Russell Wilson becomes the next athlete on Wheaties cereal box

"GMA" sponsor Wheaties chose the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and Super Bowl champ to be pictured on the new special edition Wheaties box.
5:02 | 09/04/18

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Transcript for Russell Wilson becomes the next athlete on Wheaties cereal box
It is time for a big reve which athlete, which athle is the new box ofwheati? It's a huge honor, a bigsecret.'s a hint. Here's a hint. He won a super bowl but it'sot miae Strahan. Okay an exclusi first look from our wheati, so let's see whois. Drum roll, please, everybody. Plause ] That's right. T Wilson. Atseahawks quarterback who coming to us from the team practi facility right outside of Seattle and, Russell, and, Russell, F of all, W got to say congratuon whatnor this is, my fr Yeah, it's superiting obviously to be on the cover of wheaties. Drco. I mber eating Micha Jordan's wheaties and johnlway and Ken griffeyjr., seattuy to be on the cover of A fewother,amd Ali, lton Peyton, Mary Lou retton. We youurprised when you got call aboutthis? Well, I W super fired up when mark called me, M agent. He called me and ias just fired up -- the funny T about th youkn, box and everything , I rember going the grory store, running U dower exciand in Richmond, Virginia, where iw up a so many people telling me I too small and the reality ISS that you got to believe.u know, youot toelievehy not you it's been a blessing and pretty cool andisirst day of school is today so I'll take him a new box of waties and that way he wake up. Here we see him. What H say he S the box. H didn't St yet. He'll get theirst real box from me so S . He has so many reasons to look upo you, ssell. I mean, yeah, super bowl Winn we know bat. But you're getting Thi honor because of what you do off the eld. I know Tuesdays are very spe for you. Tellou do.well, Tuesday are.eenrateful for being able tooo seat children's one the best america,n the world and meet soerent kid and just give a G of hope prayer and everything else but the I they don't understa how muchhey give me. A lot of things go thrgh the week or the seasonndo th a a lot of things naturally, you know, are about me, you know, whatever it because yolay quarterback or what is, you may be on the C ofheaties but life, there's notng like life and who think about these young kidsho have cancer or are overcoming cancer or -- it's a Toh expience and every roo you wkinto,t'ferent and I think aboutse Milton Wright, the 19r-oldn-ican kid who had ca Trent times 8, nd 18 yearsld and I'll never forgeting Halk out of the hospitalh more cancer. Those are the days Y loo toward to and it'ust bee really, really cool tohe nc rookie year and ING there T that W be cool as well. We loveat,russl. That work th you talk about and Tuesdays for foot tough because that's Y off everyone who understand that. U do so ma things well. Yound Ciara. You did Kiki challenge. You got smart. You dn't ryven try when your wan dance like she can.leaned on the bent table. Th is T smartest you could have done. Smart man. I did a moves and then I did a cou in south Africa and let Ciara do H this. Now ciaraas T song called "Level up and the dancing in thatnbelievabl so have you -- can you do the level up challenge? N lev U like your wife? Y WHA I'm saying. You seet real K. That's all I got F a good time for I tl what, we're lookinforward to her music like you said, more hff from H looking D having great season. Ys wish Y the be big, big waties box,es. Russell Wilson, congratulations, my friend. T you, Could not be nicerguy. He walks the walk every single day. We really appreciate that about Russell.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"\"GMA\" sponsor Wheaties chose the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and Super Bowl champ to be pictured on the new special edition Wheaties box.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57586238","title":"Russell Wilson becomes the next athlete on Wheaties cereal box","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/russell-wilson-athlete-wheaties-cereal-box-57586238"}