Tamron Hall discusses giving birth at 48 live on 'GMA'

The longtime television journalist opens up about becoming a mother later in life and welcoming her "miracle baby."
4:39 | 05/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tamron Hall discusses giving birth at 48 live on 'GMA'
I am here with Tamron hall. You know her from 25 years in morning television about to launch a new is on the cover of "People" magazine with her new baby congratulations for that. I cannot believe this. 25 years on morning television. You have the butterflies this morning. I am so nervous and have two bracelets on. One in George's pocket because my hands are shaking so much. 25 years in television and my hands are shaking. Let's talk about your boy Moses. We have a little gift for him. Ah. We'll give him a "Gma" onesie. Oh, my gosh. Thank you. How is it going? Is he about a month old. He's four weeks today. Today? Today he's four weeks. We woke up this morning and my husband and I agreed that he can't sleep in the bed but to make ourselves feel better he is a canoe, foam canoe and he's in the bed so we keep saying he's really not in the bed because of that but, he's in the bed. He's looking at us. See how long you stick to that one. We tried that at the beginning too and didn't last too long. I know at first you were concerned about people knowing you were pregnant because it was a little high risk. I was a high risk pregnancy and my doctor who was amazing at the time said we need to wait. We want to take our time and make sure that everything is going in the right direction. I wanted to share the news, but I didn't want -- look at him. Lip chipmunk there. Honestly I didn't want -- if it did not work out I don't think I was mentally prepared to tell people. I had had other failed rounds of ivf and you tell your friend, okay, this is it. This is it and it doesn't happen and I wasn't -- honestly I don't know if I was strong enough to be able to share the sad news so when the happy news came, it was in baby shark version and I was at home and I had been hearing that baby shark song and I'm like I'm owning this moment. I'owning this. It was great but people mistake privacy for secrecy and I wasn't keeping a secret. I just so desperately wanted it to work out. We're so happy for you that it did. You got so much going on right now. New baby, new husband. New show is coming up. Yes, yes. I love that my mom had the audience clap. I'll be sending your checks later. The new show, this is my first time on live television in 2 1/2 years and when I left my last job, there's a photo of me leaving walking across I think fifth avenue and I look at that picture and I was just in a fog. I didn't know what was next. I had no idea. I had not started dating Steven and not going through this journey to make Moses and I knew I had to lose what was the most important thing. I worked since I was 14. I'm from Texas and my grandfather, the first dad I knew was a sharecropper with a second grade education. My mom was pregnant woo me at I was never the person that people would root for. I was the underdog. My story was supposed to already have been told and there I was losing something that I had poured my entire life in. My grandfather used to tell me, you can do anything and we didn't have paved streets but you can pave the way. To where, you know. And I ended up just losing it all -- you feel like you've -- you have answer the calls and go in and suddenly you're not the person they want and I had to look myself in the mirror and say but am I still Tamron. If there's no name beneath my card, if it doesn't say show, I decided I'm still Tamron. And that's what you want to bring to the show. That's what -- Listen, I think that's what everyone wants to bring to their you know, you want to believe that, listen, if I look at my bank account today and it's not the number I'd like to see, am I can I live to fight another day. One of my fond evidence memories I went to Carol peak middle elementary school in ft. Worth, second grade, I remember showing up the day after watching "Rocky." I think it aired out an ABC, shoutout and I was crying. In the second grade having an emotional reaction to the movie "Rocky" because that sensation of getting up and believing that I'm on the map but I don't have to Tay there so we want people on the show to talk about that. You are on the map now. Congratulations. Thank you. Tamron hall's show premieres soon and look for the listings and pick up the new issue of "People" magazine on newsstands Friday. Congratulations, Tamron.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The longtime television journalist opens up about becoming a mother later in life and welcoming her \"miracle baby.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63225646","title":"Tamron Hall discusses giving birth at 48 live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tamron-hall-discusses-giving-birth-48-live-gma-63225646"}