Prince Harry, Meghan move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor

With the baby due any day now, the soon-to-be parents made the move out of London to their new cozy cottage in Windsor.
2:45 | 04/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry, Meghan move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor
More on prince Harry. Not only taking on fortnite and social media but also now making the big move to Windsor as he and duchess Meghan get ready to become parents and lama Hasan has the latest from Windsor. Hey, lama. Reporter: Good morning to you, Cecilia. Well, we're standing right outside the Gates that lead to their new home nestled in a quiet corner in the grounds of a whirlwind of a week for prince Harry attending a star-studded premiere as well as going to charity events and squeezing in a babymoon. The duke and duchess of Sussex are finally setting into frog more college on the queen's estate in Windsor. Windsor was a place close to their heart. One of the reasons why they picked to get married there and sharing their own way. Reporter: It's right where their famous engagement photos are taken. Renovations finished on their residence That's them saying, look, we're charting our own path. William and Kate are obviously on a different road. William is the future king of England. Reporter: While the world is officially on baby watch, reports swirling the soon-to-be parents took a $40,000 babymoon at the posh heckfield place hotel relaxing with cozy dinners and strolls. They had the space to themselves going for walk, having private dining in their room and of course enjoying a few moments together before moving into their brand-new place. Reporter: Overnight, a royal night out for prince Harry with his father, Charles, and brother William. The three princes on the red carpet and at the premiere of the new series "Our planet." It's rare that Charles and his sons are seen together without their wives but wildlife and the environment are causes particularly important to these three Royals. Earlier in the day prince Harry attending a charity event for servicemen and women where he was given some baby swag. Ah, look at that. Reporter: And the day before cameras capturing him cooing over a little tot. We also caught a glimpse of his dad moves joining in a ballet class. And it all comes in a week when he and duchess Meghan launched their own Instagram account @sussexroyal that broke records just hours after appearing a new photo shared by the couple now, a never before seen shot of them in 2017 in Botswana helping elephants without borders. Now, with royal baby watchers officially on high alert, sources tell ABC news prince Harry won't be slowing down, oh, no, he's going to be continuing to work right up until the baby's due date, Cecilia. Love that royal baby swag. Lama, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"With the baby due any day now, the soon-to-be parents made the move out of London to their new cozy cottage in Windsor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62192659","title":"Prince Harry, Meghan move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/prince-harry-meghan-move-frogmore-cottage-windsor-62192659"}