 4th without Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. Give us the details on that. Happy fourth, everyone. I love the air horn, of course. Well, ESPN is airing Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest today at noon. I am so excited for this because the legendary sport is back. That's how I see it. Iconic style of New York City where it's always been and I'm super excited about this. However, due to the pandemic, of course, it will be held in private as a safety precaution. So no audience this year but no problem because that contest is always at home on your couch and I want you guys to keep an eye out for fan favorites, Joey chestnut in the men's competition and Miki Sudo in the women's competition. Now, these two are the reigning champs from last year. Joey ate 71 hot dogs and Miki ate 31, so this is clearly not a contest to be tried at home. Trust me, I've tried it. Holy cow. One time I did eat eight hot dogs in one day. Okay, you've got a documentary to recommend. Tell us about that one. Very impressive. This is a great way to spend your fourth of July inside. "John Lewis: Good trouble" and it chronicles representative John Lewis' life in the 1960s with martin Luther king Jr. To serving in congress. On demand now, and it's directed by John horder. Packed with in-depth interviews with Alexandria ocasio-cortez, speaker Nancy Pelosi and of course former attorney general Eric Holder so lots to see there. The protests for racial justice continue, and this is a timely documentary that I highly recommend watching. Yeah, incredibly timely. All right. I'm not throwing away my shot to ask about a Broadway hit that we can now watch from home. Tell us all about it. It's finally here, everyone. Broadway and history fans have something to celebrate because "Hamilton" is the hottest ticket in town, and it tops this week's news and for a great, great reason. Normally these tickets are a little bit pricey. So we have a perfect front row seat on our couch in our pajamas and absolutely something to look forward to. A recording of the incomparable lin-manuel Miranda in the Broadway phenomenon is now available on Disney plus. Get in front of your TVs right now. "Hamilton" was supposed to be in theaters but due to the pandemic it got a much needed welcome it's must see. And it's good news for all of us. We've also got a special message from creator and star lin-manuel Miranda. Check this out. Hey, lin-manuel Miranda here. I'm so excited "Hamilton" is streaming on Disney plus and I know so many of you were planning to see it in person and couldn't because -- now you can watch all of it. Every song, every moment right from the comfort of your own home. So exciting. Eva already tuned in. I'm going to be watching it this weekend. You can get more from daryn as she hosts "People TV" streaming Monday through Thursday at 4:30 P.M. Eastern. You can pick up this week's issue of "People" on newsstands now. Guys, back to you in the studio. So, janai, the time that you ate eight hot dogs, what was happening in your life? You know what, I was an intern at ABC news the summer of 2011. They had hot dogs in the news 1 newsroom, and I went to town. Oh, they were free newsroom hot dogs. That scares me even more. Man. The summer of 2011. That was a good year. Thank you for that headline. Now we've answered the question, what does she like better, men or snacks? Now we know. Her husband Charlie will come charging into the room. There you go. Janai, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"People TV’s, Daryn Carp, recommends Nathan's annual hot dog-eating contest and Broadway's \"Hamilton,\" now streaming on Disney+!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71608551","title":"Patriotic content recommendations to binge on July 4th","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/patriotic-content-recommendations-binge-july-4th-71608551"}