Ryan Reynolds talks method acting as Pikachu in the new Pokemon movie

Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, stars of the new "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" movie, talk live from Japan.
6:11 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Ryan Reynolds talks method acting as Pikachu in the new Pokemon movie
our next guest, two stars, two stars who are bringing the wonderful world of pokemon to life with their highly anticipated new movie, "Detective pikachu," let's take a look at a clip. I know you can't understand me, but put down the stapler or I will electrocute you. Did you just talk? Whoa. Did you just understand me. Wait, wait, wait, that is heavy eye contact. You heard me. Yes, you did. Oh, my god. This is amazing. You can understand me. I've been so lonely. We all know whose voice that is. Please welcome pikachu and joining us from Tokyo, Ryan Reynolds and justice Smith. Hello. This has been an unbelievable international press tour for you. You've been in China and all over the world. Ryan, what's been your most interesting encounter you've had with fans on this tour thus far? With fans, I don't know. I mean the jet lag when you land is amazing. No one ever talks about that where you land and you feel like you're Whitewater rafting backwards but you're on a roof in Tokyo so that part is amazing but I -- one of the things I love that I got to do in beijing was a dessert tour and got to go to this specific place and try every dessert they have and it was kind of like a bit of a dream come true for me. Great. Well, what about you for you, justice? We went to this really famous park across from the forbidden I can't remember the name right now. Well, it's forbidden so don't say it. There we ran into some locals who were playing like double Dutch and invited me to play that and they were like playing tradition ago instruments and making pikachu sculptures and were so welcoming and got to do all this fun stuff, me and They were paid extras. Thanks, Ryan. You guys seem like you have a lot of fun together. We have a blast together. It seems like it. Ryan, you're the voice of pikachu but you got to visit justice on set. What was it like when you met for the first time? It was pretty great. You know, chemistry is something you can't really invent, you either have it or don't so justice from the second we started hit it off -- Hated each other. Whoa. Oh, this is -- as you know, I'm a method actor so I spent a lot of time just perched on his shoulder watching the scenes go by. It was quite fantastic. Yeah, no, I spent three or four days on set and the rest. The movie experience was impossibly lonely. I was in a motion capture stage where you're surrounded by 100,000 camera and a tracking suit and, you know, most of the movie for me was made in the dark kind of like that. Justice, what was the experience like for you because we understand that you are a huge pokemon fan. Yeah, I was a huge pokemon fan. I had all of the original cards and the first game that I ever got was pokemon gold for game boy color. I don't know if you know what that is. George is like, yes. 100%. I'm playing under the desk right now. He knows me. You make up rules for the card games and watch the anime together. Like a childhood dream. Wow. Ryan, this is a different kind of a part for you. Something your kids can actually see? Right. It's like a dream come true. I don't think I've ever done anything my children can see. Even in real life. So, yeah, this is kind of amazing. My -- both my daughters are watching at home right now in New York, James and Inez. James, put your sister down. And, nope, those aren't strike anywhere matches but this is what -- it's kind of amazing for I haven't been part of movies where not only Blake my wife is excited to see it but my kids. I'm not sure they know I play my daughter said it sounded like pikachu. I'll reveal that at her high school graduation. For many how do you describe "Detective pikachu" that don't know the movie well. They're made for pokemon fans and have no experience but also people who care and love the pokemon culture and evident in every frame but it's the story about family and friend and love and loss and hope and all these wonderful things N the world we are live in it's so refreshing and nice to see you get absorbed into this world that is as detailed as rhyme city and the pokemon landscape. It's really amazing. We cannot wait to see it. We know you have a lot of fun planned in Tokyo this week. We can't wait to see that on "Gma" as well and I know you'll be here live. I think we sent a little gift basket your way. Oh, yeah, we got it. Thank you, guys. Hand selected. Has been personally blessed by justice Smith. Thanks, guys. You can catch "Pokemon: Detective pikachu" on may 10th. That is so great. But, wait, wait, there's

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, stars of the new \"Pokemon: Detective Pikachu\" movie, talk live from Japan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62570342","title":"Ryan Reynolds talks method acting as Pikachu in the new Pokemon movie","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ryan-reynolds-justice-smith-live-gma-tokyo-62570342"}