Recapping the star-studded 'One World: Together at Home' concert

The epic one-night event raised $128 million over the weekend for COVID-19 research, relief efforts and first responders.
3:06 | 04/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Recapping the star-studded 'One World: Together at Home' concert
Now to that spectacular star-studded concert uniting superstar singers and citizens around the globe. "One world together at home" not only brought us beautiful performances but raised $100 million for covid-19 research and first responders. Will rooefr closer look. This is something else. Good morning, will. Reporter: It really was, robin. Good morning. As the rolling stones reminded us as part of a lineup that included Stevie wonder, Elton John, Taylor Swift says she may never be able to sing live, you can't always get what you want. But with the music world coming together to raise millions of dollars and salute our front line heros, we were able for a couple of hours on Saturday night to get what we need, joy. I'm afraid Reporter: A night of song, gratitude and hope from some of the biggest names in music, the "One world together at home" concert, a joint effort from global citizen and the world health organization taking over Saturday night. I want to express our overwhelming gratitude to the medical professionals, first responders, and so many others on the front lines risking their lives on our behalf. Reporter: The two-hour primetime mega event -- I'm still standing after all this time Reporter: Airing across networks and streaming online, raising awareness and funds to help those affected by covid-19 and those fighting it. If you just smile Reporter: The show packed with superstars. We all need somebody to lean on Reporter: Highlighted by an unforgettable rendition of "You can't always get what you want" by the rolling stones. Each of the band's four legendary members popping up and rocking out in their own homes. Drummer Charlie Watts making due with what he had. You can't always get what you want Reporter: And a triple threat from Keith urban. Bring me a higher love Reporter: Performing with two clone versions of himself but only one Nicole kidman. The concert also dedicated time to celebrating and thanking health care workers on the front none other than Beyonce appeared to pray for front line heros and to deliver a powerful message about the impact the coronavirus has had on African-American communities. Black Americans disproportionately belong to these essential parts of the workforce that do not have the luxury of working from home. Reporter: Beyonce has singled out delivery workers, mail carriers, sanitation staffers, people in the food industry. The event raised nearly $130 million for coronavirus relief. The unifying power of music. Robin. There were so many powerful moments, there really were. Okay, will, you take care, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The epic one-night event raised $128 million over the weekend for COVID-19 research, relief efforts and first responders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70237837","title":"Recapping the star-studded 'One World: Together at Home' concert","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/recapping-star-studded-world-home-concert-70237837"}