Sara Gilbert and John Goodman open up about 'The Conners'

The stars of the "Roseanne" spin-off dish on what fans can expect next for the iconic TV family live on "GMA."
6:20 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for Sara Gilbert and John Goodman open up about 'The Conners'
Now to our "Gma" cover story. The conner family are returning to television tonight without Roseanne and the spin-off "The Conners." We'll speak with Sara Gilbert and John Goodman but first Paula Faris has a look at her exit and where they go from here. Don't touch anything, I have a system. Reporter: Tonight is the night when "The Conners" makes its debut. Where do we plug it in? Yeah, yeah. Reporter: The Roseanne spin-off Sans Roseanne will answer what happened to the family matriarch? Roseanne lost her show after her tweet which compared Valerie Jarrett, president Obama's former senior adviser to an ape. Pick a seat partner. He picked the dark brooding one. Point for my team. Reporter: As for the spin-off, it will center around the hard working Illinois family as a whole hoping to bring the laughs and tears all from a blue collar lens. All while trying to move on from Roseanne who led the show for a decade. Joining us now are Sara Gilbert and John Goodman. Two of the stars of the new spin-off, "The Conners." Come on, welcome, you guys. A little setup here. So have a seat. A little quick turnaround to see these guys like a NASCAR crew put that together for us. It's an impressive crew. Very impressive. This is impressive what you guys are doing here with the show, "The Conners." Cannot wait to see it tonight. There are so many reviews from critics which have all been positive and everyone seemed to love the show and Sara, for you, you're an actress but also a producer. Why was it important for you to move this show on to keep it going? Well, I think we all felt that we had so many more stories to tell. We've always been fortunate to be able to represent a working class family on television, tell stories through love, through humor, heartache and happiness and we didn't want to stop doing that and giving that to our audience so I think we wanted to come back and give it another shot. And obviously it was so much about -- out there about Roseanne and what happened with her. So how was it being on set without her for it to continue on. The first week was really weird. Yeah, it was -- it was like there was a death in the family. We really missed her a whole lot. A lot missing but, you know, we just tried to do our best to fill in and just thankful for the opportunity to be able to do it again. Yeah, oh, I was going to say I think we have been a cast for 30 years. It was emotional moving forward, but then I think what it allowed us to do is, you know, every -- almost every person at some point in their life redefines their family without the matriarch so it gave us a chance to look at how does it affect the family, how do different people fill in different roles and lean on each other and to try to do it in an honest way because our show has always done a lot of drama along with the comedy so we got a chance to put our own feelings into the show. And how has Roseanne been written out of the show is a secret. No one knows so give it up. What is it? I'll tell you at 8:00 P.M. Tonight. Oh, yeah, okay. That's a bet. I thought she lost -- Okay, so, I have a question for you, with your character, how will he move on without his wife of 30 years? I know every week when I get a new script. You figure it out then. Yeah, I figure it out then because they tell me. They're very generous with telling me what I'm doing. It's really difficult and difficult in real life as well. It's just -- there's a loss there but there are new people on the show and it's -- we're all checking each other out to see how we're handling this. It's really different. But it seems to be that you guys still have that family atmosphere that you've had for the last 30 years to continue the show. Yes. Sniping at each other. Yeah. It's important part of the family. Yeah, it is. It is like a family and we have those relationships and, you know, I said before we have been together for so many years it's not something you can really create on a new show when I have a fight with one of my siblings on screen, it's -- there's 30 years of history behind it as an actor, you don't have to do very much homework so it's good if you're lazy because it's all kind of built in. What about those fans who may be on the fence, they may say, well, we're not so sure we'll watch the show, this spin-off. What would you say to them. Don't cost nothing. Great answer. I got to tell you it's a great answer. Do you have anything, Sara. It's tough to beat that but, you know, I think just give it a shot, see what you think. See if you like how we've handled things and tried to move forward but I think you'll find that we're still trying to tell the same honest stories and hopefully you'll connect and, you know, come take a ride. Take a ride with you and one of the traditions of the show has been crazy Halloween, costumes, everything else. Will that live on? We do Halloween. It's a little bit different but we definitely do it and you'll have to tune in to check it out but we've got some crazy costumes and definitely some of the Halloween spirit coming back. Apparently Dan spends two years of his salary on one day of the year. I tell you what, I appreciate you guys spending your time with us this morning. Thank you. You can get all the secret, all the secrets Sara talked about tonight, the premiere of "The Conners" at 8:00 P.M. Eastern, 7:00 central right here on ABC. Make sure you check it out because it is free.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"The stars of the \"Roseanne\" spin-off dish on what fans can expect next for the iconic TV family live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58524061","title":"Sara Gilbert and John Goodman open up about 'The Conners' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sara-gilbert-john-goodman-open-conners-58524061"}