Student's visual effects catch Hollywood's eye

Julian Bass, the Georgia State University student behind the impressive visual effect, is winning over some big-name fans in Hollywood.
2:35 | 07/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Student's visual effects catch Hollywood's eye
student who is winning over some big named fans in Hollywood with his homemade special effects, and janai has much more on that from her home this morning. Janai, good morning to you. Happy fourth. Hey, good morning, happy fourth. Action packed, unexpected plot twists, full of suspense, that's how you would describe a marvel movie and though it might be a little exaggerated that's essentially how you can describe this 20-second tiktok video. It is incredible. When you see it, you'll see why it's getting so much attention. Watermelon sugar high Reporter: This morning, this viral video is catching the attention of some of Hollywood's biggest names and helping the Georgia state university student behind the impressive visual effects make a name for himself. Julian bass tweeting the video with the caption, if y'all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that would be greatly appreciated. I just kind of was saying to myself wouldn't it be funny if Disney called me. Reporter: The post now seen by millions including "Guardians of the galaxy" director James Gunn, actors Josh gad and mark Hamill and the director of "Spider-man into the spider-verse" and now a reply from none other than Disney chairman Bob iger himself writing, the world's going to know your name. I was already blown away and then to see his tweet right there was everything I could have hoped for. Reporter: He said growing up watching action packed films inspire his work today editing videos with his own effects. I was obsessed with superheroes and so I wanted to give myself superpowers. Reporter: Hoping one day to have a hand at helping make those films he's always been such a fan of. As a fan of this stuff, to have the opportunity now to maybe be a part of it is huge to me. It's hero time. And that video viewed nearly 20 million times getting more than 500,000 retweets and I'm shaking my head watching it because he is so incredibly talented and he is still only in college. I wasn't doing that in college. Guys. No. I was lucky I made it to class. I was doing other things in college. Exactly. But Julian bass, Bob iger said it, the world is going to know his name. Amazing. Janai, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Julian Bass, the Georgia State University student behind the impressive visual effect, is winning over some big-name fans in Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71607313","title":"Student's visual effects catch Hollywood's eye","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/students-visual-effects-catch-hollywoods-eye-71607313"}