Sherri Shepherd talks about her new hosting role and podcast

The actress, comedian and Emmy winner has a new podcast with Kym Whitley called “Two Funny Mamas” and is the new co-host of “Dish Nation.”
4:21 | 08/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sherri Shepherd talks about her new hosting role and podcast
We have already started to have fun with our next guest. She's always a last, actress, comedienne, Emmy winner. She has a new podcast called two funny mamas. She will be the entertainment this nation. She has a new headset she is happy about. How has quarantine been treating you? What has been going on at the house? Oh my gosh, quarantining, my son 15, you all know Jeffrey, he is hungry all the time. I'm having to cook all the time. He gets mad, I'm cooking like frozen pizza. He wants steak. I make steak but for a man that I'm dating, not a 15-year-old. And speaking of dating, you know you were doing a podcast or Instagram live a couple weeks Yes. Jeffrey made an appearance, he announced to everyone he needs a girlfriend. I wonder where he got that from. He announced on Instagram, mom, is there anybody on this Instagram that's my age? He said, just for the record, I'm looking for a girlfriend, I'm a really nice guy. I got a great sense of humor. Oh, we are all going through things. We will make it and it's going to be okay. But I'm single. Did it who,? I don't know. Hopefully, the one that he is looking for the girlfriends they got fathers. So, you know. Sherri, this can't be right. I was given a note that said you had it written in your contract that you could mention on the air in this nation that you are single. Is that right? Yes. I negotiated that into my contract. Once a week I get to promote anything. What I am promoting is that I am single every single week. You got to to what you got to do. This is quarantine, you all. How is that working out? I'm by myself, George. I'm by myself. Let's talk about two funny mamas. You started with Kim Willie. You have been trying to introduce her for a while. For years I have been telling Kim, we are two single mothers raising our sons. We are two stand-up comics. I'd say, Kim, let's do a podcast. Finally we got quarantined, she said, okay. We have been getting a lot of followers, we want to bring laughter to people while they're going through stuff. She likes it. We're having fun doing our podcast. It's up on YouTube. Let's give everybody a look. The keys to the house, it's the rules and regulations. I'm going to tell zmu I am starting a junior, that's what I'm going to do. You all are not listening. What's the slogan of the side piece union? The side is we help you be number two. Oh my god. In addition to all of that funny banter, apparently Kim is also doing some roller skating sessions at her house. What's that all about? Amy, she's got, she's one of the lucky ones. She has a tennis court at her house. She is on wheels and it's r&b night. It's like four of us. We go over and roller skate. Niecy couldn't make it. Niecy Nash is coming. We go Romer skating on her tennis court. I don't want to leave. Because I love roller skating. I love to dance. It's old r&b, old school music. Oh, it's heaven. You said you moved it inside for "The last dance." You couldn't take a hint you didn't want to leave? No, she turned out the lights to the tennis courts, to the kitchen. She toll us to play "Last dance" by Donna summer. I just went crazy. Not your Alexa. Not my Alexa. Sherri, good luck with all of your new projects, including finding a man. You can check out Sherri's podcast, two funny mamas. George, I know you know somebody that's a dentist. I asked Amy, a judge, a dentist, a lawyer. You know somebody. Somebody with legal troubles. Thank you, Sherri. You can check out Sherri's podcast two funny mamas on YouTube, it should be on dish nation starting August 21st.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The actress, comedian and Emmy winner has a new podcast with Kym Whitley called “Two Funny Mamas” and is the new co-host of “Dish Nation.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72209184","title":"Sherri Shepherd talks about her new hosting role and podcast ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sherri-shepherd-talks-hosting-role-podcast-72209184"}